Few Days In My Life || Braid My Hair W/ Me | New Nails & Lashes | Resetting My Apt For The New Year



hi besties :) happy Friday !! We made it another week and a WHOLE YEAR TOGETHER!!! Crazy to think we've been on this journey for 365+ days, God is SO GOOD! Here is a vlog that covers a few days in my life as I prepare for the new year. I haven't had time to write down my goals just yet, but there's no rush. We've got time! Come along as I go to all of my maintenance appointments AND as I reset my apartment so that it's organized for the new year. Also, if you’re interested in meeting via zoom for faith chat/bible study, they are EVERY Thursday from 6-7pm EST on zoom; link below! I’m praying for you always xoxo

I hope you enjoy

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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro

00:30 - maintenance prep

01:09 - lash removal

06:21 - mask timeeeee

12:06 - lash appt

14:35 - braids, braids, braidssss

19:43 - nail dayyy

23:56 - gram for dinner

28:24 - dinner with the girls

29:05 - clean w me pt 1

32:14 - faith struggles

36:59 - clean w me pt 2

38:13 - orthodontist appt fail

42:43 - opening a gift from a friend

46:00 - prayer board supplies

Don'T you worry, Don't You Cry? I can't promise hey guys, Audrey welcome back to my channel. If you are new babe hit the Subscribe button Because You're Gon na Wan na Stay. If you return hey best, it's so good to see you guys again. So welcome back to the Vlog, I took a little bit of a break. I have been vlogged in about a week and it is because I wanted to enjoy Christmas with my family, not worrying about editing posting, none of that filming. None of that so today it is December. Christmas was on Sunday, so taste Tuesday. So today is December 27th. I just got back. I literally just got off the road from Wilkes-Barre. I have a lash appointment today, clearly because look at these eyes, okay, it's giving Rufus, but I need to take the rest of these lashes off because I'm not paying for them to remove these lashes. There'S like this last little bit on there. I literally maybe have four lashes, so I ordered this gel remover from Amazon and it literally came in like six hours like I ordered it yesterday morning it was delivered like four hours later. This is what it looks like I'll leave it linked Down Below. In my in my Amazon storefront, but we want to remove these lashes because they got ta go. Where are the directions because your girl will mess this up? I literally don't even know what this means, but we're just gon na wing. It so found some cotton swabs Q-tips Q-tips without Q-tips. This is what the applicator looks like. I I'm gon na move my camera, so you guys might kind of see it, but I need my mirror. It says not to get it on the skin. So let me just add it to the Q-tip pray. For me. Let'S add to the top and the bottom. I have this like one random Lash. You see it like right here. What is that? It says it's going to take about two to five minutes for it to like work, but since I only have like six lashes on, I don't think it'll take that long. We look crazy, but it's on so I'm gon na come back in about five minutes. Well, not really, we can actually just chat anyway. We can chat while this takes its time to come off, so I have like a lot to get done kind of well. I want to say a lot to get done, but I have things to do today so today I have my last appointment at 10 o'clock. It'S gon na probably take about an hour and a half, and then I have to come home wash my hair, I'm braiding. My hair today and I figured I will kind of capture it on camera for you guys, because you guys are always asking like. Can I put some clips in there? But it's really not going to be a tutorial because I'm not professional, I just be putting the braids in and calling it a day, but I have to soak my nails off because I'm getting a full set tomorrow. I don't need to be able to braid my hair. Remember the last time if you didn't watch that last Vlog go ahead and watch it, but I couldn't retouch the front of my hair because my nails were too long. It'S 8, 11 right now. My appointment is in less than two hours, but I think I can start soaking these off. Hopefully I don't have pure acetone, though that's the only thing and then what else has to do today, I want to order groceries. Today I want to film a what I eat in a day tomorrow and on Thursday, I'm going back home on Friday, because I am sitting with my church's crazy, my home church and I sing this past weekend with my church, and it was like so good to Be back so I'm like okay, I think the Lord is really leading me to get back into praise and worship being on the team and stuff. So I think I'm gon na be committing to once a month going back to my home Church administering with the priest team, but I am ministering this weekend with them for our watch Night Service because, like if you're a church kid you know like there was no Going to New Year's Eve parties, the New Year's Eve party was at the church and y'all was counting down together. There was no New Year's kiss no New Year's party. It was like you, your church, family and Jesus, bring it in the new year and there's nothing wrong with that. But now that I'm older, I really do appreciate being with my church family bringing in the New Year. So I'm really excited about that. So I'm only here for a couple days and we're just gon na be getting my life together before the new year comes because New Year's is on Sunday. I'M gon na come back Sunday night after, like our family dinner and then I'm off on Monday. But I just want to chill and recuperate and gather my mind and my thoughts before I had to go into the school building, because I already have anxiety and we are off this entire week. So this whole Vlog is just going to be me getting my life together over the next couple of days, so I'm going to be cleaning my entire house from top to bottom that will most likely happen tomorrow. I also need to call my doctor, like my eye doctor, and I need to go to my orthodontist, because I'm scheduled to start my third tray of Invisalign key, believe it we're about to be a month in which is crazy. So I already have done my first two sets of trays. This tray that I have in my mouth right now is supposed to be done this Friday, but I need to go to the orthodontist that I can paint in a little false tooth because well like actually a week, I'm scheduled to get my front tooth pulled there. So they need to put a false tooth inside of