No Hairspray, No Glue... Glueless Wig Install Ft. Unice Hair

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I’m back with another collab with UNice Hair Company. They sent me over there Glueless 5x5 closure wig and you will not believe how long it took me to install. Lol watch the video to see and don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe. Drop some comments in the comment section to let me know what you guys think. Thank you for watching. God bless

Also the wig In this video Is a 4x4 not a 5x5 my mistake. But anyways its all good

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Hair Info: 24 inch air wig breathable cap 4x4 body wave closure wig

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Foreign ladies and gents welcome back to my Channel makeup by juliese here in today's video. We have another collaboration with you, nice hair. You nice is my hair, like we are locked in. If we locked in ain't, no switch it up, so it sent me their 24 inch body, wave 5x5 glueless unit. Okay, it's glueless, it's breathable. It is about to slay. So when it's glueless you guys, I mean nothing, you don't need anything to lay on top of your head. No hair spray, no glue nothing! So I'm just showing you guys the little goodies and stuff that they always come through uh when you purchase a unit from them so yeah. So let's just get into the wig here she is. She is natural black, like I said body wave at 24 inch. She is beautiful and I'm so excited to try it now. It came with the lace already cut, so you can literally just throw it on. This is what the inside looks like an adjustable, strap, Combs and, of course, that breathable net that you see inside this is her her ways, her natural wave. She is giving and she is giving body okay um. So that's me just just ignoring. I was just feeling the Michael Jackson back there in the back, but anyways. This is the laces. What she looks like um, I'm going to tint her with some makeup, so it could be a Flawless install. You want to sew. I know a lot of people feel like glue is like okay. Is it going to fall off? Is it like? What is it really, but I absolutely loved it. It is something that you can literally just throw on because it Blends, oh, that that that plant's really good. That makeup was some good makeup, um, so yeah uh, a lot of people are afraid of glueless. I was too, but then, when I like it's easily literally you just throw on and go yeah I'm telling you you're gon na love this unit. So that's the breathable part. I don't know it don't stink, I'm weird like that. So that's the breathable part and what I like about this unit, you guys is that the you get to adjust it, no more big chunky, the wig being big and flapping all at the back of your head. It is adjustable, so you don't have to worry about. None of that, so, when I say adjustable, is because you, because it is glueish, you want to be able to stretch that band to fit your side. So therefore it just looks Flawless and it just lays on top, like the lace lays on top of your head. Without any glue or any additional hairspray, so I'm just going in because I'm going to go, adjust it to my head shape. Sometimes I think I have a big head. I just have a big forehead, so a lot of the times I'll be thinking like I can get away with it, but these bigs be too big on my head, so it took me a couple rounds to get it to adjust it on to my head. I have to keep taking it off because I kept sizing it wrong, but um, don't worry, you guys will be totally fine, it will fit all types of head, shapes and sizes. So here she is on and she doesn't really look glueless right now, but we're gon na work with her because they already pre-cut the lace. So I'm going in because I kind of feel like it was still a little extra lace for me being that this is going to be a glueless unit. So I was like okay, let me go ahead and adjust it and again I'm just adjusting the strap, because I was underestimating how little the back of my head is so once I got that secured. Like I said I noticed some pieces were a little bit Flappy. So I'm gon na go ahead and cut that off and then I'm going to add a little more makeup because I was feeling like it wasn't blending in, but once I did that you guys look at that. You can't even tell like I'm, like I'm gon na cut that piece off. I know y'all, probably looking like girl, you can tell, but I'm gon na cut that piece off for you guys. So I can show you but glueless she's glueless she's ready to go. So I'm gon na just cut this off for you guys, so you guys can see the wig is not as perfect when it comes. You have to do some adjusting so yeah again, I'm just going to cut a little bit of the lace off, so it can be, it can blend in more and as you see it did wonders - and I am in love and literally you guys have no glue Whatsoever, the hair texture A1 top tier. I never have a problem with you, nice hair, when I do these reviews, so I'm just going in and styling it. I know it's like kind of like the throw on and go if you're gon na, throw on and going. Why are you styling it, but I mean it's just solid fun. I literally can't just go on and go throw it on and go, but you know me: I got ta play in my hair for a little bit to see how well it take heat, takes heat. Very well, I know you guys ask questions like that, and I don't really be mentioning that in the video because I'll be feeling like all hair should take heat. But I guess you don't so when I say glueless you saw me lift that up glueless. It was glueless, so I'm gon na go ahead and I'm gon na add some baby hair because my head was giving E.T and we're not trying to have it 18 right now so um, I'm just going in and I'm just creating some baby here, a little baby Here - and I felt like I needed to do that - I I feel like I it. It came out 10 times better, so I'm just going in and just styling it you guys. This is completely glueless. I love how um it's not like feeling like it's going to fall off like it feels like it's gon na, be it's secure, especially with the combs in it I'm just going in, and I'm just going to tint my part a little bit more just so. It can give a little more natural instead of giving a little wiggish. You know so um, but, like I said, I love how it it really. It feels like it's snugged on your head now. If somebody come snatch it off. That'S a whole nother problem that we're not really worried about, because it's about to be 2023, we should not be snatching wigs like we shouldn't um it's about growth, okay, but anyways. This is her beautiful, baby, beautiful she is gorgeous. This is the length she is giving body. She is swaying she is giving what is supposed to have Gabe, and I am in love, so that is it if you guys have any questions, comments or concerns hit. The comment section, thank you guys for watching bye.

meka Davis: Love ur energy!!!!

meka Davis: Help!!! I ordered my wig. The side combs?? Does it go under the wig cap? Why does it hurt

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