Unice Wig Review| Water Wave Headband 18 Inches Wig Review

Unice Wig Review Water Wave Headband 18 Inches Wig Review

Today is all about the is water wave headbang wig from Unice Hair. In this Unice wig review/ unice hair review, I will be giving my honest opinion on this curly head band wig. If you are looking for a half wig, glueless wig, wigs for beginners, head bad wig, headband wig tutorial this video is for you. Let get into this amazon head band wig/ head band wig from amazon.

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Girl do you have a headband wig in your wig collection? If not watch this video, i'm going to tell you all the reasons why you need to get you a headband wig, don't sleep on it because i was hey luvies! Welcome back to my channel. It'S me. Sharon and today i am bringing you a review on this headband wig from Unice, Hair on Amazon, for the best relaxed, hair tricks and tips. Make sure you subscribe to my channel also click the bell so you're notified every week. When i upload a video, you don't want to miss it. So first you want to subscribe and second click that bell click. It click it subscribe and click it subscribe and click. It also follow me on ig at luvsharonpratt for beauty, fashion and lifestyle inspiration. So today, i'm sharing with you this headband wig from Unice, Hair and Unice Hair is no stranger on this channel. I'Ve done wig reviews on Unice Hair before so check those out. So i want to give a big thanks to Unice hair for sending me this beautiful headband wig. So thanks, Unice, listen, listen. Unice has been trying to send me a headband wig for a good minute and i was just like no. I don't really see the need. I don't want a headband wig, but when i say girl shook impressed like feeling dumb like Sharon, why did you take so long to hop on this trend and try a headband wig, let's get into why? I know you need a headband wig, especially for this summer, and look at these curls, okay, okay, let's start, let's get into it. Okay, so the wig came in this box. It also came with a wig cap and it also came with the wig and two headbands. So i thought that was good because i was thinking hold up Sharon. You don't have a headband to wear with your headband wig, but i love that they provide you with headbands and two styles of headbands. We need options, a girl love her options. Okay, so let's get into the specs of this wig. This wig is the Unice Hair, water, wave, headband, wig human hair, glueless wig, non lace, front wig, brazilian virgin hair natural color for black women, 50 % density 18 inches. So that is the title of the hair and those are the specs of the hair. Also, all the information is down in the description box below the link to the wig, as well as links to other popular wigs from Unice, Hair, okay, so the wig is 102.50. That'S what it says on the Amazon: this wig is from Unice Hair, but on Amazon, so the great thing about that that you're able to get your wig in two days. That is great because who wants to wait two weeks three weeks whatever for your wig, you can get it in two days, so that is a plus. So let's talk about, is this wig worth it or not? Should you get this wig honestly, my first impression of the wig was um. I wasn't impressed. I was like okay, water wave. It was like very crimpy kind of like a crimpy curl um with a lot of different strands of curls. I don't even know how to explain it. It just wasn't a curl, you would want it wasn't like a juicy s, curl type of pattern. I don't know it just didn't look good. It just looked real crunchy and it wasn't a good curl. It was like a crimp curl if that makes sense. Of course, i always wash my wigs well, not wash co wash my wigs before i put them on my head just for hygiene purposes. I just want to make sure the wig is clean before i put it on me, so i co-washed my hair and when the water got all in the hair and then i added my conditioner and i got my paddle brush out and i started brushing the hair. Came to a life, and i i knew that it would because usually with curly hair the state it comes in like before you wash, it is usually different and then after you co-wash it, the hair is more vibrant, bouncy juicy curls and that's what i wanted. So i got that when i co-washed my hair, so don't worry if you get the hair you're like oh co-wash, it brush it out, let it dry, it will look good. I co-washed my hair and then i added conditioner to the hair and i went through with the paddle brush. I left that in as a styler and then i let the hair air dry. Oh, my wig is dry. This is what the hair is. Looking like. Look at that look at those curls look at the waves, like, oh my gosh when i say summer, hair, summertime, fine, hair, and now i mean we're here we're here. So in the beginning it was a no and now it is a yes. This hair was so easy to put on and install like literally five seconds. It was like five four three two one done like my wig was on my head. I'Ve never put on a wig or some form of extensions. This quickly is that it like is that it am i done like that's the quickest wig application like is she done like that's? It super easy to put it on your head. I literally just flipped my head over put it on and we were