that in this line, because I refuse to walk around with The Gap I just refused so yeah. I have quite a bit of things to do this week. It'S just going to be me getting my lips together. It'S not really going to be that motivational or inspirational, but if you needed that kick in the butt to get your life together before the new year, this is the Vlog for you. So I think it's been about five minutes, so we're gon na see if these came off. How does it say to remove them all right? Maybe chips again, I'm scared. Oh my God. Nothing happened. Oh, I lied. Okay, let me take the rest of these off and I'll be back okay, so we have no lashes on I'm getting ready to shampoo my natural lashes and just to get all the rest of the adhesive off with the J J Beauty, eyelash foam cleanser, the girl That owns the studio she makes her own, so I bought this from her um. This stuff is burning. My eye, though, like the adhesive because, like I, was trying to wipe it off um with the paper towel, but I don't recommend that so we're just gon na shampoo our lashes, I feel, like I always use too much, but that's okay. I love this Gel Cleanser that I just got. It'S really really. Gentle very very nice works very quickly. There is water all over my foot right now, so the left eye and then we're gon na do a face, mask we're multitasking today I don't know if you guys can like really really see but uh. Nothing too crazy, I'm just using an eyeshadow brush that um. The Lash Tech gave me to shampoo my lashes. I love this thing. Let me just clip my hair up, because the way it keeps getting in this water is ridiculous. All right, perfect. Okay, now I'm about to do a face mask and I use the Aztec Secret. Indian healing clay everybody was like this was like all the rage back in, like 2010 2011., when I was in high school people were using this to bring back their curls. I'M using this on my face today because I feel like my face is very congested and it is time for a little bit of a detox. So I just like mixed a little bit with some apple cider vinegar. I use the brags apple cider, vinegar with the mother in it. Yes, the mother is important. I think I'm just going to put that on my face real, real, quick and all my areas that like need it the most I mean you should probably use a brush to put it on, but a spoon is working for me. I wish I was like one of those girly girls that really enjoyed face, masks and like facials. Actually, I think I might enjoy facials. I just like need to schedule. One buy be a free because I feel like they're gon na judge me, because my skin is like not the best and I know that's their job but, like I don't know, I feel like they're gon na like be throwing shade internally at my skin. But you know, that's just me, I know they're, not I just I just feel my head try to get it kind of. Even I also feel like. I have not drank water in like four days so I need to. I haven't drank really anything. I need to start drinking some water. I know that's why my skin is like going through it. A little bit also spilling this all over the floor. I have my period And I didn't get that bad, actually breakouts. This time I got like a little white head, and that was really it, but when your hormones are all over the place, at least that's my story, I usually use like a makeup brush for this, but I don't have any clean. Oh, maybe I actually do hold on so much better makes it easier for like a more even application. I need to get like underneath my neck too, because I break out down there too, and I'm like scarring the nose is what really means it? That'S where I should have started honest like little areas around my nose means it wow we look hot it's giving like Shrek Fiona. My forehead doesn't really need it. It'S like my least problematic area on my face, but we're gon na detox. That too, I don't love the way that apple cider, vinegar, smells or tastes. For that matter, the taste is like. I don't know how people do like the apple, cider, vinegar, shots. I would just rather throw up, and we already know how I feel about throw up. It'S a no for me, that's letting you know how much I don't like it thing. I have to shave my face today because Chalet I still haven't done that and my mustache is like woofing. I mean it's like not that bad, but it's bad for me. Are we pretty yet beautiful, gorgeous? Okay, I'm gon na go ahead and let this sit and start touching it and then I'm gon na start soaking off my nails. I hope this doesn't take long okay. So it's a little hard to talk, but that's okay. You know! I'M gon na talk anyway. The remover I'm using is this one here, it's from one one plus other one another. I don't know is this one here and it's the advanced gel polish and the lacquer. This is why I teach math lacquer remover. You know what you see it. You see it here. This is what I'm using just put in a little Ramekin, because I don't have like a I don't know. I don't have like a big enough wool, but with my hands in so I think what I'm gon na do is I'm gon na do 20 minutes on this hand and then 20 on the other. I really hope this will take that long. I literally cannot talk, but we have Nubs and I'm gon na file them down. When I get back from my appointment, it's 9 30.. My appointment is in 30 minutes, so I need to wash this off. It looks crazy. We still cute or whatever anyway, I'm gon na wash this off. It looks it looks kind of gross. But okay, let me wash this off and then you know I got ta get dressed we're not looking cute we're bumming it. Today. I don't care. I literally did not care foreign okay. Let'S do some quick skincare. I got ta. Take my contact lenses out too, but I'll do that in the car we'll be on our way. Oh, my God. It burns. I purposely didn't exfoliate because I knew it was gon na. Like hurt a little bit, but hopefully he's on fire, okay, that's all right! We'Re gon na make sure that we put a lot of product on this skin because my skin is really dry. Now too. I hope that my lashes don't take that long, because, ideally I want to be back and starting my hair by like two o'clock at the very latest. The last time I did my hair. It took 13 hours, I'm gon na see if I can cut it to maybe 10. we'll see though, but like. If I start by two I should be done by midnight. That is the goal my face looks so red. I think that's a good thing. That'S usually like what happens anyway, but like the pulsating feeling, I really like it. I don't know some people don't like it, but like that specific mask, I get pulsates like. I guess. That'S