How I Got The Beach Wave Curl In My Amazon Unice Strawberry Blonde Middle Part Wig .

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Let'S get into the tea do y'all want to know about. This. Do y'all want to know what i do to this. What what are the details on this wig? So let me go ahead and tell you hey lovelies, it's your girl, tanika elaine and we're back in this thing. So, as you all can tell by the title, i have yet another wig review for you. Yes, i do. I have another wig review for you, but before we get into all that, i want to say welcome. Welcome to all of my new lovelies welcome to my channel again. My name is tanika elaine and you are now in this thing with us for all of my existing lovelies. Welcome, back, welcome, back, welcome back and thank y'all for coming all right. So, let's get into this tea on this wig here so yes, i received this wig from the company unis hair, so i have worked with them before and i really love all of their wigs that i have received so far, even the ones i purchased myself. I really love those. So, yes, i am going to be reviewing this wig from the company. You nice, hair uh. They sent me this wig to review for them, and this is kind of similar to the wig that i've reviewed previously, except it doesn't have some of the blonde um highlights in it. So sis the wigs i've been coming away. I feel like they are total summer vibes, like total summer vibes um. Let'S get into some details about this wig and i'm going to show you what came in the box, i'm going to give you all of the scoop okay. So, let's start off with what came in the box, so of course this baby here came in the box. Yes, she came in the box um. In addition to that, let me go ahead and open it up and let you see it also came with some stocking caps. As you can see it's open because i did tap in and use one of these caps um. It also came in this plastic bag. As you can tell, if you watched my videos previously, most of the wigs will come in a plastic bag and you can use those for storage. It'S completely up to you, but i normally keep mine in the box uh the plastic bag. In case, i want to store my wigs in there right now. I am a total bad girl. You, if you've seen all of my wigs they're just thrown everywhere. I really want to get some wig heads and actually put on my wigs on the heads. I don't know what i want to do, but i have a lot of wigs that i need to tin. Do okay, so also came this cute little headband here. This headband is super super cute. I really like this headband love those colors, and it also came with this little card here, so it gives like care for the hair um how to care for the hair, as well as um, just information on the back uh about if you wan na. Let me see it says: thank you for your purchase, want to test out a new arrival wig, you can contact them, okay, and it also gives you um just information on how to find them on amazon as well. Okay, yes, so yes, this kind of this wig is from the company. You, nice, hair, you, nice hair, and it comes in this little box. I have a quite a few of these because i have purchased wigs from you, nice and i have reviewed wigs from them before so yeah. I have a couple of these boxes, but you know this box. I'Ve shown in my videos before it comes with in the front. I wrote some details down, so i can remember because it says the memory is like yeah anyways um on the back. It does come with some of the same things on how to wash your wig. How to measure your wig and things like that? Okay, so let's get into the teeth, do y'all want to know about this. Do y'all want to know what i do to this? What what are the details on this wig? So let me go ahead and tell you so this is going to be the unice and i'm reading it off of the box, as y'all can see, a little did a little scribble scrabble just so i can remember, but this came uh from the come amazon company's Hair and this this is the unis silk base, fake scalp, strawberry, blonde color middle part wig. So again, this is really similar to the wig that i reviewed before. But if you can tell this has just more of just the strawberry blonde color and it's kind of more reddish, if you can, if you can tell it, doesn't, have those blonde highlights. So i really like this: it's not as like, bold as the other one, but this color is super super cute. Yes, so this is uh. If you're searching for the color on amazon, it's going to be the number eight eight in color. This is 14 inches long. Yes, that's good length. I like this length. I didn't think i would like 14 inch or i didn't know how i would feel about it. But i really like the 14 inch - it's not too too short, and it's not too long to where you know it'll be like too much to curl during summertime. So i live in the hot state of not florida, but i live in a hot state. I'Ll just say: i live in a hot state and yeah, it's super hot in the summertime, it's super hot when it's not summer, so i don't want anything that'll, be you know too much for me um, but yeah. That'S some of the details on it again. It was 14 inches. The price on this wig here is going to be. I just checked it today on amazon and it's 98.95, i'm going to leave some details about this wig as well as some of the other wigs that um amazon eunice has on there. Are you nice? I think i've been calling me nice. I think it's you, nice anyways, what they have on their uh site. I will leave that in the description box as well as some more details on this wig, but also i looked on amazon today and they do have a five percent off coupon for this, and there may be some other coupons that you nice offers for this week. So this that's a steal. This is a super super cute wig and it's