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0:00 Unboxing

0:48 Before Install

1:23 Sectioning

2:42 Back Install

9:59 Front Install

16:19 Middle Part

16:23 Side Part

16:29 High Ponytail

16:36 Beachwaves

20:39 Finishing Touches

21:06 Final Look

21:16 Recap

Hey guys, it's me slaver Jordan. We are working with Wild Wings. Today they sent us some lovely tapings. Again, let's get into it. So Inside the Box, you do get some fake edges. These are basically like Curly edges on a piece of lace that you can glue. Um, you also get a hair, gripper, get an information pamphlet and you also get some extra lace tape. They sent me over 22 inch tapes. Today we have one pack of these highlight tape ends so you get 40 pieces. I got 40 pieces of the highlight. Tape. Ends and then I got 80 pieces, two packs of the natural just um natural color, both of the tape ends are silky straight, so, let's get into it. Hey YouTube we're back again. So my baby Shea is here so we about to do some tapings again uh. We gon na retouch Our Roots with the jet black color period, and then we go uh deep condition her blow it out press out okay. So these ends good and we're gon na do some more tapings, but we doing color today, yep, so y'all stay tuned stay tuned. So this is her hair. After being freshly, sealed pressed, as you can see, her hair does get silky, even though she is 100 natural. So now we're about to start our table and installation. So what I first do is I make a part across the head from behind the ear, just make a part behind the ear and go all the way across the head and that'll separate the front from the back and then you're going to separate your front with The middle part into two front sections just clip those out the way and we're just only gon na work on the back for right now, right now, I'm separating out my leave out and it'll be different for everyone's head. It depends on the thickness the length. All of that all you do is take out a section. Lay your rat tail on the scalp, and you pull the section over the tail. If you can still see the tail, you don't have enough leave out, you need to leave out more hair. If you don't see it, you are ready to go. So that's why you see me going back and forth pouring out more hair out of the section. I just want to make sure that we have full coverage and when she pulls her hair up, you don't see any tapes and you want to do this around the entire circumference of the back section. I don't part out the top of the back section just yet. We do that at the end, but you definitely want to get your size and your back of the back section pull it out, and this is all the Levi I have for the back section you're going to clip all that out the way and drop down your First row so we're just going to drop down a thin section of hair and we're going to lay our first row of tapes. I use only black um tapes for this, throw I'm going to Interchange between using one row, I'm going to use black the next one. I'M going to use the highlighted tapes. This is just going to give us a full Blended, highlight, look that just looks so perfect, so effortlessly, it's just gon na blend together. Amazing also, I want to let you all know for the natural black tapings. I did color them jet black off cameras to match her natural hair color, which was that jet black as well. So I did dye. The black tape is black, but I left the highlighted tape ends. As is I didn't tone them. I didn't do anything to do. I left them, as is so once you just lay your tape down. You want to make sure that you're not laying it directly on the scalp, pull it down a little bit and after you do that you're going to flip the tape up. Add your other tape on the bottom and then you're going to sandwich it together and press it down with your fingers, your taping tool, like I'm using or a cold flat iron, either way it goes just press it down and it should be good to go and, As you can see, I first saw our black tapes are done now: we're gon na drop down another thin section of hair and for this row of hair we're going to use our highlighted tape ends. As you can see. Now I'm trying to see what two full tape ends fit in between and they won't so on. One of those tapings I had to cut a little bit off the edge and and note that you can do this. You can cut your tape ends up to. However, many itty bitty pieces that you need to to fit a particular section. It doesn't matter, it will still do as it should. So I cut that in off of that one tape in and I pressed it down and then I'm gon na add the other tape in which just which is just a full tape in but like I was saying you can cut, your tape ends in half. If you have a section that is um too small to fit a full tape, cut it in half cut it in fourth, you know same pins are fully customizable. Your look depends on your placement and you can place your tapes anywhere. You go just know that how you place your tapes depends on how much versatility you will have come on foreign. That second row, which we use the highlights, is done and now I'm just going to pull it up to just test it, and if you place your tapes correctly and follow my instructions, you will never see your tapes when you pull your hair up. So now we're going to drop down our next row and, as I said before, we're going to use our black tapings for this row, we're just going to Interchange all the way throughout. Thank you foreign good morning, and now I fast forward it um to the top of the back section, be reminded to leave some leave out at the top of that back section to cover those tapes, because you want to be able to do a half of half Down as well so what I'm doing now is just laying my last two tapes, which are going to be highlighted. Tapes take for the last rows because her leave out is already black. So it's no need for me to really lay black tapes down on top, because you're not gon na, really see the highlights. So I would rather put the highlights on the last row so when her black leave out goes on top of it, you can still see it um, but that's not how you have to do it. That'S just personal preference. You can lay your tapes, however, you want to. I just want to explain how I got my specific faux highlighted, look and it just looked. You know so seeming less so steaming less. I'M sorry y'all! I am out of breath this