(Very Detailed) How To Do A Middle Part Quick Weave With Natural Leave Out ( Using Tape In Method)


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The ponytail girl edge tamer https://prettyhairbosscollection.com/p...

The ponytail girl mist https://prettyhairbosscollection.com/p...

Lot of clips!!

Wig cap

Morning glory https://www.amazon.com/Roberts-Diamond...

Hair glue https://www.amazon.com/Salon-Second-Bo...

Edge stick https://www.amazon.com/Avlon-KeraCare-...

Oil spray https://www.amazon.com/OGX-Weightless-...

Tonight, hey y'all, it's Chicago, and I am back with another hair tutorial. This video is sponsored by level extensions here today, I'll be installing four bundles of 26 inches of body wave did y'all, hear me four bundles of 26 body wave okay, because y'all always ask all right y'all, let's get into the video all right, so you want to Start from the back and section out your leave out at the back, so that you can make a ponytail and it can look natural. So after I section it off from the back, I am going to part it from ear to ear because we are going to do it in sections. We are going to glue it in from the back and then work our way up, because we are gluing these tracks in between our hair, and we wanted to be neat as possible. This is kind of hard I'm not going to lie because you're not able to see what you're doing so. You want to make sure you be extra neat like extra knee like make the parts neat so that you won't have glue on your hair or anything like that. So now you can just see me clipping um the front of my hair to get the hair out. My way so that I can see what I'm doing in the back and then I also got a mirror too just so that I can see the back of my hair and to make sure that my parts are neat, because you don't want like a zigzag. Like a up and down part, and then your tracks is just yeah - that's not gon na work, so I do recommend getting a lot of clips and if you have someone else to help you that will be perfect, also um, but yeah, I'm just taking these clips And I am clipping everything out my way and trying to do it as neat as possible, as you can see at first. My part was not neat, but the mirror is helping me um, making sure my parts are neat and then, with that extra hair, I'm just gon na clip that out my way, all right. So now that that is out of my way, I am going to go ahead and start measuring my tracks. Um. I like to use my fingers um to guide me to feel my scalp and then I just measure it like that, and you want to be extra careful. I don't put a lot of glue on my tracks. I put enough okay because yeah you don't need all that you want to put enough to make it last so, as y'all can see, I like to start off in the middle and then work my way from end to end just so that you know the glue. Won'T get on your hair and also take y'all time. Um that mirror in your finger is going to be your best friend into helping you place the track where it needs to be placed. Okay, as y'all can see. I am looking in the mirror and I'm just making sure that everything is a place where it needs to be placed, and then, after it is done and you're satisfied with what the placement is. You just want to press down extra hard and then go ahead and get your blow dryer. You can just blow dry for like five to ten seconds, all right so now that we dried that one we're going to go ahead and put another track on top. So you can measure the same exact one and just place that one right on top of the one that you already have um glued on, just so that it could be full. I had tried it y'all without putting it on top of each other, and I've only had one bundle in my head and I had to redo my whole entire head. So yes make sure y'all double the tracks up so that it can be full and then, as y'all can see too. I'M using my fingers to help guide me to put the track literally on top of the other. So your hands is going to be your best friend and the mirror is going to be your best friend when trying to do this hairstyle all right. So what I'm doing now is part of my hair, but I'm only taking a little out like a real little as you can see, because I want to be able to put all four bundles in my hair so make sure y'all part lightly and make sure like You can see the track Mission. If you can see the track, then you're doing what you need to do in between um, you you're tracking, your real hair and then, as you can see, I'm just making sure that everything is neat so that I don't get glue on my real hair and it Just makes the process more easier, um, getting all the hair out your way, okay. So once all the hair is out your way, you're, just basically doing the same exact thing that I taught you guys in the beginning. You want to just measure the tracks and then just glue it and use your finger as your guide. Thank you all right. So I put this in slow motion so that you can see exactly what I'm doing, I'm using my fingers for my guy and then I'm placing it right in the middle and then once I see that it's in the middle, I use the other hand to guide To the right, and then I use the other hand, to guide to the left to make sure that it's where I want it to be, but yeah, I just put it in slow motion so that you guys can see exactly you know how it is because this Is a little harder than actually doing a quick weave? You know well the regular way of doing the quick, weave um but yeah I'm just doing the exact same steps um. I made sure that I used two bundles in the back and then I used two bundles in the front and don't forget to layer the hair on top of each other, because if you don't, I swear you're going to use one bottle for your whole entire hair. If you do not put the traffic on top of each other discipline, You Wan na Stay With Me all right. So once you feel like that, you're at the top of your ear, you're able to turn around and when you turn around you'll, be able to see your part too. You see how I'm able to see my part, and I can place my track by facing the mirror. That'S in the front really telling me that I could break you