Work The Slay For Less! Natural Synthetic Wig Under $40! || Quick! No Glue Wig Install || Ft Outre

WORK The SLAY for LESS! NATURAL Synthetic Wig UNDER $40! || QUICK! NO GLUE Wig Install || ft OUTRE

Who doesn't love an #affordablewig for UNDER $40?! NEW video on this beauty by Outre! In today's video, I show you how to work the slay for less and offer a quick #gluelesswiginstall ft Outre JAYCIANA!

Let's chat about this affordable everyday work wig in the comments.

Cop Her Neeoow


Color : 2


00:00 Outre VANYA UPDATE(ish)

01:20 Outre JAYCIANA Wig Specs

02:55 Wig Customization

04:04 Tinting The Lace (Shade 450 Fenty)

06:00 Outre JAYCIANA styled two ways

08:00 Thoughts on Density/360 view

09:00 Love You BYEEEEE!


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Simple, easy straightforward: this is the one you pull out when you got ta go in and deal with them people. I said it wanted to say it again: she's everything you want in an everyday unit period. Welcome back to the channel Mika Lynn, here, first and foremost before we get into this, make sure you are subscribed to the channel share the video, so we can all slay accordingly baby and quick update on this unit by utre. This is avanya. I did a review. It is linked in the card, above honestly, real talk. I don't have an update for this one because I just recorded the review uh, so I will definitely come back with this one in a future video for you but baby. When I tell you I am obsessed, I am obsessed check the video, so let's go ahead and get into this big. Thank you to Trey for sending out the units baby. You see her right here and all her glory ew. This is by utre putter, their melted, hairline collection. I have her in the style JC Anna color number two. This is a 12 inch synthetic unit with HD, transparent lace, she's heat safe up to 400 degrees. This does have a frontal effect, hairline baby. Of course she does come in a number of colors, but your girl went all natural and picked the number two and whoa baby baby baby baby baby. So once again, loving the texture on this unit looks really really good and it's so soft y'all uh. This is a lesser density unit, it's not as thick as Vania here but um. It does have a natural vibe to it. I can already tell you know what I'm saying. Uh blunt ends on the bottom, which I actually appreciate, and I'm trying to look at this lace. Oh y'all, this lace is a little bit brighter. In my opinion, it's not really giving me that kind of clear lace vibe that I got with Melania. So sorry about that blur y'all, but you can see oh baby, oh baby. Yes, she will blend close, always baby baby, where my mouth is a little bit of the wig Grip gel right along the hairline and for the rest of this hairline. I hate the fact that we lost such baby. Won'T you swing my way. It'S been a day and I've Been Thinking Out Loud. Okay, so I think I'm gon na show you both ways just so I don't regret when I edit this video okay, so I do have her tucked behind the ear. I think doing it this way with all of the hair in front it works. For some Styles me personally, I just feel like this is more of a natural look for me, tucked behind the ear has to be one of the most simplest, easy beginner free today units period, okay, comfortable cap on here. I don't even think I'm using the elastic band in the back, and this is not going to give me that 2 p.m. Headache. Okay, you will not be running to the stall to shift your wig now I do see one area back here. That'S kind of giving me a little bit of trouble. I would go through just with um. You know my hot comb really set to low. I think this is on a one one and a half and just go through right here, just to kind of get this to lay a little bit flatter for me now. You can also go through with the night Ruby mousse just to get some of the fire highways or the you know tame some of the flyaways at the crown. I am getting them a little bit in the hairline, but not too much to wear it's like uh. All right try again, I did contemplate cutting the ear Taps on here. However, I left them. I know a lot of people are living with alopecia you're living with hair loss. You don't have the option to use your sideburns as a leave out so um. I did decide to go ahead and leave that lace. You can see a little bit of it here, not really a big deal for me. You could go through, maybe just disguise it a little bit more and, as I say, use your fingers girl and you know just kind of make it look as messy as you can. So it's just kind of disguised. I think you know the more wispy it looks. The more natural it looks you know, uh same thing going on with this side. However, this Sideburn is a little bit more thicker, but it is covering the lace. So, whatever your preference is whatever your preference into this hairline, no plucking, no tweezing, nothing done simple, easy! Straightforward to the point, this is the one you pull out when you got ta go in and deal with them, people uh. Yes, I think this is the perfect work. Wig perfect everyday wig. This is a summer wig. This is a fall wig. This is an everyday everything: wig uh. Yes, I think she's cute definitely going to be a favorite of the Shorties for me, because this is definitely giving me a natural Vibe, so yep she cute y'all. She cute density is on point. I don't believe any of the tracks are showing in the back. This is going to give you more of a natural look, and I am so so here for it now. So if you're dressing checking out the information for this unit hit up the direct Google search Link in the description box down below big, thank you to utre for sending out the unit. Definitely appreciate it. Most importantly, but thank you to all of you for tuning in hit that subscribe button before you go share the video, so we can all slay accordingly baby. Take care of yourself. Ladies keep yourself. First, most importantly, keep on with confidence and I'll talk to you all in the next one.