how you know it's working too. I mean. Obviously, your skin is tightening, but I feel like the moment I put it on. It was just like doing its thing. I need to find a nail file, because I need to cut down these nails or file down my nails, because I don't like the way they're. Like feeling a little bit like flimsy, I don't like that gon na use a little extra product today. Do I just thought about if Mariah cancels on me for tomorrow, I am so ah screwed, because I cannot walk around like this. I mean granted. There is nothing wrong with walking around with no nails, but it's just like the one thing. Well, two things my lashes and my nails are the two things that I do for myself, like I get done for myself, because I like them. I also feel like I have like manly hands without nails, so I feel like I need to keep them my nails done, so they look more feminine. That'S just me, though, that is just me not that it's sunny outside or warm, but I'm gon na put a lot of sunscreen on. I hope that the spreadness goes down soon. It'S not the cutest, it's not the cutest. Look now that we look like a glazed donut a Christmas, it's time to go all right, so it is four minutes until my appointment. So we're about to take these contacts out. I can't find my contact case that I usually have in the car, but of course I had another one in here, because that's exactly where all my contact cases should be right. It should be a lot easier to take my contacts out now that I don't have nails, but if you're like used to having long nails like your calibration is off when you don't have them the way you like do everything is altered and now we're blind. Okay. Why don't we get back in this car? The contacts are going back in I kind of have acrylic just like all over my hands from when I was soaking them, because then have a really good time to like dunk my hands in to get the rest of the acrylic off of. Like my fingers and stuff like the surrounding areas, but we'll get that off when I get in the house, should I bring glasses I did, but they look dirty. This Vlog will not be rushed after this. Like then I'll just be in the house all day braiding. My hair, so it'll just be chilling, but I just feel like this is like utter chaos. I promise it's not always like this. We are finished with our lash appointment. So now I'm about to Sprint home, because I well not Sprint, because I'm definitely in my car drive home. I need to go to the bathroom so bad, but I got ta put these contact lenses in first because way the glasses are hitting like the lashes is not working for me, I'm really cold. It was so cold in there, like the heat finally kicked on, like as I was leaving. I was like, of course, love that bra we're about to get into these braids. I just ordered something some lunch, which is going to probably double as dinner, because I'm not taking a break like. I need to knock these braids out and be done. Oh my God, why is it burning? Okay, it's really really cold 29. To spent like that, it's 29 degrees outside which is warmer than what it's been. It'S been like four degrees, zero degrees. I got so I got little spikes in them this time to make them more wispy. I don't think it's for me. The work is good. Don'T get me wrong, I think that they are beautiful, but you know I feel, like you just got ta be. It'S got to be your style and I'm more simplistic. I guess but they're very cute, so I'm happy to wear them for the next two weeks. I'M just happy to have lashes on my face for Real Pro, because walking around like Rufus for like the last couple days is not it for me next time we talk I'll, be doing this hair. We did our hair while we blow dried it, and I think I'm gon na give myself a trim, really quick and then we're gon na start braiding, that's good! These people, like massage your scalp, I'm just using a little bit of Jamaican black, castor oil from my scalp, because for whatever reason my scalp has been so dry and it's been flaking really bad and it's like really bad. The last one had my breathing. I know people don't like use like to use oil on their scalp, but I'ma use it, and I think I'm gon na do the back like off camera, and then we can do the front kind of together because I, like again this is not a tutorial. I just need to get it done. It'S 2. 30 right now I ate my lunch slash dinner and I was like laying down watching movie because I'm so tired, but it's okay, we're gon na get it all done tonight. I just need to find like a really good rotation of movies to watch so that I'm like preoccupied because this is gon na take at least 10 hours. So, let's hope by one o'clock we're also very much bumping it I'm wearing. Just like my oversized t-shirt. I spilled makeup on the shirt like years ago, so it's not dirty. It'S just like the stain. Never came out. Also, there's a spine here in the corner and I don't like the way it looks, but you know what it's above me now: okay, the bathroom is his I'm gon na go, buy my business in the living room and get it popping with this hair I'll show You guys the hair that I'm using. I don't know why my skin just feels so dry. It just feels like no matter how much lotion I put on. I I'm still Ashy and that's weird. Thank you, foreign okay. So we're almost eight hours in - and I forgot to show you guys, the hair. This is the hair that I use. It is by Spectra. I think - and this is the already pre-stretched 25 inch hair. It'S in the color tp31b. It'S like a cute cute little ombre. You know I'm so close to being done. I'Ve literally got, I think, maybe 13 more braids, and then we are done. Look at my little antenna, yeah your girl's, tired. I made coffee because I was like I am not going to be able to make it through and then I just didn't touch the coffee. I must go get it, we are circles being done. I was watching some really great movies. I just watched rush hour and let me say something I never watched rush hour, one like in my adult life. I watched her as a child and a lot of the stuff went over my head for sure, but as an adult, that movie is funny like those were simpler times, so they were able to get away with a lot more. But it's funny. But I moved to the bathroom, so you guys ask him like kind of see what I'm doing. This is not a tutorial, I'm just you know showing you guys. I actually do my hair because I feel, like some people didn't believe when I said I actually do my hair, but I do it intentionally my own hair, it's just like. I just never see myself spending 300 on anything that I can do