Beauty Forever Headband Wig Review 2021

Beauty Forever Headband Wig Review 2021

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Hey my beauties! Today’s video is a collaboration with Beauty Forever and they sent me this beautiful headband wig and I had to hurry and give you guys the scoop! I hope you enjoy this video!

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Wig Details⤵️

1B/99J BW headband wig:

(could choose 16-18inch)

Best Kinky Straight 3/4 half wig:

Headband straight wig:

Lace part body wave:

HD lace closure with bundles:

13x4 Lace front wig:

T part straight 99J color Wig:

Bob headband wig:

Three part lace wig:

Lace part Bob wig:

2 in 1 wrap wig:($50)

Our website:


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Hey guys, it's your girl b, welcome back to my channel and if you're new here, hey boo, don't forget to subscribe to my channel. So today's video is going to be a headband wig review featuring the company beauty forever. So before we get into this video hit a like for me and leave a comment down below and make sure you share this video. So here it is beauty forever. I have not opened it yet, i'm so excited because y'all. This is something new y'all ain't seen me in this color before so i'm excited to try this wig on so we're gon na go ahead and get this box open. Okay, right out of the package here, is the hair and you're going to see a better color representation in just a moment. You also get a headband and put that over there and of course, wig caps can never go wrong with too many wig caps. As i say in every video i have so many wig caps. They all get used. Okay, so i'm gon na put that down. I'M gon na get this wig out of the bag. This is the ever1b j body, wave headband wig, it's 18 inches and it is human hair. So oh and it's 150 density, so i'm ready to get this wig on and i'm gon na pop up a picture of what it looks like on amazon. Okay. So here it is right out of the package and it is a beautiful we're gon na take it out of the wig cap. Will the net not wake up? Y'All know what i mean. Let me get this so here it is look at this y'all, oh and they had gave me another headband. Oh, this is cute. I haven't got one like this one before put that to the side, so y'all get into this uh. Look at that body and this color is so pretty i'm excited to get this on. I know y'all gon na like it and i'm no, i'm gon na love it. But yes, it's like a wine, and this is 1b 99 j that is the color um. It'S so soft, it doesn't have a stinky smell and it's really soft like bundles, which this pretty much is boneless. It'S just on a headband, wig um, it's human hair, so you can straighten it curl it do what you want to do to it. So this is very i'm sure it's gon na be long lasting just because of the human hair wig, as long as you take care of it because girl, when i'm done with these, i put them right back in the package. Put them up store them away, and when i want to throw on a headband wig, i get them out of my closet and throw it on and style it. How i want to style it. That'S what i love about all these heavy wigs, so y'all keep seeing them on my channel, but anyways, let's get back into this okay y'all. So i also forgot to mention that this wig comes with four clips one at the top here, two on the sides and, of course one in the back to secure the wig. It does also come with the adjustable headband, of course, so it's very convenient. So it's going to fit to your head and it does have the adjustable wig cap as well. It has the clips here, so i do love that about this wig. So i'm about to go ahead and get this thing put on. Let'S take off my bonnet when we rewind okay y'all, so i have the wig i'm putting on this headband is got ta finish off this look with some hoops. So let's put these hoops in here: okay y'all! So this wig is cute. Okay - and i love this color on me, what y'all think do y'all like this color, i really like it, and i have not worn this color in a long time. I had this color one time a couple years ago in a wig, it was like one of my first wigs and i haven't worn this color again and i don't know why. But it's so cute on me, like. I really love this and y'all check out these body. Wave curls this week is bomb like beauty forever. Y'All did a good job on this week, like it's not sliding off my head, the wig cap. Everything is secure, um, they do provide you with two cute headbands, because you know you can never have too many headbands when you have a bunch of headband wigs, okay, a different look for every day, but overall y'all this wig is cute. It'S soft! It'S true to picture um. This doesn't really feel like 18 inches, but it's because of the the curls, the body wave or whatever it makes it feel a little shorter, which is fine with me, because i like this length um. So if you want something, a little longer definitely get a longer wig on the listing on amazon. But of course i do want to say thank you so much beauty forever for sponsoring today's video and providing me with this wig to review for my viewers, um. So y'all, let me know down in the comments what y'all think about this week and definitely click that link to go check out beauty forever, because they have great prices, great wigs. They have a lot of different types of wigs um, but they doing something with this headband wig, because this color is bomb. You know how sometimes you get a wig and it don't be the color. You thought it was gon na be this color turned out exactly how i thought it was gon na be, and i love that so good job beauty forever um, so that is gon na be the end of this video. Please make sure that you hit a like for me: leave a comment down below and subscribe to my youtube channel and hit that notification bell so that you know when i post new videos i'll see y'all next video, you

KadijahB: Did yall like this wig? The color was so pretty! Don’t forget to like, comment & subscribe!

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DonNeeZee TV: Real Cool Review. I'm New To Your Palace :)

philicia joy: love the color!!

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Princess Diborrah TV: Yass that's my favorite color

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