Bone Straight Cranberry Lace Front Wig Ft. Unice Hair | Petite-Sue Divinitii

Bone Straight Cranberry Lace Front Wig ft. UNice Hair | PETITE-SUE DIVINITII

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I’m using the Lace Frontal 99J Straight Color wig in the video:

Hair detail:24 inch 150% density 13*4 Lace Frontal 99J Straight wig UNice hot selling lace frontal wig:

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Welcome back guys to my channel today, i'm here with eunice here again, eunice been stepping out. Okay and i've really been enjoying their quality, the quality of their hair. It'S been really good so far, so it's the same packaging as last time open the box, and i see this first. So it's a little drawstring bag that says eunice. So what i got today i got another head start branded eunice. I also i also got a wig cap. I got some more nail wraps and lastly, in this bag. Oh i got some really nice lashes. I see where i got this extra like comb, you can put in your wig and elastic bands and that and the wig of course, and that's everything that came in the box. So i'm excited about this because it's some color again, i mean i did this color recently on my channel, but it was in a different texture. So this is a 24 inch, 99 g lace front wig that we are working with today. I must say i'm so happy for this wig. No, of course, this hair it shows up brighter like brighter lighting. So it's like dimmer, as you can see like the darker. The lighting is the dollar it looks, but the brighter the lighting is. It'S like a beautiful cranberry um shade. So this is a construction pretty standard. It has three combs in total in the cap and adjustable straps in the back and yeah. As i said, it's a lace front wig. You know i'm so excited for this guys. You see so i brought it closer, so you can see so this came pre-plugged it. It looks nicely plugged. I'M not gon na lie. The hairline looks really good. It comes with a bit a bit of baby hairs. I can't wait to go and put this on. I'M actually so excited because i want to get this like bone straight. I want to get it like butter guys and it's 24 inches long. It looks really true to length. So i love i love when i hear is true to length so i'll look like longer than 24 inches monogly, so yeah anyways, let's just go ahead and jump into installing this. All i went in and did basically was just um apply. You know the norm. I go in with my i went in with my got to be spray and just ensure that everything was super laid as usual. You guys know you guys know me. I change my look so often, so i opt to use the adhesive the spray most of the times. If i'm going to like wear my wigs for a prolonged period, then i'll do glue. But when it's for a very short period, then i do the spray which is more convenient for me at that time is um. As usual, i went in and used my hot comb to lay the roots off the wig and it's just nicely colored. It'S even. I love this color man. I saw all right guys, so i i got done with installing the wig. It'S so pretty right. So with this now, i'm just giving you guys variety because you guys saw where i did 99j curly week the other day. So this is just like adding variety now. This is a straight 99d wig, of course, that was from another company, and today this is from eunice. So far i love the whole silk it is like. Can you tell because i haven't even straightened it as yet? This is it not straightened like this is the um how it came in the package and everything. So what i'm gon na move on to do is just go through this with my flat i, this is how it looks guys amazing quality. This is why i'm still rocking with eunice, because the hair quality has been really good. I'M not gon na lie and the color, as i said before, i'm really enjoying this color talking about color guys stay tuned, because i have some colors coming up. Maybe the next video, as a matter of fact it's good or the other video after the next i don't know just stay tuned, but i have some color coming up some colors, so you don't want to miss that this is so nice, so just to get a Little bit more into like the quality of the hair in terms of shedding i i did get just a little shedding and i would say maybe that's due to it being. You know it's processed, it's definitely processed here. It wasn't like it's not overly shedded, but um. Remember i i, when i apply when i was applying it, i cut out the sides, as i usually would so you know. I know that maybe they're kind of increased the shedding um, because i did cut it a little um. But apart from that, it's really good. It'S silky, it's a natural luster. It doesn't it's the flow, the movement. The movement is really really nice, 24 inches, but i feel like it really feels like 26 on me. I'M tiny, but this is where a 26 inch wig would usually you know, reach me. Yeah. 24 inches really nice and the density. Everything feels good. As i said, all the specifications will be in the description box the direct link where you can go ahead and shop, this wig all that good stuff, so honey go ahead and shop shop shop, it's going into spring, so get your colors up. Okay, but yeah. That'S pretty much it for today's look. Thank you guys so much for watching as usual, big up to you and stay tuned for my other videos. I have hauls coming up by the way guys i have hauls coming up, so you don't want to miss that. So that's it for today and i'll see you guys in my next videos until then bye, uh,

Jasmine Lewis-francis: Sue you never disappoints...the colouring of this hair is

Jody- Ann Burke: Watching your make up tutorial teach me to do makeup very your wigs tutorials is teaching me very anytime I hear somebody say they would love to learn how to install there own wig I send them right over big up yourself sue...

Chantal Chase: Can I just mention the quality of the videos are A1.Keep up the great work suee❤️

Makeupswatch Fan: Absolutely stunning

Karimah Lawrence: Nice deep color. So pretty

Ms HairDesign: I just coloured my wig this colour.

nelle wint: That color is everything! Think imma get that for my birthday

Life as KekeReid: I love it you rock anything girl keep up the good work.

Audrina: wow really long for 24 inches, looks beautiful

Lala Parris: Too cute love it.... colored hair looks great on u and blonde ❤️

DTM: Kuliegirl. Wow!! Another beautiful install love the color beautiful

Yoshi: GodsGift: I like this colour its really pretty. You are so gorgeous

Lo'real k: Love it

Serika Clarke: Wow the cranberry colour is

Tanique: So pretty

Kanyin’s Tv: Quick inspiration for you all - Remember that God placed you where you are at this exact moment for a reason. Your current struggles and challenges mean something. Whatever your going through , God loves you to much for it not to work out

Shaneika Hyde: Love that colour sue

Horn Man: We need a wig haul

Mariah Grimmett: I saw your intro and I want my hair as long as yours

Miguel Thompson: Love the hair.....where did u order your flat iron

Shannon Derson: Simple beautiful from Baton Rouge Louisiana

Crys Tal: Lovely sue❤

Carean Mayne: I’m becoming a wig convert

Lo'real k: ❤️ hair color

Tashstyles Beauty: Its the color for me

Pablo Garcia Aparicio: Hola. Nena. Hermosa

Naturallydan: Eaaarrrrllllyyyyy

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