done. Anybody can do it very beginner friendly if you've never tried a wig. If you are scared of wigs, you just don't know about wigs. This is a great great great beginner wig, like definitely try out the headband wig. You can't go wrong. It'S quicker than my u-part wig, it's quicker than my clip-ins, so i mean i love anything, easy and convenient, and this is it okay. So let's talk about the construction of the wig, it's your standard wig. It just doesn't have the lace so there's two combs on the side, one comb in the front middle and a comb in the back. It also comes with adjustable straps, so you can adjust the fit of the wig, so it can fit your head. So the actual band of the of the wig has velcro to secure your hair. Even more so your hair isn't going anywhere. Okay, so does the hair shed? I did see a few hairs, a few strands of hair, but not a lot. So does the hair shed? I'M gon na say no, not really a couple of strands, but nothing serious, also tangling. I really can't speak on tangling because i literally this is like i've had on the wig for 30 minutes. If that, so, i can't tell you about tangling, it didn't tangle as i co-washed my hair, the paddle brush just went through the hair very easily, no tangles, no knots so no tangling as as of right. Now, the hair is very soft. It has its own natural shine to it, so it looks very healthy. I love that it's thick from root to tips, so your ends aren't dry or processed and they're not thin and raggedy. So i love that very healthy ends. What else can i say smell? There was no smell, i hate smells. A smell. Just turns me off of a wig completely like i don't want it. If it has a smell, i mean the wig is a yes. It'S it's a yes! It'S it's a yes luvies like go. Get you a headband! Wig and did i say, affordable for 102, this hair, the quality of this hair, is great. I'M excited about it like this water wave. I love the curl pattern of it. The texture of it and the great thing is this: hair is real, so you can put heat on it, so you can flat iron it. You can make the hair straight and you can also dye the hair. What else do you want out of a wig? You? Don'T have to worry about lace, so i love that i have been like not loving wigs lately, because i want to look natural. I want to have my scalp out, but sometimes you do need to protective style. You need to protect your hair, so this headband wig allows me to do a protective style, but i also get a natural look. I'M giving you real natural effortless that gorgeous girl across the street vibes i'm giving you that that cute neighbor, that's what i'm i'm giving you i mean. What else could you want? So i have beautiful hair. I got my edges out, so i'm giving you realness. So i'm giving you some realness, but i have a wig on like girl. I dress it up, dress it down, depending on what headband you want to wear. You can do that with your accessories and your outfit. I mean it's a win-win. Leave it to me to still try to have a side part with the headband wig, because your girl loves a good side part this look crazy, or can i pull this off super cute? I love it with my headband as well. This is the perfect summer hair. I love a good curly wig curly extensions curly hair for summer, because you could just wake up wet it. A little bit with a paddle brush, put a little conditioner in it, scrunch scrunch, scrunch, scrunch scrunch, and you out the door. You looking good, very effortless, very summertime, fabulous like yes. This is like giving you summer spring, but it's giving you summer. I got my little floral headband, it's baby blue! This wig is great for errands. This wig is going to be great for working out. Put it up in a ponytail like put it up in a pony and work out ugh, it's so many options, so many possibilities, i'm just i'm just really in awe, and i keep thinking to myself Sharon. Why did it take you so long to try a headband wig? I just couldn't see the need why you would want a wig and put a headband on it to me. It defeats the purpose, because a wig makes you more glamorous. You know - and i kept saying, but why would you want a headband wig? It just makes the wig casual like. Why do you need a headband, just put your regular wig on put a cap on or you can still put a headband on a regular wig, but but sis i ain't, get it and now i got it and i hope you get it. So i am loving this wig, like i'm, loving it, okay luvies. So those are my thoughts on this beautiful water wave, headband wig from Unice, Hair comment down below and let me know if you own a headband wig and if you are loving your headband wig as much as i do. Let us know in the comment section down below check out these videos next for more wig reviews and relaxed hair content. If you like, this video make sure you give it a thumbs up, be sure to subscribe and share it with all your friends. Thanks, luvies and i'll see you in the next one

Luv Sharon Pratt: Hey Luvies!!! Do have a headband wig? Do you luv your headband wig or are you late just like me?

Angel Kellum: I saw this wig on Amazon saw your review decided to check your you channel out thanks so much I’m ordering it today thanks

Happy Grateful: Love the wig. Must have!!!

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