Silk Base Lace Closure Wig| Ft. Unice..Easy To Install

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Hi everyone welcome back to my youtube page in today's video, i'm bringing you another unit, it's from eunice hair store and i'm going to do a mini unboxing for you guys. So you know what's inside the box, if you do purchase it, it comes with two stocking caps lashes as well as a headband now more in detail about this unit. This is a t, part lace, closure wig is 150 density. The color is number four b. It'S brown and the unit is 16 inches, so this is how the unit looks without any customization to it. This is how the silk looks on the unit. As you can see, it comes with four combs two on the side, one in the back and adjustable straps and, as you can see the laces at the back as well, now more in details about this closure. This this closure does have a silk base, as you can see, so it mimics a fake scalp and, as you can see, this is how much you would get on the silk base so make sure you guys stay tuned to the end, so you can get my Thoughts on this unit, don't forget to like comment and subscribe to my youtube channel. Let'S get right into this video go so so all right so, like i said before, if you stay to the end, you already know what the deal is. So this unit did come from eunice hair store is the tea part lace. Closure wig face. Closure is 150 density um. The color is 4b um. It does like you seen in the beginning of the video. It does come with the silk base, so the closure is like basically like this, and the silk base is like right here: do have this unit in a 16 inch and it does come straight, but i decided to curl put a little waves in it because i Love curly hair. So this is how the unit look. I did cut the baby hairs off for myself, but it doesn't come with any type of baby hairs. Um, it's just the closures i feel like this is a great beginner friendly unit, because it's a closure, wig and sometimes people don't know how to do the full lace wig. So this you just get this much lace with the closure, and it does have like that effect of skin hair is nice. I didn't experience any shedding at all. Color is pretty so let me know how you guys, like this unit from eunice hair store, i did get it off of amazon, so i will leave all the details down below in my description box. If you are interested in this unit, get to like comment and subscribe to my youtube page also hit that notification bell. So you guys can know when i upload again and i'll talk to you soon in my next video bye, you

LIBERTY GUERRIER: Ladies have you tried a Silk Base Wig before?

ALISIA TV: I’m still learning when it comes to hair so . This unit is pretty on you and I like the curls you added

L. LETUBO: It came out cute because at first it looked like baby doll plastic hair

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