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Hair Length: 14"

Hair Color: natural black

Hair Density: 150%

Hair Material: 100% Remy Human Hair

Cap Construction: 6" Deep Parting Fake Scalp

Cap Size: Average

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Hey you guys today, I'm gon na be showing you guys this way from evil wigs. They send me this fake, scalp, replugged wigs. I freaking love this wig. I love all of their wigs. It'S like my second or third time working with them. They also send me a wig cap, some bobby pins and a evil waste comb. So this is what the wig looks like when it first comes out of the package and I'm gon na go ahead and comb through it, so that you guys can see so like. I said this is a pre plug in a fix cup wig, so I'm gon na go ahead and show you guys that the first like one or two inches is pre parked and then it turns into the fake scalp and it looks so freakin bomb and it Also comes with this elastic band for the wig, which I really like. If you did not want to glue or gel your wig down, you can have this, which I use it regardless, but this is good for making sure your wig is a kid either way. Okay, I know for one excuse how shiny my nose in my face is right. Now I literally just washed off my makeup and my skin gets really really shiny. After that, I don't know why I don't know. Maybe my skin is just real clean right now. I did want to go ahead and try on this wig you guys, because I don't know I feel like it's just gon na be super super bomb. It is a six inch deep part wig this wig, you do not have to bleach it at all. It comes bleach already and it comes to the fake scalp already on the inside, so you really don't have to do much to it. It is a lace, front wig and it's just really really nice. I love Eva waste because it comes with the elastic band that you can add on there, as well as the bleaching part. You don't have to do that either. So it's really doing something really really easy, if you're not really into wigs or you, don't know how to work. A wig is your first time getting the wig. You don't have to do too much ever because, even with these wigs from Eva wage, you really don't even have to glue them down because they do give you this elastic band. So I am about to put this head over put this head. Otherwise you put this wig on my head and see what it is looking like right now, I'm just gon na take the elastic band and put it behind, and then I'm gon na take the back and there's a comb in the back. So I'm gon na put that and put that underneath my wig cap in the back. Oh look at that guys. Oh my gosh. I haven't taken off the lace on anything because I did just want to give you guys like an actual initial review in, like oh, my gosh. This wig is so bomb like look at this. It is giving literal scalp and the 6 inch parting just makes it look so much more natural as well so yeah, that's amazing! So, the next day I went ahead and I did gel the way down on my head, but you do not have to gel this way down. This is pretty much a glueless wig. That'S why they give you the elastic band cuz, as you guys seen before. It looks like it's amazing before I even join it now, when I was talking to you guys - and I was like you know, would it look like when it was straight out of the box, so I am going to go ahead and throw some curls in this Hair and the curling iron is a two and a half inch barrel. I was going for a really loose look. I are gon na see that I did separate some pieces and made them smaller, so I can get more curls, but I was going for a really loose like body wave type curl. I don't know how to explain it like you know you career here and then you comb through it, so that you can get that like sexy type, look yeah, that's what I was going for. So you guys are going to watch me. Do that to this hair - and I also didn't put the hair or keep it in the middle part. I normally do a side part, but I was like you know what for this look I wanted to keep it in the middle part that it came with. So you guys this is pretty much the finished. Look. I hope you guys enjoyed it this week is so amazing it's affordable and it comes basically ready for you to use. You don't have to gel it down if you're a newbie on wigs so yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed it, make sure you guys, like comment, subscribe and check out IVA wigs

Sasha Official: Love all the wigs on you very gorgeous

Quisha W: Are you adding more wigs on Depop ? I always miss it

Shanyra Douglas: You are so beautiful ❤️

Courtney McGriff-Taylor: Hey how you doing I hope you and your family have a bless rest of the week and I love the wig and where do you get your wigs from ??

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