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Hey guys welcome back to my channel, i'm musa, you can call me isa whatever works for you, so real quick! This is the this. Is the um 10a body wave silk base fake scalp human hair lace, closure? It actually says fake scout because we're going to get into that fake scout that you're talking about okay, so that's the box um, they actually added a little souvenir type of thing. Actually, i didn't actually open it. Yet. Let me just say this: wig feels like it's like it's real. Nice no lie! It'S real nice! It'S soft on the touch like it's real nice, like it's mad soft! Well, i've never had a closure before i got into looking at the wig, and i know for a fact. The closures are 4x4, but when i got to looking at this closure, they got tracks on the closure, like literally i'm not even sold on, like literally glued on, like they really did not put no effort into this like they just did this, and just did it. You for me like: does that make sense? They just did it and just did it i'm looking like wow, okay, younis. Is it your niece? Are you nice? They sent me a 4x4 closure, but it's really a one by two. You for me matter of fact one by one, because i only got this and this literally like it's not no room to do nothing. The tracks is literally right here, so i don't have no room for no baby hairs like that really. So what am i trying to say? I really just pluck like the middle part, when i was doing that. I realized this damn middle part, not even in the middle like what are y'all doing like this. I'M saying like they did not even put no effort like they just didn't care. It'S this much on this side, and this much on this side is not even in the middle. What are you doing so? Not only do i barely have space to actually free part free, something this hair, i actually don't even have. I just can't do nothing with it. I can't i just have to put it on how it is can't freestyle can't do nothing. Just like that. I didn't. I couldn't find my free spray, but it's cool whatever, because they did the bare minimum for on this week. So i'm gon na do the bare minimum put it on this wig too. So i actually went back into using the gel the gas, the gods to be glued, the actual white gel that gets white and sticky and stuff which actually actually came out pretty good. I put this on. I was like hello you're, actually, not even that bad. That'S the thing this here is nice. This hair is real nice, it's just the closure, that's blowing mines when i was cutting it. I actually cut out if i could find it so when i was cutting it like, i already don't have enough baby hairs, i'm gon na go and cut off some hair on the thing. This thing don't be focusing for me. Oh there you go period, don't look at my nose, y'all anyways! I cut out that much of here when i was cutting out this lace - and i was just like it - was at this moment that nathan knew he up, and i really don't got no hair to like play with those toes on this side makes sense, because this You see how i'm covering this side. That'S why here i am trying to try to fake some baby hairs like i really got some baby hairs. When i really don't i did what i could do for me made some shade. Actually, this side is really not even that bad, but it's just the front. This is the frontal from here to here. Yeah, i see what i mean is this little much and it's that much anyways. The frontal is here to hear i mean closure, so i really didn't even do that bad of a job like for real. It really wasn't even that bad, oh um didn't 11 seconds anyways. I did that. That'S done uh and then now i'm looking at it like. Well, i like it, but it's just not it's the hairs like i just like my hair, you know big here. I am now trying to play with um. The curls got my little uh. What is this mind you? I do not recommend this freaking hair straightener, whatever that is. I had the i had that thing since middle school no lie. I had that dialogue. I couldn't find other hair straighteners, so i'm like, oh god, but, like i said they gave me the bare minimum effort on this wig. So guess what i'm gon na do, giving the bare minimum two. It'S just. I have a big head, so i can't be having flat hair so body wave whatever it is, but regardless this hair is full. This hair is full mind. You did. I even mention this is 18 inches period. My face, i'm already short, like i'm real, i'm not real sure, but, like i'm five, five flat yeah, i'm five flat 18 inches pool 18 inches anyways. This is 18 period. So yes, so that's 18 inches. Let me bring it to the front. I don't even do that. Did i 18 inches it's gon na be the intro, so 18 inches pool 18 inches get with it. I don't even know if i'm gon na be wearing this wig. To be honest, who won it? Leave, leave yeah, leave a comment. I'M just i'm gon na fly it out first class, baby. 18, inches 122., one two, two matter of fact: i lied. This was 128. 128 for 18 inches in there. I remember that it was 108, no, no yeah, 188 for 22 inches for a wig with a fake scalp for a wig. I got some tracks on a closure, a wig that barely got no damn baby here, a wig. I know it's something else that was wrong with it love to hear, but the closure - i would, oh, my god, we're gon na clip this video right here. This is done deal i'm gon na leave the link in the description box. If you you feeling it go, get you one if you're not, i know you know what i'm not even speaking. I don't know if they really got good hair like that, like you know everything else, i don't know just watch some other reviews make sure you like comment and subscribe is. Let me take you to the place like

It Girl Mo: I was just about to order a blonde lace front wig from them!! Thanks for the video it looks super cute though, you worked it

Jessie Nakazwe: It looks so pretty on you

AhnaSimone: they done sent my sis a 1x1 closure wig the beginning had me weak

soextrayana: i was so disappointed in this wig when i realized the tracks was on the closure i lost it ill never purchase a wig from them again

Natasha Chileya: The intro vibe is

Temwani Ndhlovu: The hype in the beginning is giving me life

olivia mankinka: It's the hype for me❤️

agatha musonda: I want it!!

agatha musonda: Regardless,you look good.❤️

Jay And Kota: Fly it out to me sis it’s cute

Rita Jacobs: it's the first part for me

agatha musonda: ❤️

Maliciovs: lls.....I like this hair on you its super cute

agatha musonda: ❤️

agatha musonda: Fly it out to me

agatha musonda: #izagivesbackgiveaway❤️

Alaia Rose: Ur no.1 sub here

agatha musonda: #izagivesbackgiveaway

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