This Color!! Auburn Red-Brown 13X4 Body Wave Lace Frontal Wig Install Ft. Beautyforever

Auburn Reddish-Brown Pre-colored 13x4 Body Wave Lace Frontal Wig Install Ft. BeautyForever

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Hey everyone all right, so in today's video we are doing a pre-colored wig install. Do you guys see this beautiful Auburn reddish black wig yeah, we're installing that today? So if you're interested definitely continue watching, so this way comes from beauty forever hair, and this is their 13 by 4 auburn brown wig. This is all the goodies that came with the package. The wig itself is about 180 percent in density. It came with an adjustable elastic band, The Lace is transparent, hairline was pre-plus and it is 24 inches long. Look at this hair. This hair was super soft straight out the box. It'S probably the softest hair that I've had from a company straight out the box, and I was very, very impressed um. I won't be bleaching the knots on this wig. The only thing that I will be doing to it is customize the hairline a little bit just by plucking out any of the heavy density in the hairline just so that it's more of a natural look. It'S not too bulky. It'S not too heavy in the um. In the hairline area, so yeah, that's what you guys see me doing here, just going in with my tweezers a little bit behind the hairline and give it more of a natural experience like so and yeah. That'S what we have here so um yeah. I didn't bleach knots or anything like that uh to create The Parting. I used a little bit of concealer just to kind of um. You know make it more apparent, but yeah as you guys can see here. I already tinted the lace using some foundation and I cut four uh different sections into the lace just so that I can easily cut it off with my craft scissors. You can find these on my Amazon, storefront I'll link them down below these. Just give the best pattern possible. This wig actually fit my niece's Head super well um. So I'm not sure if it was an average size cap, it's getting more like a petite, I would say size, small, slash, medium yeah. It just fit very very well. I barely had to use the back adjustable straps for it, so um. There was no way that this would have fit. My head, um, I'm using my holding spray, and this is all that I'll be using to install this wig just the holding spray I'm going to. Let it get a little tacky and I'm also going to use my melt band to help uh help it cure and adhere a little bit more. So uh yeah! That'S what you guys see me doing here, I'm going to let this this melts a quote. Unquote for about maybe 15 to 20 minutes, while I go ahead and restyle the hair, because I did layer and curl this hair um prior to doing this install uh, but you know it took a while for us to get together. She had exams yeah. This is her senior year in high school, so responsibilities come first okay and then we could slay later so yeah. Here I am just recurling pretty much the front of the hair where I had already layered and curled before um, just kind of want to touch up the curls a little bit for the video so that you guys can get the full effect of this unit. And the only way that I honestly like to see body wave, hair worn is either curl or silk pressed um it in this Natural State. It'S not all that but yeah. Here'S the hairline and look at that lace it actually it actually Blended in really well um. However, there is a little cast that I noticed on the hairline, so I will be going in with some lace tint from true match conceal. This is the lace tint in the color bronze um. I will be using some of that on the lace just to kind of combat that that white cast. So if you utilize makeup - and it doesn't work for you, try using lace tint, like the combination of both, would definitely give you the best results. Look at this girl. She is feeling herself in rightfully so I'll leave the link to this wig down below. Let me know what you all think about this install. Thank you all. So much for watching and I'll see you in my next video bye,

LoverOfGlamour: This is one of my faves! She looks so good in this color!

Wigaholic: The hair! The color! Omg you did that!

She’s Da GOAT: You did great! Love the color on her

livegivejoyy: Pretty! Love the color

DollFace Makeup: Pretty I love that you install without baby hairs

OhJustLove19: Gorgeous

HoneyPlz: Great tips on blending the lace, where can I get that lace tint?

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