Slayed This Deep Wave Wig Eullair Full Install Tutorial

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Hi everyone, oh my God, I don't have my scarf on. Oh well anyway. Welcome back to my channel and we have another hair tutorial for you today make sure you subscribe to my channel, so you can stay notified every time. I upload a new video and follow my playlist hair, hair, hair and more hair, so you can stay notified every time. A new hair video comes out. I have this gorgeous beautiful wig in front of me. I want to do this wild wavy kind of look with this hair because I just like these wand, curls are just so freaking gorgeous and actually, let's get into the tutorial right now. So I want to thank Eula here for sponsoring this video. I have the Deep wave 28 inch, 180 density lace, front wig and we are going to be bleaching the knots. So I can give me a natural scalp look foreign after those knots are bleached, I'm going to pluck the hairline, so I can get a more natural hairline now I did blow dry this hair out off camera because I wanted to restyle it and give it those Beautiful curls that you've seen in the beginning of the video and I'm cutting some edges, some baby hair. In this lace front, I just felt like it would look really nice with the curls. You know give it some Flair, I'm using my favorite Edge, Wax By Murray's and I'm just going to cut the baby hair to where I want it to be. Give me those nice fluffy, swoops foreign, and I just want to show you how the hair looks blown out. I did use a paddle brush and the hair looks so gorgeous, but I'm going to layer this hair and give it some depth and I'm going to take a little bit of those inches off just so. I can get a cleaner cut. Foreign foreign, foreign, polish and I'm going to run that all through the hair. This is going to give it a really beautiful Sheen and we are going to start wands curling. This hair holds a curl very, very well, like I'm super impressed, and I'm just going to do that all over the head foreign. Thank you, I'm just going to spray the hair with some glossing Mist just so I can give it a little bit more shine to this hair, and this is the finished. Look. Look at that body that shine this hair is so pretty when the hair ain't even laid down yet, and it's already looking good, that's when you know we have a winner, so she is definitely a glueless wig. The lace is sitting where it needs to sit. So once I got those combs in place, I am going to start cutting the lace so we're just going to spray a little bit, I'm just going to flip this side up spray, the end of my Edge brush and I'm just going to put a little bit Of that got to be on the edge of that lace just so, I can blend the front of that lace down a little bit more, I'm going to comb out these curls, so I'm going to start at the end work my way to the top. All this hair don't got no business being this sexy. Oh my God sit sis you see why I don't want to do a part. You see why I don't want to do a part like this hair is giving - and I like to use the god to be for Styles like this on the hair itself, because it holds the curl, but as I'm moving, I'm moving the products more. So in the hair, so when I do move it, it's just going to stay and keep that big. Bouncy curl - and this is the finished look like this hairstyle always wins for me. Let me know what you think of this wig down below. Did I say I mean, and you can check out the link to this wig down below and if you want to see more pictures in this entire outfit, you can go to my Ig and check all those pictures out and follow me everywhere else. When I'm not here on YouTube and check out exclusive content on myof, I do lingerie hauls. I do some more things on there so check those links down below whoa. This hair is thank you I'll see you in the next one

Yani Lyma: You’re so gorgeous! Wish I could slay a wig like that lol

imjusadri: I love it the hair is definitely everything

Nicole Clue-Brown: My fav ‼️ The hair is fire . The fit and the accessories Yes Gorgeous

Monique B: Slayed..absolutely fabulous

beautyvixen1: F&?KIN BEAUTIFUL ❤

Passion Jonesz: These curls thooooo Follow me on Facebook and Instagram

Mina’s World:

Whitney Adams: ❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍

Beverly Denny: Fire ❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍

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