Alluring By Paula Young In The Color Silvery Moon Sf 51/60

This video will look at the wig ALLURING by Paula Young, in the color Silvery Moon SF 51/60. The things we will look at are cap construction, what she looks like right out of the box, suggestions on how to correct box hair, the style she is cut into, as well as exploring styling options for her. You can find her here:

The wig I am wearing at the beginning of the video is CERESE by Paula Young, in the color Silvery Moon SF 51/60. You can find her here:


Circumference: 22”

Front-to-Nape: 14.5”

Ear-to-Ear (TOP): 13”

Side: 8.5”

Nape (Occipital to hairline): 3.5”

Widow's Peak to Chin: 8"

Ear-to-Ear (BACK): 12”

Ear-to-Ear (FACE): 12”

Ear-to-Collarbone: 8”

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Hi everyone welcome back to my Channel today we're going to do something just a little bit different. I am going to do a wig review on this young lady. Her name is alluring and she is part of the Heart of Gold collection at Paula Young um. She has some very special features: um, but we're going to explore her in the color SF 5160, and that is the same color and hairstyle of what I have on, which is Cerise. So we're going to compare the two of them there. You go we're going to compare those two girls that series with alluring by Paula Young, both in the same color and very close to the same kind of cut, so stay tuned. Hi. Everyone welcome back, I'm Coco, and this is Coco's hair solutions. Today, we're going to be looking at this young lady, her name is alluring and she is part of the Heart of Gold collection of Paula Young. Now let me read this to you about the Heart of Gold: the our exclusive Heart of Gold, Beauty, wigs, are designed with your comfort in mind. Medical hair loss often results in Greater skin sensitivity. So we work with medical professionals to develop soft touch. A lightweight non-allergenic, gel lining it reduces irritation and itching. So that's what this particular young lady is going to have as a feature in her wig cap, the wig that I have on Cerise. She is a basic Cap Construction, that's her and she just has a real basic Cap Construction, but the thing is they're, both with bangs kind of Shaggy shoulder length, and I wanted to see what this Heart of Gold uh hair product line was like. Also, my husband looked in the catalog. He says I like that. Get that one, so so, okay, so we're gon na take a look at her. So here's all her information alluring in the color SF 51 60. and that's exactly the same color I have on here. Okay, let's take a look at her Cap Construction. Okay, this is alluring From The Heart of Gold collection, so we can see right off. The bat she's got a full mono top a full mono top, which is very very nice at the crown and at the very front of the mono top are hand-stitched patches of a very thin silicone type, very soft silicone. So I think, that's that what they're calling in gel on that pressure point and this pressure point underneath it is not a lace, see it's not a lace cap, it's just a silicone band underneath across the front with the gel sewn on there. So the gel is also sewn on. It looks like the wet um, the ear tabs were open, but they are no longer because they're covered with that gel, but they do have metal stays. We have Buckle type adjusters on both the right and the left and then on the nape another pressure point: we have the gel patch sewn onto this nape area, so that would make it very comfortable back there too, all right. So then we have open wefts. All the way around okay - and we already know what we like about this particular color. This is the SF. It'S called Silvery Moon, it's a salon treatment, so it should be lighter around the front and face and then darker at the name. So you can see the Darkness at the nape a little bit and it looks like she's a lot smoother. I expected her to be a little bit more Shaggy here. Let'S take a look at that picture again: okay, well, no she's, pretty smooth she's just got layers and a set of bangs razor cut bangs. So, let's go ahead now with that mono top you're not going to see any permatease up here, but you are going to see something close to uh like a scalp appearance. So if you like that flatter - and you don't like permatease, this would be a great wig for you and for the price point for a full mono top. You know monotops mean that each one of these hairs on this top surface are hand sewn onto into place and knotted by a human hand. So it can take upwards of a day to do just this one little section right here. So let's go ahead and try her on okay. Now we are taking a good close look at Cerise. This is Cerise she's, um kind of a Shaggy little Bob a little flippy in the back. She does have some cut layers and cut, and some permatease now we're going to go ahead and put alluring on now. Okay, this is alluring, so I'm going to pull that up to my hairline. Okay and she is she's - got some pretty flat bangs. So I'm going to probably work with those with my hair dryer and pulling pulling her down and doing just some finger combing she's a little bit of a longer kind of a bob with some razor cuts and ends and a little bit of layering. Let'S just take a look right off the bat out of the box. Now I will say that the cap feels small, I feel smaller than most of the ordinary, like um basic cap constructions, but this these the silicone Parts, really do help to make to secure the wig. So I'm thinking I might not have to wear a wig grip band with this one. So let me go ahead and so we've got