myself. That girl got me one time with them. Now it was braids and that was it never again. Never, but we're almost done. I think I have about like 13 14 more braids, I'm ready to go to sleep, so I think this time I'm gon na curl the ends with some perm rods instead of crimping them, because I don't want it to do like goddess braids. But I feel like the hair would get like too matted too quickly, so we're gon na do some curls at the end, which is exciting. I also forgot mousse again, so I have to get some tomorrow like after I get my nails done or before I get. My nails done, I'm gon na see if I have some here at the house tonight, but I don't think I do. I think I ran out of it. So that's like my favorite part too, like that's how you know you're just done like once. You'Ve done all your braids once you put that cold mousse on your scalp, it feels so much. Finally, the last braid s, foreign okay. Clearly it's the next day because um my hair is done one. I didn't come back on camera to show you guys, but this is the hair. It didn't take 13 hours, it only took 10 hours, I'm very grateful, but we probably got these nails done toes and Nails. We got a fresh set, look at them, get into them very cute. I was gon na get red, but y'all know how indecisive I am so. I was like okay, I'm gon na get red and then on the way up here I was like we're gon na get powder pink. Clearly we did not get that, but these are super cute love them, but now we're going back home, I'm gon na go home order. Groceries need to figure out what I want. I'M gon na order groceries and then I need to start cleaning. My house. I have a zoom meeting today at 3 P.M. So I need to make sure that I'm home for that it's currently 1 30 I've been at the nail salon since 10. yeah. Sorry, I think I left that open. I left my car unlocked. I mean like there's like nothing in my car, but it was definitely unlocked but anyway, so I don't know what I was just saying. I don't know I was trying to like get cute today wanted to get Glam, but that didn't happen because I was so tired. Oh this morning I woke up. I did my grow grow with Joe grow with Joe. I did my little gospel workout this morning. I'M feeling great, I had a mini breakfast. I got some starbies before my appointment and then now I'm actually feeling pretty okay, but I want to order grocery. So I don't have to order food because, like I'm sick of spending money on food - but I could just cook so we're about to get in this house - I need to tackle the living room. That'S the first thing like the living room in the kitchen. That'S the first thing I need to tackle and I want to get it done before. I have the zoom call at three o'clock, so hopefully we get that together. I also have to do Bible study tonight because we have faith chat tomorrow and we're studying Ruth 3 and John 10.. I'Ve read John before, but I like to just like: go back and like re-look over some things, but Ruth three, I'm stumped. I I have lots of questions. I don't really know how this Faith chat is going to go, because I feel like this story, this part of the story just like. I can't tell if I'm interpreting it right or wrong. I don't know, but I'm gon na write down my questions because y'all know you, girls, gon na write down some questions. Also to do the blessing board for Faith chat like just like a general outline of it and then like we can like tomorrow. When we meet, we can like break some stuff down, fix some things, and then I also have to go to my orthodontist tomorrow to to get my tooth painted in into my next aligner set, since I'm set to start my third set of aligners on Friday. On the ninth, I get my tooth pulled and I will be that will be the last week of me using that tray, but I'm not trying to walk around with like a gap. That'S not what we're trying to do so. We'Re gon na go ahead. Get back home, I'm sorry, I'm just talking with my hands, because my nails I had Nubs, I also got them longer. I got them longer than I usually do and I love this length for me also check out the rings that I ordered from Amazon like I ordered them for when I went to that show in Maryland a couple weeks ago, and then I didn't take them, but They'Re, like these stackable rings, I really just wanted this one, because it's a little cross, you know, got ta, take Jesus with me everywhere I go so yeah, but my nails. Oh, my gosh, my hands just look feminine again, and I love that for me because if you're, a woman who has like manly hands, you understand my struggle, but now we're back to Femme soft girl. You know all right so yeah all right. Let me go ahead. So it's a lot later, it's like 5 30 and I did order groceries. They did come, but I was missing some stuff from my order. So I'm not so happy about that, but it's all right, whatever we're gon na. Let them be great. I had my meeting today at three o'clock like I was supposed to, and then I just took a 30 minute nap and now, instead of cleaning my house, I am going out to dinner with Liz and Alyssa. They are two of my friends from college. I think you guys have seen them on the Vlog before, if not you'll see them tonight. But we are going out because we didn't get a chance to ago for my birthday, because I went to LA for my birthday and then like life was just lifeing and then the holiday happened. So tonight we're going out for my birthday and then just to like catch up, because we haven't seen each other since Liz's birthday and that's been a few months, so we're going out. This is like what we do so right now, really quickly. I'M laying my edges because not really there's not too many of them out but, like I did another, oh, I came home and I did another workout. I did grow with Joe and I've been loving her cardio workouts. Lately I need to go back to the gym. I think tomorrow, I'm gon na go to the gym. I just have been loving the inside my house workouts at home workouts because, like I don't even feel like get dress dressed for real, like or whatever I want look. However, I want and then just work out in the comfort of my own home, so I think I might strive to go to the gym first thing tomorrow morning. If there's no promises, if not I'm gon na, do another grow with Joe workout but um. When I come back from dinner, we are cleaning the living room, it has to happen. I don't know if anybody else is feeling like this, but I feel like God is really far from me or not that he's far from me. He just feels is not as close - and I know he's here, but I'm feeling, like he's so far, removed from