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Hey bombshells, okay, today we're going to get into this bomb. Fiery: copper! Look! Okay! This is my sis fabie. She came to see me. We wanted to do a little new color, a new cut, a new style. Okay, this copper wig is a hundred percent glueless. That'S right no glue. It is a custom wig constructed by me and colored by me. We'Re going to go through everything, so please stick around and stay tuned. Okay, so we're starting off with this wig. It'S a custom wig that i made for that. Previously it was jet black, it had never been colored before or should i say not to black and i went ahead and did a bleach bath on it and a tupperware little bucket thing and i covered it with a trash bag. Just so, it can process in there and it can retain some heat if you're interested in seeing how to do a bleach bag. Just let me know in the comments - and i can do that for you, so i'm just going to detangle the wig, make sure that you know there aren't big knots or anything in it. You want the hair to be pretty much, not straight, but i'd say even if you blow dried it, which i did um that way the color could be distributed evenly. The first thing i'm noticing, though in the frontal, is because it has been freshly washed. The hairline is just all over the place, as you can see it's kind of like bulging forward and back, and we don't want that. We want the hairline to be very smooth clean so that no color gets on our lace. So what i did was i hot combed, the hairline back now it's looking neat now the edges is going back. It'S looking flawless, i'm just going to pin it down to hold it in place, don't mind that black spot guys. That'S actually tape because the cork started coming out. This is my old, faithful, baby she's been around for a while. So i'm getting my things together, i'm using my scale, a whisk two boxes of color, that's 77-43. It'S the and then another two boxes of color. As you can pause it, if you want to see the name, i'm gon na put the names of it in the description box, though so i thought i was going to use a full box of one and half of the other, but i think i ended up Using the full two - and these is for the roots - okay, since the roots is a little light brown. I ended up using that darker color and i mixed that, in with the copper to get a deep, deep, dark, copper, um and that's the color that i use on the root of the hair, because the bleach bag. Sometimes i mean it gets all the way through the strand all the way to the root, and you don't want your roots to be copper. I didn't so anyway. Actually, what happened was the scale had cut off on me, so i'm using an empty bowl, i'm putting it back to zero and i'm using the same exact size bowl you see, so i can see how much that was in my bowl, since my scale cut off On me, so that's a tip: okay, don't freak out if your scale cuts off when you're in the middle of adding product - and i added up just a little bit more of developer just to make my color just a little more runny. It was a little too thick, so i'm starting off with this, mr bottle, you can find these on amazon just type in mist, spray bottle um, and you barely want your hair to be damp, not wet, because you want it to just help. Move the color down the hair shaft thoroughly detangle the section, and then i ended up changing it. But what i'm doing here is i'm going to go in with the copper color i'm going to get super close to the root, but i'm not going to touch the root and i'm going to work that hair color. All the way down make sure that it's drenched make sure. There'S no spots make sure you get the back of the section. You just really want to get the color in all the areas because baby, it's a complete difference between copper and this little blonde. You don't want that and then now, what i'm doing is i'm going through this section with not a lot of product on your brush? You don't want a lot of product and you just want to get the roots. Okay, take your time get the front your edges. Okay and make sure you get all over the roof, because you don't want to leave a blonde root. That'S not cute a hot route, i'm going to work that color all the way from root to end and that's how you're going to end up with a smooth transition and a nice blended root. Now i started out doing the same thing in the back. I'M going to start with that copper color, i'm going to put it on the root and work it all the way down. Just keep painting it all the way down the route. Make sure that it's fully drenched actually shout out to these brushes. They are from framar uh. You can get them. I know you can get them at cosmo prof, but i don't know where else i'm sure online, even amazon really, but they are the painter, brushes they're. So thick, it's literally like a paintbrush and baby. Oh you just color you get color on, you gets it in and fast um. So i'm wrapping up just the ends. I don't really care too much about the root because, honestly, if it's just a tad bit darker than the copper out it'll be fine with me. So i don't need to process it. Don'T worry too much about the back um i go in later and i put roots on the back, but when i was starting, i didn't put any roots on the back of the wig. I wanted to make sure i had enough color of that brow. You work that color in and just comb. It really want to make sure that the hair is fully saturated and then i'm gon na put the ends back up into some aluminum foil and that's pretty much it so again. First, step mist, your sections make sure you get the front and the back just want to make them a little bit damp thoroughly, detangle all the way to the ends, and then we're going to go in with our color. We do this for every single section, all right, so this is a more up, close ver view of what it is. I actually did you see. The roots are really hot, they're really blond. You know, lace, frontals, lace, closures; they just lift super fast. So you want that copper to go really really close to the roof. Okay, so i did like four slivers four or five slivers. Just like this tiny, tiny sections you take that copy, you do not need a lot of product in your brush, barely any product on your brush. Trust me trust me. Okay with that copper color, i use my fingers to rub it upward, and then i go in with the root okay. So this is the root color and that's how i ended up getting a good blend, because i went in with the copper first, i rubbed it all the way up and then went back in with the root. Now look how tiny the sections are. They'Re super super tiny, okay, i'm gon na start with the copper you see. The big black brush is the copper start with the copper color work that in make sure you get the front and the back. You want to get super super close to the root. Without touching the knots, if you touch the knots you're, just gon na have to bleach your wig and nobody feels like reaching the knots after you already bleach back the wig. So get super close rub that up and then you go in with the root color, which is the red brush, and so what you would do after that is take those what four or five slivers. And then you can take that copper color and just take that copper all the way down from the root all the way down to the ends and comb it through. So that way, you end up with a good, blended color, so i left my wig to process for about 30 to 35 minutes. Then i went ahead and washed out the color um. I have a review on this sink. This sink is not connected to any plumbing. It'S not connected to the wall at all. It is completely ran on like buckets of water, so i have a video on that. If you guys want to check that out, this is fabi. I braided her down. I gelled back those edges, baby slick them back, make sure to. Let me know in the comments. If you want to see a full blueless install you

AppleAmor: Thank you!!! I needed to see this on someone my complexion!!!

Arielle J: This is such a cute color!

AppleAmor: Y’all have gorgeous skin!!!

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