The Best Braided Lace Wig Ever!!! ( Quick & Easy ) Ft. Fancivivi (2023) #Braidedwig #Knotlessbraids

Hey guys welcome BACK to my channel! Yall know i’ve has trouble with braided lace wigs one of my videos actually went viral a few years back. I promise this is the best BRAIDED lace wig ive ever owned! Watch the video and tell me tour thought below!

1. The wig in the video:

Fancivivi NEW ARRIVAL36inches hand tied full lace box braids wig

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Foreign, hey guys, I'm back with a new video. I'M super excited about this because guys look at this hair. Let'S get into this new company that I'm working with called Fancy VV, I'm going to give you guys the Deets on this braided wig. So if you would like to see that then keep watching so, along with the fabulous wig, I did receive a wig cap with two caps lashes and an edge tie with fancy VV written on top of it. And I'm excited to use that to lay my edges. But that's what I got along with my wig braided wig. Oh my gosh, full lace. Look at that it has a large strap in the back. It also has two large clips in the front and one large clip in the back, and it also comes with baby hair around the whole perimeter of the wig. Thank you because this was a full lace wig. This is my first time trying the stocking cap method. Only because the wig itself is not that brown, so I kind of wanted to use the wig cap to make it look more like my scalp. So I'm going to be doing the stocking cap method just adding glue around the hairline cutting that off and then I can apply the wig on top of my head. Oh, along with using a stocking cap method, I'm also going to lace the tint, I'm just trying everything to make sure that when I put the wig on my head, it looks like it's coming out of my scalp, so I'm tinting delays and I'm using a stocking Cap method, so it gives that extra protection. Thank you, foreign. Thank you. Thank you, foreign foreign. Thank you, foreign. This wig. I just want to say this is the best braided lace wig I've ever received. In my whole, entire wig life um. It looks a hundred percent real 100 natural. I don't like getting my hair braided. I already told you guys that I had a horrible experience, my first time ever getting braids. I also have really thin hair in the front and braids will really pull out all my hairs in the front, so I'd rather not get braided hair I'd rather just wear braided wig and I recommend fancy VV for your wigs. Now. If you are new signing up to fancy VV, you can get 20 off using the code new 20. guys like look at this. Look at the wig buy this wig. I feel like every girl that loves wig should have this in a wig closet, because it is absolutely amazing I am in awe - and this is my favorite wig, and that is all for this video. You guys this braided wig is self-explanatory. It'S absolutely perfect. Go grab her use code, new 20.. Thank you, fancy! Vv! I love you. I love this wig

Carlo Dollente: Looks very natural like your hair❤❤❤❤

Kid Jaz: looks so real wtf slayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy queen

Bee Tropical: Okkk braids, these look so good

Kendyss Charles:

Kid Jaz: cut the ears out its hella easer also do blond

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