my situation. Right now - and I know it's not true, but it's just that feeling of like. Why are you such a hard man to get in touch with? Why am I not hearing from you like how I was hearing from you and so for me? That'S a little like stressful, because I'm like I'm going into the new year. I literally am leaving everything to God like I'm, like I'm, not stressing about where I'm moving, because I am moving. I have no idea. Where am I staying in education? I don't know I'm leaving it all up to God, like I'm gon na go where he tells me to go. I'M gon na do what he tells me to do, but it's really hard, if I'm not hearing from him, but I'm having faith that he's going to work it out for me, I'm just giving control because I struggle with control. I have to leave here in about 35 minutes. I'M really glad I was able to take a nap though, because I feel like I would be miserable. Okay, absolutely cranky, and I don't want to bring that energy to my girls. You know what I mean. I don't want to don't want to do that, but it took a little nappy nap. I also watched as Leah Williams, her latest Vlog, and I I don't know about you guys feel like the new year is really creeping up on me and I have yet to set any goals for myself. So that's another thing that I need to start actually doing over the next couple of days. I just feel like there's not enough time in the day to get everything done. You know what I mean like. I just thought: there's not enough time to get everything that needs to get done done like I feel, like I've been on a time crunch ever since I've been on break. So it's like not even like free payback for me tomorrow, I'm just gon na be in the house all day. I am not leaving the house at all, I'm going to focus on cleaning and then also my prayer board and my blessing board. The blessing board for Faith chat also doing my Bible study and then I also have to start learning the music for this Saturday and Sunday. So like for New Year's for my church, we do our watch Night Service, I'm leading worship we're, leaving a song on the worship set, so I need to like learn the song just like I like to go through like really listen to the lyrics and then write Stuff down how it makes me feel that way, I'm able to like you know, leave, do it because, like I also can feel it, and I know what I need to get from the song as well and then Friday. I go back to my mom's house, which is like exciting, but I don't know I like to I just like to be in my house like I love my mom's house but, like I just like to be in my house, so I'm coming back Sunday night after New Year's dinner, so I can just be in my house all day on Sunday or on Monday, when I come, I literally need to go, but I did all of my makeup off camera, which is why we have the face, I'm just putting on a little bit Of perfumes or a lot, because I really like this perfume, it is the sensual sensual sensual by Camille. Rochelle looks like this. I don't know if that's a sensual sense well, who knows smells delicious, I'm going the next time we actually chat I'll, be back from the restaurant. I think, because you're not gon na be able to see me, it is dark outside it's. Just it's not going to be a good quality picture. So next time we talk, we'll be back in the house and some comfy clothes about to clean the living room foreign. I can't keep up with your moves. Babe I wan na be around baby. This is heart. Is trouble in your mind, baby? Why can't you just tell me I just wan na be your pride I Wan na, Be I Wan na Give A Love Away. This is never been here. It'S the next day. I know I told you last night that we were going to be cleaning my house after I got back and that absolutely did not happen because I didn't get home until like 10 30, and I was like you know what let's go to sleep so this morning, I woke up around 5 30, but I didn't get out of bed until like 10 to 6, and I decided to just start straightening up my living room. So I did the dishes. I put everything that needed to get away in my living room broke down some Christmas gifts, some boxes that I had and that's really all I've done. This morning I started to do Bible study today's Thursday. We have faith chat tonight, so I'm getting ready to post on my Community page just sharing that we have faith chat tonight and what we're studying. But I picked up my Bible this morning and I think I was sharing this in this Vlog, but I have just been having the hardest time wanting to pick up my Bible wanting to read like I read Ruth three and I was like, I don't even know What I just read, but I had no motivation to go and like pick it back up again and reread so I moved on to John chapter 10 today and I read it. I felt like there was like a lot of things that, like God, was asking me but my mind could not physically take it, so I actually had to close my Bible and I said to sit here and, let God talk like I couldn't talk anymore. I can't not that I can't pray but, like I just feel like, I don't want it to be a monologue. I want my relationship with God to be a dialogue, and so I was like you know what I physically like. I don't even know what I need to ask for so I'm gon na. Let myself sit here and let you talk to me and so that's what I just did for like the last 30 minutes. I just sat here had my worship, music going my instrumental worship, music and I just sat here and allowed the Lord to speak to me. I'M gon na pick up my Bible in a little bit. I'M gon na go back to it because I know that I just think maybe a couple minutes away from it and I'll come back to it. It'S currently now 9 30 and I placed an order at the grocery store for my mom because, like we have like seafood, I don't know do y'all be doing stuff for New Year's. We have our watch Night Service, New Year's Eve and then on New Year's Day. My family does like this big seafood dinner and crab. Legs are very expensive, they're, getting way out of hand. The prices are getting way out of hand, but my family had asked if I could like look around Philly, to see what the prices were and I found the cheapest one being ten dollars a pound. So I put in an order - and hopefully it comes through - like I'm able to you - know, they're able to find it and they're able to deliver it because I've ordered them via instacart, but also I didn't film this for this video, but I needed to film something For my meal prep, that's gon na go up this weekend, so I made some overnight oats this morning and they've been sitting in the fridge for like three hours at this time, and