No Glue ! No Spray ! Easiest Glueless Bob Closere Wig Install | Luvme Hair Bob

  • Posted on 20 November, 2022
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  • By Anonymous

In this video,

This is a video on how to install a glueless bob wig from Luvme Hair. This is a quick and easy method that anyone can do. This video will show you how to achieve a natural and undetectable hairline.

I will be unboxing, reviewing, installing, and styling a new Undetectable Invisible Glueless 4x4 closure Wig from Luvme hair. I hope you enjoy this



Direct link to the wig:

Length: 10inch

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Foreign guys so in this video we're going to be doing a hair review, install styling, basically we're going to be working with this hair that we got from Love Me hair and if you guys are not new here, you already know that we have worked with them. A couple of times, so I'm pretty much excited for this one. So I'm going to open this box right now, like I usually do I'll show you guys what comes with the box and then the final and the most important you know the hair. You have this purple box. You guys are probably used to seeing me open up this purple box, but in here the first thing that I'm seeing over here is the wig, and I just want to say that this was sent via DHL. I got this in less than a week, so um that's something to definitely point out and that's something to definitely know so yeah. This is what the wig looks like we're not going to open this. Yet we're going to do this last, but I want to show you guys what comes with the wig again. We have the purple wig bag for storing your wigs, and then we have this little pouch like a pencil case that is so cute. So it has like a chromatic effect, so in here we have again, we have the head wrap, mirror in here yeah, I think it's very functional and then you have the mirror in here and lastly, we have this as well. We have a wig cap and, as usual, we have like um a guide or a manual for care and use of the week. Let me just unravel this week and show you guys what we have. So this is what we have okay. So this is a 4x4 closure, Bob wig and as usual guys, it does have an undetectable lace over here. It does also come with pre-bleached knots as you. It comes beginner friendly right out of the box. This is a 10 inch bulb, so this definitely does have. A lot of Bounce has a good weight to it, but I'm going to put this on my mannequin head. I want to style this. I want to comb this foreign foreign foreign, so I went ahead to style this and, as you guys had seen, didn't require a lot of styling. I just wanted to use hot comb and then like um. What'S it called I'm treating it, but then Bob it at the same time. This took me about 10 minutes, and this is what it's looking like, but this is the side view yeah. This is the back view and you can see the luster. You can see the shake and again this is the front view again. This is what the lace looks like. I do want to point out that these products have been upgraded um. They have been pre-bleached and pre-blocked, so they are doing the work for you. So this is what it looks like I'm just going to put this on right here. It does come with an elastic band and also you get the combs in here as well, and then you have another strap in here to further secure your week. So we have a strap here and we have a strap on the other side as well properly. Oh, this is so fun. This is so firm on my head. I love it. I feel like it's not going anywhere. It'S not going to shift it's like my perfect size, yeah, it's really snug um. This is what we look like with the lace. Again, it is an undetectable. This they're, like where's the lace right it just melts into the skin, using my eyebrow razor to cut off the excess lace just going to Slick this down and again. This is a 4x4 closure. Guys guys note that I did not apply any powder or whatsoever to this lace or to this wig, and you can see that it's basically melting into my skin and it feels like I applied glue or something, but this is totally glueless. Let me just show you guys what I'm talking about see like you see that, let me do it again see like um, it's literally just wow, so as you guys can see, it is pretty easy to install it's like just on pack on box and go like You just have to unbox it put it on cut off the lace and you are good to go. You can definitely touch up with styling so again guys. This is a front view. I'M going to show you guys what the side view and the back view looks like yeah. This is what this wig is looking like. This is what it's giving I mean this hair is giving like effortless horse babe on the Move, easy going like it's giving all of that and more and if you're someone who is always on the go, you have a nine-to-five job you're. Looking for a quick and easy, you know wig to style to rock on a daily basis. This definitely would be it if you have to go shopping, grocery shopping, you have to go out on an errand, and you just want something easy to just put on and be out the door. This would definitely do the trick. Thank you. So much love me here for sending me this very gorgeous beautiful Bob wig, absolutely love it. Thank you for partnering with me once again, and I hope you guys enjoyed this video. I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial if you're on the lookout for easy going hair. Definitely all the links would be in the description box feel free to check it out, and let me know what your thoughts are and I'll see you guys in the next one till then and make sure you stay fabulous and you stay blessed. Love kisses and plenty hugs bye, guys, foreign foreign

Sindy Akpolo: I love the entire packaging. The video was so satisfying to watch. The wig is gorgeous and beautifully styled by you ❤

Ojuolape's space: Beautiful ❤. I wish I can get one . Looks so good on you.

Noelyn Beauty Empire: How I love this video eeh! It is esthetically pleasing ❤️❤️

The Sunshine Oluoha: I’m hereeeee for this consistency mama!!!!

Kossy Jane Esiobu: Beautiful❤️

JoAnnMaria: Cute hairstyle❤

Victoria Ohah: Beautiful

@Ade: My hair line starts waayyy in front. With my natural hair, it looks good. But there's a limit to how "forward' I can place my wigs without it looking weird. How can I wear my wigs in a way that still looks seamless?

theedon: this thumbnail is everythingggggggg!!!

Amena's Space: Beautiful

view with joy: Beautiful

theedon: 8:01 Ahhhhhhh, purrfection!!!!

Elizabeth: Wow- need deets on this background!!

Victoria Ohah: First here

Lady t cash: First here

Mira-J: First here

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