how's. That mono part look. Can you see in between there? That would be really nice to have that mono top here. So you could part her wherever you wanted we're gon na just let her go wherever she wants right now and having this razor-cut Edge makes it really really easy. I mean you, don't have to do anything with her. It looks like my wig here has less layering than the picture because I can see, although I don't find this unattractive, I'm just saying that you know it does look a little bit off, maybe not on this side, but on that side. Definitely so maybe that has to do with parting, the hair. Okay, I'm gon na do something with those bangs real quick with my trusty curling iron I'll, be right back okay! I did a little bit of something with those those bangs there um gosh. You know this is, I could wear this as a little bit grow out of a bob. Couldn'T I with just some layers or I could flip it well, that would be a real, comfortable wig. I think this would be just fine and you can part her anywhere. You want to you can part her on the right. The left go down the middle and, of course, you notice the lower profile, the lower profile on top it does not. It does not have any permatease on it and even straight down the middle, you can see what seems to look like a scalp, and that is always realistic. Looking people will not. They will not imagine that you're wearing a wig when it looks and as long as you own it you own it. This is this. Is you with this wiggling? Then people don't even notice. You know she has the ability to be a little shorter like if I puff her up a little bit not and I'm thinking she might have a little bit of permatease on the sides and look at how natural that looks with my bio hair. If you have any gray bio hair, then um, I don't know if you've tried this silver Silvery Moon, but this color is really pretty and it does not come with a darkened root. It does not. It doesn't need it just by by virtue of the fact that it has um. You know the dimension of the different highlights and lowlights it's going to give you somewhat of an appearance of being darker at the roots. Anyway, it just is not as exaggerated as the other and the bangs are. I didn't trim them at all. What I did was I curled them, and I also creased them so look at you know they came up quite a bit and and became short enough to where I'm not trimming these guys at all, not at all. Okay. I do like to have a little bit of a bang coming down on my Sideburn area, so right here. She has that, and that way it kind of lays on that front, front, Sideburn area and it disguises it a little bit. So this is, this is very cute, isn't it I mean just a simple, simple little long, bob or a little flip, and I do like wearing these shoulder length, wigs, it's just a lot. So we've got two completely different. Looks between these girls um when they're, actually on such as Cerise versus alluring and alluring, my alert alluring. Doesn'T I don't think she looks quite the same as that alluring. It looks quite a bit different, but I'm not unhappy with the way she looks. I'M not unhappy with that at all. Now there seems to be some extra room up here. The circumference of this particular wig. With these gel pieces, the gel does not allow it to stretch. So that's going to be um something of an issue, especially if the wig cap starts out kind of small for you and then putting when they put those gel cap or those gel patches on there. They restrict the ability of the cap to stretch, so they make it more tight and secure, and that's what that's. What I'm feeling is that it's tighter around the circumference on here. It has a little bit of extra room up here, which I think would normally be stretched out over the my my head if the circumference area was allowed to stretch and be pulled forward so anyway, of course, we know we can wear headbands. We know we can wear all kinds of scarves or cloth bands in this young lady. We know we can wear clips, we know oh yeah she's, just yeah she's, a cute little wig and, of course, having this part come forward. It'S not too bad, but if it does get in your way, oh who's to say we're not going to put together another little another little blingy clip to make sure that it stays out of our way for a little while huh so anyway. Well, there you go, which one did you like: they look kind of similar in in the catalog. They do look different, and so we have Cerise here which has much more of a Shaggy cut. She looks more like a shag. Doesn'T she even even here? Oh, that looks so pretty. I wish she was a little longer too. Wouldn'T that be fun. Oh, but we've got all kinds of other wigs we've got Mia. We'Ve got. We'Ve got a bunch of wigs that look Shaggy that looks so pretty I like them, both for different reasons. Don'T you lots of fun all these discoveries have you seen? Have you seen alluring before I have not, so this was really kind of fun, another one she this one reminds me of Maisie Maisie. She reminds me of Maisie, but Maisie had dark roots um and was a little bit longer, but she had this smooth bang and a smooth sides, and just a little flip for any of you who remember Maisie. I still have one of her cute anyway. Well, that does it for this video. Thank you so much for joining me. I hope you enjoyed this and found it helpful. Looking at two different wigs at the same time is always helpful. I think, especially if you're not sure what the differences are. Okay. Well, thanks again for joining me, we will see you next time on Coco's hair solutions. Okay, bye-bye