super beginner friendly. This is going to be one of those tea parts. So again, if you watch my other videos, i'm going to try to link it on this video, another witty uh wig that i did from you nice. That was a tea party, but tea parts are super easy. It'S not going to be your full frontal, so the lace only goes from here to here. Lace is only from here to here in the front so like right along here and only right here, okay, so what i did if you know um, if you know what the silk base cap looks like i'm gon na go ahead and paste the picture right here, Because i took a picture of the inside of the cap, this is how it looks um, so it has like a stocking cap kinda and then on top of the stocking cap, it has like a silk silk base like some type of lace, on top of it Or not, really laces some type of fabric, so what i normally do - and you do not have to do this - but i normally cut that out. So i cut those both out and i end up just putting a little bit more bleach on the middle. Just this little middle piece here and then along the front, so that's what i normally do with my teapart wigs. I still it already has the silk base closure in there and stuff, which makes it super easy if you just want to put it on and go, but i normally cut mine out - and i um bleach just this little bitty piece here. So you don't need a lot of bleach at all. If you decide to do that and just right along the front and um from there. I just if you can see here, i glued it down again from here to here and i laid a little little baby hair. I don't know if you can see it. The hair is so light. It kind of blends in with my skin a bit um, but yes, so that is what i did to this wig here. Uh again, it's super beginner friendly. You do not have to do anything to it. You really can just put it on your head and like go honestly, you don't have to glue it down. I did use uh gots to be, and i just have it to where tomorrow it'll still be on my head. I don't have to go put it down. If i don't want to, but if you like to take your wigs off, i would suggest don't put any guys to be, if you do put just like a little bit so a little bit a little bit but a little bit. So you can pull it right. Back off, but those are just some of my suggestions, if you don't want to keep your wig on just put a little bit on and you can take it off or don't put any on at all. This wig is really legit to where you don't have to do. All of that, i just want mine to look a little bit more natural. I try to make it look as natural as possible to what i feel like look natural for me, and so that's why i do that little bit of extra step. I also - and it may seem like why is she cutting out the scat uh the cap to put on another cap? So after i bleach the knots, i still do like i'm doing a bobcat method. I put a cap on my head and i just put a little um. What is that face powder or my foundation to match my actual scalp? So i put that on there to kind of make it match a bit better than the cap that was previously on there. So again, i'll kind of show you. This is what it looks like. It only has the middle part says, so you will not be able to part it anyway, except here as soon as you get like right here, it's a track. I kind of see. Let me see if i can show you right here is a track. You can see that black part right there, so you can only part it in the middle. It'S only a middle part, no other way, and then also it doesn't have lace going along here. It only has it right here all right, so that's some of the details on this wig. Let me see what else um sorry so yeah. Let me see what else um what i did to the wig it it does have a little smell to it. So i'll talk about my pros and my cons to come up, but what i did what i washed it of course, because i bleached the front, so i did wash this whenever uh it was in the package. It was a little bit more straighter kind of a little little wave at the bottom, but i wanted to have kind of a beachy look like a kind of wet and wavy look a bit. So whenever i washed it, i did not dry it all the way. So it did have a little bit of wave in it already with me, not drying it all the way and from there i use my curling wand to kind of do a little bit of a beachy. Well, i call it beachy wave, but really it's just using your curling wand and then i kind of comb it out with my hair. So i'm going to show you how i do that actually i'll go ahead and show you right now, so i have my curling wand here. I use this little piece for example. So let me try to get it a little straight. So we'll say it's kind of already wave because i've done it before, but i'll just show you so i just take my wand wrap the hair. I don't leave it on long, so it looks kind of like that and i just take it out with my hand and that's exactly how i get the little waves and i did it kind of throughout the hair, so to have kind of like that. Little wavy look, so that's why it looks like that. I used my wand for most of it and i just took it wrapped it along again. I don't leave it on for long at all. Just take it off and see it has a deep curl that curl is pretty too. So. If i do kind of like a night look, i would want a deeper curl, but since i want that beachy wavy look, i just comb it out with my hand. Okay and then it gives that little wavy look so yes, that is what i did to this hair. It does not take much at all um. Let me show you also. I used a little bit of oil in the hair um, so i've used this fruitista. It'S called the frutista marvelous oil; it has avocado uh, olive and almond oils in it. So i did use this dry. My hair and i just took a little bit put it in my palm rubbed it and just put it through my hair. Nothing too much because i