I think I'm gon na go ahead and like just make some and finish filming That for the meal prep, so I have like more content, oops, more content to add to that video. So I think I might do that in a second I'm also going to do grow with gel. I was like looking on Tick Tock this morning and, like people were just showing all of their great results that they've gotten with her, so I'm like okay, I think I could do it, so I need to like actually write down some goals that I have for Myself this year - and you know what I just really want to say this, because I feel like I'm really behind like 2023 - is not even here yet. New year's is on Sunday and I just feel like. I don't have time to sit down and write down everything that I want to accomplish and that's. Okay, all right if people are like overwhelm you, I've, like seen so many things on Instagram I've seen so many things on YouTube about 20 things that I have like. 20 goals that I have for myself writing down goals for myself in the new year and it's like you, don't have to have everything planned right now you don't have to okay, like I honestly thought about just making goals for January and then once I get like A handle in January then continue to plan because I get overwhelmed when I don't meet those goals. When I think I should so it's like what about just doing like monthly goals, because I just personally for me - I just I'm feeling overwhelmed right now. I feel like I don't have enough time like I have it's 9. 30.. Realistically. I don't have anything to do today until six o'clock, but I feel behind because I don't I didn't study really for Faith chat. I read but like I didn't really break things down. The way I want to I'm just like not in the right mind space and then I also need to start making this like blessing board, we're gon na get it done. I also feel like I still need to clean, like I still need to clean my room. I still need to clean the bathroom. I still need to edit this Vlog. I still need to edit the meal prep like. I just feel like I'm behind on everything right now, and this is just like not the place I want to be because everybody is so like new year new me. I have all these goals, I have all this and that I was like I couldn't feel further behind right now, so I'm just like okay, but I'm not going to overwhelm myself. I'M just going to do one thing at a time and then I also got a package from one of my I'm. Not even gon na call her a subscriber because, like she's so much more than that, but Shay another shout out she's from Faith chat and she sent me something in the mail before I went home for Christmas break. So I'm gon na open that in a little bit too, but I just need to like get myself together. I just I don't know, there's just like I'm overwhelmed and I don't know why, like I truly just don't know why, but that's what we're doing. Thank you. Thank you good morning. It'S Friday, your girl is everybody, stay with me exhausted, like for real, I'm so tired the way I stayed up last night after Faith chat to edit this current Vlog, like I'm literally gon na, go home right after this and finish this Vlog and try to get It up for you guys before I get on the road, but I'm tired, oh my goodness, so incredibly exhausted. My alarm went off this morning and I was like why Lord, why I mean like thank you. Thank you for waking me up this morning, but why did 5 30 a.m have to roll around that quickly anyway, besides the point so to relieve that, of course, we got some starbies. I got like 75 worth of Starbucks gift cards for Christmas and I'm gon na use every single one of them. Okay, I'm gon na use every single one of them. I'Ve also accumulated like 850 stars on the app, so I'm not gon na be paying for Starbucks. For a while, I got a grande ice sugar, cookie almond milk, latte with vanilla, sweet, cold, foam extra ice and a triple shot of espresso, because I'm tired. But I think I actually like getting the Triple Espresso, because it has like a more coffee taste. And I really like coffee, I'm currently outside of my orthodontist office, because I had to come, get Trey 3 filled with my little false tooth, because I'm about to be gapping it for the next. Who knows how long um are these trade? Three, these the ones? I'M just bringing the whole thing and then there's like makeup on this bag, and I haven't touched this bag since, like I brought it home, I mean like since the last time I switched my aligners today is the day that I need to switch my liners, but I need to get this filled before I put in my because I feel like that would be gross if I made the pain and a tooth when I already like put it in my mouth, I feel like it's kind of gross, so I wanted to be like Kind, but we're getting ready to do that. I want to see what they look like on the other ones. I can't remember I hope it doesn't look weird. Oh my God, I'm like very nervous but anyway, so I'm about to go in there. Now I didn't fill out my little patient form because, like I'm not being seen today, they're literally taking the tray and painting it, so I don't know maybe they'll make me they'll make me do that, but I wanted to wait what time is it all right when I come back. I have to tell you guys about how Faith chat went last night, because God is so good, like y'all know how I was like stressed out yesterday because I was like, I literally don't know what I just read in chapter three of Ruth and I was feeling Very frustrated, well, the Lord showed up and he showed out - and he always does - and I don't know why I stress out like that. But I'm gon na come back and talk to you guys about that in a little bit, I'm gon na run in there and get this done so we can get back in this house, so I can get back in this bed. Okay, be back foreign. Did we get a tooth painted into our liners? No, I came here for nothing. I called like three weeks ago to ask if I could just start tray four. I asked if I could start it early so that, like I, wouldn't have to get this tray paint and they're like no, don't start your treatment early, but I didn't talk to like the usual girl and everybody was just like giving confusion, and so now we just Made this trip for nothing, so I literally could have slept in, but at least now I'm like up and these lashes I feel like they are falling out so quickly. I don't know what's going on anyway, I could have stayed asleep so today I'm changing into tray three and then I will change into tray four in about nine days, which is nothing crazy. I'M only like a few