down all right so now that I'm halfway done with my hair, I'm gon na go ahead and start with the front comfortable, all right. So, as you can see, I'm just doing the same thing when I started off from the back, I'm just you know putting out my little leave out so that if I want to put a ponytail or anything in my head, I'm able to so just you know, Pull out your little baby hairs or your little leave out on the side and then we're gon na go ahead and start measuring the hair and then um going the tracks. Okay, so, as y'all can see, I started struggling here, but I didn't edit it out, because I won't try to know that. I'M not perfect and I make mistakes and it wasn't easy for me either. But I kept going just take your time and then it'll come out perfect. You cannot Rush greatness and yes, I am still doubling my tracks at the top, because I want it to be full um. Once I got to the fourth bundle, I did stop um doubling the tracks, but I did make sure that I used two bundles in the back and then two bundles in the front and then that last for bundle, I do not um double it and you'll see That, as the you know, video go on but take y'all time, and I know y'all and y'all here, like girl. You is crazy because I'm really cutting these tracks tomorrow, like this but yeah I had to, I had to cut them small so that they can line up with the tracks in the back, so once they started lining up with the tracks in the back, I was Able to um make my tracks longer and you'll see that, as you know, as you watch the video foreign all right so now it's time to curve these tracks. Y'All know I'm good for curving my tracks um. I just left my little edges out or what I wanted to leave out and then you'll see me covering my tracks. So the reason why I curved my tracks, too, is because my hair is short in the front, so I wanted it to be full in the front also - and I didn't want, like the little short pieces to be seen like no. So if you have longer hair, you don't necessarily have to curve your tracks, but if you have like a short leave out like me, you definitely want to make sure you curve them tracks girl. I told y'all that my tracks was going to get longer, but yeah just make sure y'all taking y'all time use your finger as your guide touch that scalp to make sure you put in the track where the scalp is and just take your time. That'S about the best advice that I can give you guys is take your time and just press it down real good on the end so that they don't come up and then use your blow dryer tool to make sure that it's secure y'all. I was so thirsty like look it's so neat and perfect, like it's on the scalp like I was too thirsty. I was becoming a pro at this point and for the top, I'm not doing anything different, I'm just layering the tracks, part in the hair lay in the tracks find that hair laying the tracks find that head laying the tracks y'all got this no more all right. So now that I'm almost done um, I parted my hair down the middle just so that I can see where I need to place the rest of my tracks at and as y'all can see. I'M curving um my part so that I can place my tracks on the curve because I want it to fall in my hair. Due to that, I have short leave that hello. Take me so we're finally done when the track's in um right now, I'm just blow drying my hair out so that I can bone straighten it. I'M just knocking the little waves out. Y'All! Look, it's lit it in my hair. So good like I love this hair. I love it. The install is super flat. I don't think I'm gon na ever do a regular, quick weave, again okay, but I'm using Argan Oil just to give it that little shine. You know so when I flat iron it and then of course, y'all already know what type of flat iron I use. I love these flat irons. I'M gon na make sure I list the link below and yeah just take your time when y'all flat iron, it do section by section, so we can get that super bone straight. Look: okay, foreign! I don't know good morning all right. Moving on to the edges. Y'All know we cannot forget about the edges, baby, the edges matters, okay, it matters and I like to use the baby flat irons because it gets the job done to curl the edges. It just works way better than using a big flat iron, so make sure y'all go grab, y'all, um some little flat irons and of course, you already know, I use the stick I'll make sure I um list the stick below also, and this helps with blending your Hair out too, and then we cannot forget about the pretty hair, ball soup and Mist. Y'All know this is my favorite myth. I use it in all of my videos. I use it in my ponytails, my quick weaves and so yeah make sure y'all go get that it is, and I like to use a little bit like a little bit of edge um control on my leave out too. It just makes it blend even more, like yeah, let's get into the install let's get into the hair like do you see how flat this is like? Do you see this hair? Look at this hair, it's Blended in so good with my natural hair, I am 4C and it Blends so well, like this looks like my hair, it's so shiny super soft like just look like. Let'S just let this happen again, yeah y'all see it go. Make that purchase minimum shedding minimum tangle yeah, let's get into it. Thank you all so much for watching do not forget to like comment and subscribe and make sure y'all go pick y'all some bundles up like tonight.

Cierra B: Yesssss You slayed this quickweave and I love that you can still put it up as well Period!

T. James: I just love this you did that hunni !! It looks just like your hair & Definitely need the natural hair remedies && I love how you used all the bundles. That be my biggest pet peeve when I go get my hair done if I came with 4 bundles lol why would u only use 2

Nae: Hey love, can you also do a natural hair video on how you keep yours healthy and growing?

pri’s diary: Can you do a wash out routine? That’ll be a good video ❤

The Goodwin Girl: Your vlogs are amazing but these hair videos HIT EVERYTIME LIKE, where is the link in bio to book lol

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