morning, honey, but you know we're gon na get it together. Her back section is completely done. As you can see, everything is flat. You don't see any takes when you pull it up. The highlights are popping. Everything is just blending. So perfectly like I just love these tapings and I love the way I install my tape. Is it just gives you such a neat? Look in the versatility is chef's kiss so now we're working on the front section. I'Ve already did the other section off camera, so I'm just going to show you this side, because you do them the exact same way. So with the front, I make a diagonal part and I lay my comb to make sure that it can be covered. This is just so when you pull it up in a ponytail that you don't see the tapes in the front, please make sure you leave out enough leave out, because you will clearly see if it's not enough leave out, because you will clearly see the tapes. So I left out a pretty big chunk of hair, but we need that to make sure that all the tapes are covered when she puts it into a full ponytail. So I parted out a thin slice that was kind of diagonal and I just laid one tape right there and I did a black one dropping down another thin slice which is kind of diagonal and we're going to lay another black tape, foreign and we're dropping another Slice and this time we're gon na use, one highlighted tape in the front and then we're gon na use a black one um on the right side of it, and you want to make sure your part is diagonal a little bit or you know a lot. You know you just want to make sure it's diagonal, because if you lay your tape straight across in a straight line, when you go to do a slick back ponytail, you may find that your tapes, like the edges of them, are jutting out. But if you lay them in a diagonal, they will go with the natural curvature of your head and everything would just be flat and seemingly so steaming less. So lay your tapes at an angle. So when you pull it up at a ponytail, you don't see them at all. That'S just a quick explanation for that and now we're going to do a quick ponytail test, I'm always doing the ponytail test during my installation of my tapings just to ensure you cannot see any tapes honey. I just feel like when you can't see no tapes. You know that you've done this installation correctly. So now, what I'm going to do is just part out um, her side part. You want to do the tapes all the way up into the side, part and right now, I'm part not to leave out to cover her tapes. So now this is where it gets tricky. So let me just stop catch my breath for a second, so I can explain this really really good for you all so you're gon na do your tapes up into your side, part and you're gon na Park. Your side part okay, you're gon na clip that out the way and then next, what you're going to do? You'Re going to section out your leave out for your middle part, you want to make sure you have enough leave out to cover your tape ends when you wear your hair in the middle part, because you see that's why I was laying my comb. I got that leave out the way perfect. Now we have to separate the leave out for the side. Part again remember when you have a part, your hair splits into two. So we've already covered the side, one of the sides, but now we got to cover the other side of the part, so you have to make sure you have leave out to cover both sides. Once you part your hair, and once we get done with that, that little itty bitty section that's what we're going to put the rest of the tapes in. So that's why you see. I pointed out that diagonal section and we're about to lay two tapes on that section. I'M gon na put another highlighted one in the front and a black one in the back and another reason we lay our tapes at a diagonal or at an angle is because when you lay it that way, the hair naturally Falls forward. So that gives you thickness in the front. You know we're doing tape minutes you leave out so much of your leave out in the front and everybody leave out isn't thick, but with the placement of your tapes. If you place them at an angle, you have that hair falling forward, so it gives you some weight. It gives you some thickness in the front when the entire hairstyle is just down. So that's why we like to lay it at an angle. It'S not just so make sure that the Ponyta is flat. It'S also to give you more fullness in the front, also being that you don't even put a lot of tank fans in the front when you do it. The sling by Jordan method, you're, probably gon na get a maximum, like maybe six tapings in the front on each on each side. So you know you want to really like maximize what you do have so lay it at an angle. Baby go down. We laid our last text so now we can take down that middle part leave out to cover it and, as you can see, everything is Flaming so seamlessly. This is our middle part. This is our side part. She could do a side part on either side of her head. I just want to show you this one. This is our ponytail bun. As you can see it's flat, you can't see any tapes. Everything is giving so now we're gon na do our style, which is going to be a middle part with the beach waves and yeah foreign every other night, because I know stack too close fights tonight. Oh I've been watching you you're watching after I finish curling. I like to spray my Sebastian Shaper Plus on the hair, just to give it a light, manageable hold and I'm going to curl the other side off camera and they were just gon na comb. Those beachways right on out I like to use my fingers and my um white tooth comb. I did spray some Beyond The Zone, turn up the heat on her hair beforehand. Just to give it, you know a little gloss, a little Sheen and yes y'all. This is our final look. I added a fishtail braid at the last minute, but I didn't record it because it was last minute but you'll see it when I do the recap in just a second, but this is the look you guys, as you can see, I'm loving those highlights. Everything is just blending with our natural hair. Yes getting to a shame. Let'S do a quick recap. Foreign! I want to thank you all so much for watching and thank you, my wigs for this bomb collaboration, make sure you like share, comment and subscribe and turn on those notification bells and check the description box below for more information. Goodbye

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