days like shy of the day that I was supposed to put in tray for it anyway, but I still am gon na have a little bit of a gap because she thought it's gon na be pooled will no longer be present. In my trays, after tray 12, so look, I still am going to have a slight Gap and they're like we could paint something in there for you and I was like yeah, because I told you guys I did not want to Gap in my mouth. That is not what I want, I'm not comfortable with that at all, so they're, like yeah. We could paint something in there, we'll just like see you in February, so the next time I come to them will be in February. Hopefully I make good progress now that, like I'm starting my new trays like earlier, but now because I'm switching to my next tray on January 9th now Mondays every other Monday is the day that I have to switch it. Whereas before or right now, I have to switch it every every other Friday, which is okay, I'm just going to Market in my calendar, and I also have the Invisalign app now too. So they will remind me when I need to put my new trays in, but now we're gon na go home. We'Re gon na go home. I wan na show you guys the package that I got from Shea and then I also want to show you guys. I'M making my prayer board and I'm not going to do it in this video, because I don't have time I don't want to brush it. So we'll start a new Vlog like this weekend and I'll show you guys how I'm making my prior board and my scripture board. We can do like a little like do it together and then um you'll see it there, but I just I just kind of wanted to show you guys that way. If you guys wanted to go out and get the materials you guys already have it, and then we can do them like together when you watch Vlog, so yeah all right, we're going home. We are back in this house, okay, so really quickly. I wanted to show you guys what um Shea sent me and let me not get her information on camera hold on I'm so excited. We had already spoken about it, but okay pause. I actually had to call the post office today because she um sent me two packages. However, the package that I was expecting was actually not this one. So now I have to text her and let her know that I got the smaller one. I guess of the two, but she got me this beautiful prayer Journal. Oh my goodness, how gorgeous is this? She wrote me a little note hold on man. Oh man, this is so beautiful wow. This is so beautiful. She wrote me a note so um. Thank you. So much Shay this is stunning. I'M about to text you right now, so, if you're watching I'm about sexy anyway, that is oh, my gosh. This is so awesome. I want to like see what it looks like on. The inside Shay has been like. Really she really challenges me. Oh, my God, it comes with a pen. Look how pretty this pen is. Um she's really challenges me spiritually, which is why I think it's so great to have faith-based Community around, but also I prayed for faith-based community and I couldn't find it here so like not. I created because the Lord was definitely the one that created Faith chat, but I'm so glad that my faith community expands Beyond just meeting once a week on Thursdays like. I have a relationship with the people that come to Faith chat, and it makes me very excited. So God really just answers prayer like beyond belief beyond measure. It'S like a section for like prayer requests in here. I don't know if you can see prayer requests. I love this. I'M so excited to use. I'M adding this to my Arsenal. Then I wanted to show you guys what I got for my prayer board. Let me just put this right by my bed, because that's where all my stuff goes so the goal for me a goal that I have for myself. This is not just for like the New Year, it's also just like life in general, but I want to work my way through the entire Bible and I really want to study it. So I was, I ran out of space in my prior journal, and so I was like I might as well. Invest in some binders I purchased this binder on Amazon it'll be linked Down Below. In my description box. Everything will be linked down below my Amazon storefront. Rather, I wanted to get binders so that I can put like five to six books of the Bible in each of them and then go back and study because, like that is my goal to study the word. Not just read it but like have something to go back and like take notes and then revise the notes, as God, you know, speaks to me differently throughout the seasons, and so I have in this binder right now. I have Ruth and John so far and Ruth is such a small chapter like it's literally only four, it's only four our chapter. So, like here's, my section for Ruth here and then I also just ordered some extra dividers that I can you know, put the next couple of books in the Bible in there, because this one comes with it. But Shea also got me the same binder and it was so crazy because I literally just purchased this and then we were talking and she was like. Oh my gosh, I literally got you the same thing, so I have another one, but I want to like just get binders and color coordinate them, so I can like know which books of the Bible I'm trying to get in order. But like I'm not reading the book of the Bible in order, so I'll probably just like take my notes and then when I start to like organize everything I'll start to move them so that they're going like chronological order, because I will get through this Bible. Okay, I will the next things. So this is what I got for the prior board and the scripture board that I'm gon na hang up in my room. These, I don't have a prayer closet because, like my closet is so small and I barely can fit my clothes in there there's no way, I'm fitting myself in there. So I'm just gon na make Like a Prayer wall like a section of my room over there dedicated since it's like my prayer space, but if I can take them out, they're, actually a little bit smaller than what I thought thought they were going to be. But that's okay, so this one is black, so this is the first one it's black and it has like a little hanging. You know thingy. It also comes with nails, but I won't be using Nails because you know your girl rents and we got ta. Do renter friendly things because I want my security deposit back um and then this one is in white. So I'll probably do my scriptures my scripture board here and then my prayer board will be the one in black. It comes with its own tax, but I bought my own. This is what they come it comes with, but I bought my own. Then I got to write my prayers and my scriptures on. I got this really cute these, like