Monica Davis: Happy New Year Meekah She does look so natural. Especially in that #2. ❤️❤️

Silky Saks: The hairline looks nice and I love an easy throw on and go. Great review to stet of the new year Meeka

TaDarra Crudup: Girl I love your videos. You make these wigs look great with no effort. Thanks babe!

IAmLeoLove: Your Signature CHUCKLE is TRULY the on Top for Me! Happy New Year's my Darling..❤

SuperSkinandHairCare: Thank you so much for the step by step installation tips and tricks for this cute wig. I’m not a gluer downer (my made up term) yet but, you are giving my the confidence to try it out one day. I’m glad YT put you in my feed for the first time today. I will subscribe. Happy New Year to you and yours!

Louise Merlyn: You look fantastic!! I am IN LOVE with this unit!!❤ Got her in brown sugar swirl a couple of weeks ago and already picked her up in cinnamon mocha and cherry red!! Thx for the great review! Happy New Year!

Erika #TheDesignDiva: I love, love, love it! I'm not a baby hair person so I dig the way you did the edges! Thank you beautiful!

Nikkia Royster: Thank you for acknowledging us alopecia girls amazing as always ❤

JENNIE ROBERTS: Very natural looking, pretty and easy to style! I love how you styled it and explained about the fixing the edges.

Tricey Will: I like this unit. It really is giving everyday vibes.

Love Yourself: Happy New Year, dear This is really pretty and a very nice everyday unit. Love the messy beach waves and length. Have a Blessed Week and Take Care Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5‭-‬6

Ma Al: I never commented on your page but this wig is PERFECT on you. You look absolutely beautiful. I am buying....Thank you very much.

PamulahBaby: I was looking for a wig like this

Tina BlackberryRose: Happy New Year✨✨✨. You look Gorgeous ♥️ the style of this unit. Tyfs

Carla W.: Happy New Year! She's nice and easy

Thea Woody: She's cute cute fur sure, every day natural look on point, Happy New Year

Jacqueline P: Thank you for this tutorial. I just got this before new years and was shocked that there weren't many reviews about this wig. It's really nice. My issue is that I requested 1B and it looks jet black. I thought the color would be like the 1b for butta unit 8.

Samitra Robinson: Ordered 3 different colors cuz she is GIVING Thanks for the review

Perry Rice: Hey girl I follow you . And I have always been a sewing girl. But since I done lost my edges I got to start wearing wigs ‍♀️‍♀️ but their family coming back thank God. But I am looking for a Bridget Bordeaux wig if you look her up she was. A actress in The '50s and I loved her pin-up hairstyle. Can you tell me which one of these wigs I can turn into her hairstyle. So when you get a chance if you can look her up and you will see what I'm talking about . Just let me know thank you.

charmainebim97: Would of preferred for it to have been a 13x6, so you can have the front of the hair, however you want.

Jackie Randolph: Hey Meekah this is something different but it's beautiful love it. ❤❤

BiggerThanMyself7: Happy new year Starting the year of right after spending spending lol...agree cute every day

Dejuane_M: Hello Meekah. I am loving the unit you are wearing. In addition, Jayciana is ready to go. Happy New Year !

Andreya Matthew: Yesss soo pretty definitely a good everyday wig ima have to snag thank you! And I love that purple look with the matching robe in the intro sooo pretty

Antoinette: thanks for thinking about us alopecia suffers

BJ Jackson: Thank you for acknowledging those of us with alopecia!! I choose to wear wigs and I enjoy the variety. I heard you say it was textured. It looks good but is it more light yaki? You look great I love to tuck it behind my ear for a more natural look.

sebrina clark: Happy New Year beautiful

sebrina clark: Hey Meeka I know you're busy but when are you going to have a brown girl make-up session.

L R: Happy New Year!!! You slayed this wig I’m definitely buying this wig!!

Diana Leigh: That's me all day!!!

Monebyrd: Soo Gorgeous Thanks for sharing

Georgina Scott: I absolutely love your laugh ❤

Melo Belo: Beautiful. I love the song and of course the everyday unit! Happy New Year!

Dionne Jackson: Loves it My unit options be PoppinThank you❤️

The "Wright" Way: I love it!

lneal2800: Happy New-year Meekah!

Ama B: I was looking for a bob like this

V free: What is the brand of the hot comb your using?

T. Monique M.: You always slaying my beautiful sister ❤Every time I watch your hair videos it make me want another wig .. Thank you for all of your tutorials I love each and last one of your hair videos I will continue to watch another one thank you happy New Year’s

Miss Khrissy: Happy New Year!!! ❤ I LOVE your thumbnail! I agree definitely one of my favorites of 2022. I want this natural color now

Essence: I got this for NYE the second 2 from Sambeauty nice but Wigtypes terrible wig I got not good

Essence: Did you curl it

Girls: Meekah, can you make a video about Yitty by Lizzo?

Essence: I love it but get it from Sambeauty

Essence: Stay ordering with Sambeauty and no 1 else Wigtypes Hempstead NY

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