still want that that that bounce i don't want my hair heavy or weighing down. So whenever i put oil in my hair, i don't put a lot at all it uh at all. I just put a little bit so it can have kind of that little bounce to it. So, yes, that is what i did to my hair. That is what i did to get this little beachy wavy look um, so yeah you can do as much or as little as you want to to the hair. You can straighten it and leave it straight, but if you do wash it you will have kind of a little wave to it. Mine had a little wave to it, so i just went along with it and said: hey i want to do a beachy look and i use my wand to get these little those little curls. Yes. So that is all the details that i have on this wig, but let's go ahead and get into my pros and my cons, so um i'll go ahead and get it to my pros first, i always do my pros first. So my first pro is, i really love the color. The color of this wig is super super cute, as you can. If you watched my videos before you can tell that i'm getting into color and like for the summer, i think i'm gon na be all strawberry blonde blonde color wigs. So i think i'm gon na rock that the whole summer, but i feel like this look - is super super cute really summer summer. Look i'm just coming with the summer. Looks this i'm just coming with them, but yeah. So pro number one i like the color uh pro number two i feel like the price is really good. Ninety eight dollars for a human hair wig. If you go to the beauty supply store, you will probably be spending that much on just a plain black wig. With no color and not as good quality as this i feel like this hair has really good quality. As you can see, it holds a curl um, so i'll, say 98 for this wig is a super. Super good deal? Okay, so that's my pro number two. I'M gon na give it another pro. Is that it's very soft and i'll say it doesn't shed i'll put those both together. This hair is really really soft, like straight out the bag. The hair was super soft and then, even after i washed it, it is still very, very soft. Yes, so those are my three pose. Let me get into my cons, so i'll say uh. My con number. One is that it did have a really really distinct smell whenever i took it out the bag. So if you get this wheel, you will need to wash it regardless. If you bleach your knots or not, i would suggest washing it so that'll be one of my cons. Um. Let me see another con um. I wouldn't say this is a con, but i would say that i want to try this wig again in a frontal. Okay. So far, i've been like having easy to go. I would haven't had to be dealing. I haven't had to deal with the frontals uh lately, because i've been doing a lot of tea parts or just the closures, but i would kind of like to try this in a um what you call it a frontal because look at this, i was looking at This - and you could still do this with this, but i think that looks cute like kind of turned over a bit, but you just got ta kind of watch it. It seems like it's saying, hey this. I only want to part down the middle, but something you know like this. You can still kind of do it because i don't believe any of the tracks are showing. But if i had a frontal i can actually you know: do it all the way across, so that would be like my con. My real con is just uh, the smell, but other than that after i washed it. It has no smell anymore um, no shedding. I didn't get any shedding. I did cut baby hair, so i didn't get any shedding so far. I haven't had any shedding from this hair. Let me see, i think that is all of the tea that i have for you today. Yes, i'm gon na say yes to this wig, i'm gon na say: i'm really really liking this wig. I'M thinking that i like this a little bit more than the uh highlighted one. This one seems a little bit more subtle than the highlighted one. So i'm really really liking this color and the length. What do you all think i want you to comment down? Let me know what do you think about this week? Are you feeling this wig? Is this a yay for you, or is this a nay for you, and i do not have a name for her, so i want you to name her as well. Y'All drop down in the comments right now and give me a name for her: maybe strawberry, since the color is strawberry, maybe a strawberry yeah. I really really really like this color and i think the baby hairs that i put in are really really going with this. I love it. I love it eunice. I love it. So, yes uh my honest review on this. I really really like this hair. I really love this color. It is super super easy to install. So my suggestion, i would go ahead and get this wig. If it were me - and i were you - i would go ahead and get this wig - okay, so yeah. That is all of the tea that i have for you, but guess what i do have more videos for you and i do have another review for you coming up, it'll be probably uh. You see, i keep teasing this. I really really like this color, but it'll. Probably be coming up in the next week or so i'm not i'm not sure, but yes, i hope you all enjoyed my video. I hope you enjoyed the review if you did enjoy the review, if you can give me a thumbs up, i would greatly appreciate that. Also uh don't forget to subscribe if you're, not a part of this lovely family hit that subscribe button right now, so you can be a part of this family and last last thing: sis and brothers and bros. Everybody last thing turn those post notifications on because, as i said, i have more juicy good videos hauls for you all coming up, so stay tuned turn. Those post notifications on so you'll be the first to know. Whenever i drop a new video all right lovelies, it was so good chatting with y'all, see y'all in the next video

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