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Hi guys welcome back to my channel. I hope you guys had a great weekend because i know i have today, i'm starting a new segment called stirring up with sherry, and i hope you guys enjoy it today on the menu we are going to be. Having some lamb drops some sweet corn corn on the cob, we'll call it what you want some tender broccoli stems, and some overnight mac and cheese. Where do we go wrong? First things? First, here what we're gon na do is wash our sweet corns. Now we have to wash the sweet corns. Don'T pass that step once i've done that i've added a pinch of salt and i've left it to boil here, i'm not using all purpose a black pepper, some paprika just for some color, as they say. After doing that, i'm going to try and you know moist it get it all moist and mix it in together. You know, mix up and do the dabs y'all see i washed my hands. Now i was having some complications doing this. Recording myself, as i was recording myself there and i couldn't hold - you know the bowl, so excuse it. You know proper rub into that lamb chop because guys it is very important. We want the seasoning everywhere. You don't want to miss one bit at all, so i did go back and check on the sweet corn about 20 minutes later because it was coming to a boil. I then went ahead and i used my crushed garlic that i got from tesco's, which is the best thing ever and i then started to place my lamb chops in to the pan. Now guys i did fry on each side for about let's say three minutes each and then i will go ahead to then put it in the oven. I'M not gon na show or you know the whole entire process. But as you can see here, i've put about five in there. Listen, i don't play when it comes to fitting all them meats into that pot. I have not come to play. I did end up using avocado oil as i showed you, but it was on time lapse, so it was a little bit fast. Here is after the three minutes, where you know i've, actually, you know turned it over and changed it, and now i'm going to be putting in the oven. It'S so crazy, because there's been multiple times where i've ordered lamb, chops from multiple shops and yeah. I think that they actually just give us the ones, because the ones that i get the lump chops i get just about - have any fat on them, and that is so crazy, because it's so bad, you know they. They actually treat us so bad. Well, i don't so you know my thing's proper if you guys want to know where i get my lamp shots from make sure you comment down below and i'll, let you know um again, i'm literally just showing you guys it frying a bit just so you guys Had an idea how it should look now, this is all that i use for the sauce and, i add a pinch of hot water, so i did skip the part where you know i use. I use the basin. I think it's called a basin. I will add a picture there, but i use the basin to literally marinate the whole entire, like all the lamb shells. Basically and yeah, like i said i'll um, add a picture because you know that's crucial, you do need it. I don't i wouldn't say you need it, but this is a good thing to have and yeah it's good basting here you can see the lamb chops in the trays ready to go in the oven. Now guys what i put in the oven i am going to put in the oven for about you, know 10 minutes on slow cook. Just to you know let that sauce marinate into it and you know, soak all the way in and yeah. I have gone and checked on my potatoes guys. This airfryer is the best investment. It is amazing, like i would never go back to using anything else. Now, i'm literally giving a rinse to the broccoli stems, and i am going to slap them in the same. Like pot as the sweet corn, that's because you know the sweet corns were practically done and i only needed to steam these vegetables. So i'm not common sense. I'Ve come to check the potatoes again guys they're, my favorites. I have to keep checking them, but i do kick them for about 20 minutes with the sauce. The exact same sauce that i used for the food is the exact same sauce i practically put inside the pack, but the pot. Instead, i added some onions and everything and hot water to make the gravy. It looks absolutely amazing, look how thick that is guys. I did not come to play mm-hmm yeah, so i decided to go ahead and dish out my grandma's food. As you can see, her portions are very small, as she won't have any more. You know how to slap on some gravy guys she absolutely loved it. My grandma is a picky eater, but she did actually love it um. You know she didn't eat that much of the lamb chops, that's a good thing. I didn't give her that much, but here i can show you a proper. You know seven, and this is obviously for my husband, my baby, daddy, my the father of my child, my baby boy. You know i had to dab him up like i always do you know his portions are real big, but guys so just take a close look like look at that. Look at the cheese y'all see how cheesy that is a day after guys. You know i didn't come to play now. Last and last and final last of felice, i don't know it's the parsley. Y'All know i had a plug. Y'All y'all know how to plug y'all, because i know everyone wants to. You know have the little green things. On top i bust you guys so make sure you're tuned in for next time period for the fifth i still stepped for the sticks like aubrey, i was in hi, my lovelies, so we can test. I mean that's luxurious with. It was a 26 inch four times. Four lace: closure wig guys it was highlighted such a babe. They sent so many goodies. They sent this. You know fake bird head scarf, which i have been using. That'S really been, you know, and these lashes, oh, let's not go onto the lashes guys. You know how normally the lashes aren't. Oh, we can say they give you some really good lashes that you actually wear. Look how silky this hair was guys. What i can tell you was that i was definitely amazed by the quality. I did end up bleaching and blocking and everything off camera so just enjoy the site guys enjoy the site, because oh this was the best i have actually received in a while. So here you can actually just see me going over it with the hot comb after plucking it. I literally i didn't actually need to pluck it, so i did like the smallest little, the smallest plucking, guys like the smallest plugin, but yeah. I just ran through it with my um hot comb, just to do the front just before installing it and guys i can't lie to you. This is when the hair is dry, the curls are amazing and they do stay, and this is it wet. Super duper. Nice super duper silky and guys make sure you check the description box below because it will literally have all the deals that you need right so guys. I hope you enjoyed this quick little video because i had to get this review zoning out, but yeah make sure you guys do not forget to check the description box for the last time and once again thank you. We can say bye, guys,

lasharna miller: We need to know where you get them lamb chops from

Sunnygirl: You’re so good at narration! I think cooking is definitely your thing… keep it up

Natasha Elizabeth: this looks goood! We need a mac n cheese tutorial tho

Shay Tha Real: Gyal can cook

Michelle Adebiyi: can you include ingredients in the description box next time please?

Naomi Caroline: It’s the chilled chef voice for me ❤️❤️❤️

cheeky chops: I noticed those chops, please share where you purchased them from. Food looked scrummy

KashTV: Wow! what did you season the corn with at the end was it just butter and lemon?


Bling Lifestyle: Nice one

Shannon Domican: Mac & cheese tutorial please

Sammy Da Goat: Just On Time

Ope Mary: Periodttt

Leasha British: I'm so happy ur bk bbe I missed u xx

Tay Xenia: It’s the mac and cheese for meee

Transitioning Oums: Im hungry now

Mary Kalejaiye: Hey, I messaged you on snap about wanting to join your cooking pvs but I got no response sadly

Sekani Fishley: When Gyl good dem great

Bling Lifestyle: Nice one up top

Levin Legend: Yummmyyyyy

Salma Begum: How you gonna lose weight when you eat so much fatty foods

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