Nancy E Pierce: Thank you, Coco! I’ve been looking at Alluring for a long time, but couldn’t find a single review of it. Very interesting! And you look beautiful in everything you put on!

Terry Sue Makes Videos For You: Hi Coco! Thank you for doing a review on this heart of gold wig. She is great if you do not have much hair of your own. I wear these wigs without my cap underneath, it will be so much more comfortable! After awhile of wearing, it feels like the cap melts into your head. So nice for everyday. And quite breathable! I love you in everything you wear! I have to get this wig now!

Jaye: Thanks for the review, Coco. I have been wondering how "Alluring" looks IRL and I think she looks really good on you. I've been searching for a review of the PY colour 38 but haven't been able to find one ... do you have any PY wigs in that colour that you have reviewed? EDITED TO ADD: never mind - just found your review on Pippa in the colour 38 - cool ash.

Jean Jacobs: Greetings Coco! I've always wondered about the Heart of Gold collection. Thank you for reviewing her! I must say though that Cerese gets my vote! I'm going to put her on my list !! Love and blessings ♥️

Colleen Hurley: I'm really happy to see your review! I'm very interested in the silicone edges to help with skin irritation. Both wigs looks absolutely lovely on you. I'm going to have to revisit Paula Young!

TIme Enough: So glad you did a review of this one! Have always been tempted by her. I like her on you! I did think she had a bit more layering as well. Thanks So much!

Stef K: I’m watching your great informative video at the very minute I’m turning my alluring into a topper ~ you are correct ~the one you have on is quite different from the pic ~it appears thinner and shorter than the one I purchased 6 mo ago ~ I just couldn’t bring myself to wear it because it has sooo much hair even after thinning ~ I have color 51\60 which is absolutely stunning along with a fantastic mono top~ the parting is so realistic. I did cut the silicone out as well. So now it will be worn and it looks amazing blended with my bio hair.

Cindy Small: Thanks for the video, Coco. Loved the color of the wigs. You always so much fun to watch.

Hey Red: Alluring is a winner! Love the gray WITHOUT roots. Think about this..If you were/are naturally gray would you be having dark roots growing out of your head??? NEVER! I get so frustrated with all these rooted wigs, especially on the grays. Is Alluring heat friendly? I'm after a non rooted piece that is curl-able in the mid length gray. Not an easy find for sure. You look especially nice in Alluring, Thanks Coco!

Marie S: Both wigs are very nice. I like Allure better now that you have reviewed her. Do you think the gel strips will keep you cooler during the hot months? She reminds me of a shorter Shannon. Thank you for all your reviews. They have been so very helpful to me. ❤️

April Wilcher: I’ve had her for about a year and I was so disappointed that it wasn’t layered like the picture. I worked and played with her then back in the box she went. I’m not giving up on her yet lol! Maybe I’ll give her some more layers. Wish me luck

UniWigs Samantha: Hi Coco, this silver gray color looks pretty on you. Do you wear topper too?

The Magic of Wigs: I like them both. ❤

Judy Kirchner: Hi Coco, They both look pretty on you! Do you still like HAVEN? My hair is light neutral blonde. I think it is available in Sunkissed Rooted. Is the rooted too dark? It is on sale and I have neither worn a wig or had bangs. I have a high forehead and I thought it would be fun to try. I have grey roots that I color and sometimes put medium blonde spray in the part. Have a wonderful day!

Bobbi: Working on those bangs really makes a difference!

Clara: Thanks Coco

Susan Sheets: Hi like your review ~ did you cut or have someone cut the bangs on verse ~ like them that way - I ask because the bangs don't look that good on the pic on Paula youngs site

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