creamy color. What are these called? Sticky notes they remind me of like the the colors and the shades that my highlighters came in, which is why I picked them up because I'm like it's just a part of my vibe at this point - really light pastel color. So I got it comes in a pack of five and I'm going to be using this there's 100 sheets per pad, which is nice, so it's 500 sheets here, and what I think I want to do specifically is for. Like my prayer board, I want to color coordinate things that I'm praying for so, like my family will be one color myself will be another color, just like everything I'm praying over. That way I can like distinguish. You know each and have each have their own little section and then my scriptures that they'll just be all different colors doesn't really matter. I ordered these push pins, they're clear. I don't know if you can really see them, they're, clear, they're, very similar to the ones that came with them, but these ones, I think, are white or yellow. Oh, neither they're like wooden or like cream. I might use some of these too, because they're actually kind of cute, but I got clear ones just because I knew that I was gon na. I needed a lot of them because I have a lot of things to pray for and a lot of scriptures that I'm standing on, and then I also on the back of each prayer card, I'm going to attach some mustard seeds. Now people don't have to do this, but I am somebody that is praying for Faith restoration, it's just more of like a gesture like I just feel like. I want to put a bunch of them behind them. Just letting God know that, like I have lots of faith, but I just thought it was symbolic. I'Ve also been seeing it on Tick Tock as well too, and I'm just like you know what yeah I'm gon na do it, but you don't have to do this, but I purchased these from Amazon as well. So so it was, everything was relatively cheap. I think the boards were like 18 or something like that, so nothing too crazy, all right. So now I think that's really it that I have to do I'm gon na clean, my bathroom, but I'm sure you don't want to see this. Oh wait pause before. I end because I know I wanted to talk about this face chat last night was impeccable. Okay, I was gon na cancel Faith chat last night because I was like I was feeling so disgruntled so frustrated. I didn't understand the word I felt like I couldn't sit down, couldn't pick up, my Bible couldn't read, it couldn't understand it, none of it and I'm like. I know that there is a story here and I am missing it and it turned out to be one of the best faith chances we have. We had over 65 people yesterday, which was incredible one, but two just to hear the different perspectives and just like how God speaks to people through his word, and I just like I had. I did end up taking notes like I literally had no notes, and then I had to call this is why having faith community around, you is important, because I had to call Shay and I'm like. I literally don't even know what I just read, but I ended up getting like two Pages worth of notes, which was awesome. We were able to talk about it and it was just such a blessing. Also. We have blessing boards, we made a group blessing board and if you guys want to see them, I will have them posted on my Community page on New Year's Day, for you guys to have we just everybody put in the chat, some things that they wanted me To pray for or each other to pray for and things that they, you know, were blessed with this year, some things that they're praying that God will have for them. This year, bless them with this year. So I just created two and I'll post them on my Community page. If any of you guys want them, you guys have access. Let me just download them right to your phone and you can use them as your wallpaper, your desktops, but Ruth chapter. Three is just this story of kindness and loyalty and love. That'S the whole story about Ruth, but God really really really showed me yesterday, like I had to pray before that before at home said Thanksgiving, I had to pray before Faith checks, I'm like Lord. I need you to show up and show out, and he did just that and I was stressed out and worried for nothing literally, nothing at all. But I'm just like so grateful that we have this community and I hope that you guys, if you guys, are interested in coming to Faith chat that you guys feel free to come. There'S no pressure, but we meet every Thursday from 6 to 7. 30 p.m. On Zoom, the zoom link has been in my description box since August, but some people have been missing it, so I just wanted, you know, put it back out there for you guys. I will also be posting weekly reminders on my Community page, letting you guys know what time the zoom link is there and then also what we are actually studying. So if you guys want to join next week next week being January 5th, we are studying the last chapter of Ruth, which is chapter four and then the following week, we're going to finish John chapter 10 and then we're going to figure out where we're going next.

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Felicia Gray: You should try meditation for peace. Idk I got from some of your talks about God and not hearing from him, it made me think you just needed to find peace with where you are in life and with what you have. Regardless of anything you don’t have, you are in sound mental and physical health, your needs are met as far as living and providing for yourself, you’re loved and admired. Just be intentional about the things you want. Anything else will fall into place.

brittbaddaf: How can I join Faith chat or is it a Personal Group?

JESUS CHRIST ENS REALE IAMGOD: I've missed your face HeartHugs

Chyna Morris: “It’s giving shrek”

gina: When you fast you move closer to God.

Ciegi La'Priest: I hate when you have those last little few so that gel came in clutch

KaryQeez: Ririiiiii u dont have dude hands at aaaaaalllll … your hands look feminine .. just had to get that off my chest ✨ … happy new year … god bless this Chanel and you

E&J Enterprise: I can hear why you are overwhelmed because you are trying to plan out your life. If you want the LORD to be your guide you have to let him lead. He says in Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not evil, to give you an expected end. He know what plan he has for you. Who plan do you want yours or the LORD. Just a little note to consider

Alycia hope Bradley: What's a prayer board and blessing board

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