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Hey laughs, welcome back to my channel, so in today's video we will be discussing this Lake, so, as you can see from the title this week is from unitary, so unit never fails to keep getting better and better, even though it's a hair company that produces thousands Of legs every day, their quality like lace, quality, wigs, are so much better. These days, when I tell you this week, melted into my skin without ease the hair is like so soft bro you missus is come in the game right now. So in today's video we're gon na basically do a review, and this review will consist of me telling you guys about this here, the specs and details. You know just little stuff that I notice about whatever stands out on the week and you know a little bit more about shedding tangling and you know how it takes heat and so on. So this week is Eunice's straight way. It is in their natural color 1b. It does look like jet black, but it is 1 B, so in the Sun it will have more of a brown undertone, and you know a black regular black this week is 22 inches long. So if I step back a little bit, this is how long the weight is on me. I know for sure I've definitely grown because once upon a time, 22 inches used to be like down here, so I'm probably like 5 3. Now I used to be like 5 foot like a year ago, two years ago. One mistake there, so it is a 13-6 lace, meaning it goes from air to air and from here to all the way back here is where the lace tops and the track starts. So your part could literally stop right here if you wanted it to, but I would prefer for my part to stop here because of the shape of my head. This is literally like the center of my head, so that's where I would want my part to stop. So if you wanted to go far back, you could, if you wanted to part it on either side you could because it is a frontal. So I did go ahead and glue this down. If you guys would like to see the tutorial on how I melted the wig, I'm sure my skin, okay, just gluing it down the link to that video will be in the description box and just know it's out there. So it is a Eunice wig tutorial video on how I you know pretty much blended away onto my scalp, showing you guys a whole process of installation. So it took me about 30 minutes to install this way, because I blew that down. If I did not glue this down, it would take probably 10 15 at most. So you know there is the pros and cons to this other wigs, take long to install when it's blue down and if I hadn't glue this down, which I will not do again, because I will be rewiring this way and when were you wearing wigs for me Personally, I like to wear it blue less. I will be doing in clueless next time, so it will take a shorter amount of time to be installed. So I told you was 22 inches. It is 150 density, so this week is actually really thick. It'S giving me 180 density verbs like 1. I pull it from behind my area. You guys are actually seeing how thick it is. It'S not ice thin or yeah, pretty much as thin as it looks, because once I do it like that, y'all aren't seeing like the hair in its full potential like thickness wise. This actually really thick. Maybe I should just leave it like that yeah. So it's actually. I really thick weight. It is also very lightweight so for the summertime girls would like to wear straight hair all year round. This is the wig for you. I know this will definitely be one of my vacation bangers. The hair is actually so soft and once you put some oil on it, that's when it becomes lightweight for me personally, I use the risk I'll leave a picture of the bottle, the rest argan oil. You know oil, it smells like perfume. So to me, it's just hair perfume / heat protectant, because it does help this hair to get blown straight and once I wash like the full wig like the whole entire way, with water and conditioner and stuff the hair, the hairs pattern becomes wavy. Instead of like bone straight and that's something that I love because this week is no versatile, you can curl this week. I have curl this week before you can, you know just do the regular bone straight or one curls in this hair is gorgeous as well, so that pretty much covers specs and just other stuff about the wig. Oh one thing that I noticed about this week is that it is flatter than most of my wigs because most of my wigs usually have a hump in the back, and when I tell you I get my wigs sorry, I get my hair braided down really small. Underneath just so there's no lump - and this is perfect, like there's no lump the wake is not too big for my head. It fits just perfectly. That'S something that I love about the wake, because my head obvious. It doesn't look big anymore. I love the bat. So the wig just automatically gets a 10 out of 10 for me because it just fits perfectly right onto my head, like it's almost like it's a glove, let's get into shelling tangling, all that good stuff. So does this hair shed a little? It isn't something crazy! We'Re gon na be like, oh, my god about this way, and two days later, all the hair is gone on it like don't even be that girl like take care of your wigs and your wig will not shed your wig is only gon na shed when you Pluck it this way, at least when you pluck it and every now and then once you're straightening it that's when it sheds, when you you're, just like manipulating the way too much, and this is why I also advise for girls to wear blue less wigs, because once You'Re done about wearing always all you have to do is take it off and you don't necessarily have to strain it and you know, run your fingers to it like I do 25/8 that promotes shedding. So you know one going it's fine. The hair is just on your head. Sorry, this week is just on your head just to be there. I'M look cute with you because this is a very cute way so to stop shedding you just don't want to touch the hair when you don't need to just you know, style it and do whatever you need to do um if you need to brush through throughout The day, I definitely recommend that I'm all here for touching your wig, I love to touch my wings because they're, actually so soft and perfect, so just stop touching it. Tackling is a no-go first rate here. This week doesn't tangle this week, didn't get tangled last night. So I don't expect anybody to tell me. Oh, my Yunus week is tangling you're, obviously doing something wrong when going to bed literally get a scrunchie, a hair tie, something if you have your wig glue down and just tie your hair up, like this put on your satin scarf your satin bonnet and just go To bed don't go to bed with this wig on without up on it. It is straight here. Friction will tend to happen, while sleeping - and you know that motion of just rubbing your hair up and down. That is what really causes tangling. If you don't want tangling, you know it does say on wherever units puts it in your haircare guide to make sure that you wake up on it, because you know it just helps. It goes a long way. It helps the hair to retain the moisture that you've put in it as well as its natural moisture, and we just want to keep our wigs for as long as we possibly can and in doing so. If you just have to take the necessary precautions in order for your wig to stay flawless at all times, so overall, this hair way to get a 10 out of 10 from me. It is the bare minimum wig. You don't have to do anything but straighten this way. Tire I just don't at night put your bonnet on at night. If you have it glueless just take it off and just leave it there until you're ready to wear it again, and all I have to do is literally just drag it on and go out the door and you're perfect you're fine. But in my case I just have to wake up straighten and do what I'm doing throughout the day. So I'm gon na wear this hair for a longer period of time that I do usually wear my wings and I'll keep giving you guys updates on my Instagram. In my pictures as well so definitely go ahead and follow my Instagram, which will be in the description box below, go ahead and follow unisys Instagram. Just in case you know, I got features like double tap on your girl's picture and whatnot and yeah. That'S all. There is for this video in conclusion cannot stand from me. Eunice always has good hair, good quality lace. Of course, plucking was a breeze. I forgot to set that plucking with a breeze. This hair this week was pre pluck so for all the beginners out there. You don't even have to plug this wig bleach, it stop it on your head and call it a day so yeah the links for this wig will be no description box. If you'd like to purchase. It is a very gorgeous wig. It is so soft, 150 density and really thick and yeah without further ado guys. I will see you in my next one thank you for watching this review and yeah. I would hope that guys who purchase the way, so the link will be in the description box for you so purchase any units wait, and I will see you guys in my next one

Felicity Janae: You make all the hair look great its hard deciding

Krissy S.: Your makeup is beautiful. May I ask the brand and type of lashes?


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