Cut & Go! 100% Glueless Everyday Wig| No Glue, No Bald Cap, No Tweezers| Hairvivi

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Wig in video:

Hair Length: 18inch

Hair Density: 180%

HD Lace & Fake Scalp Color: Cappuccino

Capsize: Medium


-True-scalp Tape & Fake scalp Method

-Multi-color & Invisible HD Lace

-Anti-slip Elastic Band

-Clean bleached knots

-Pre-plucked Hairline


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Hey babes: let's get into this gorgeous glueless pre-plugged, pre-bleached and ready to wear unit from hair VV hair, let's get into it. Here'S thank you to Harry V for sponsoring. Yet another video - you guys know that they are by far my favorite hair company and they come with the most high quality glueless pre-plugged pre-bleached ready to go wigs. So this is the unit I was saying. I decided to choose the Fallon unit. It is a gorgeous ombre side, part unit. You guys can see. The lace is beautiful, the hair is so thick and gorgeous you guys like nothing compared, and I have never received anything below quality now, as you guys can see, this is the inside cap. Construction of the unit, so it is super ready for you guys to wear. It does have a elastic band with a slip proof on there, so that your wig is not slipping and sliding, and the elastic band also is adjustable, which I love not to mention. It still does have those drawstrings at the bottom. So you can tighten the wig. All the way to your liking in your security, and just so that it fits your hair comfortably, and you know that your glueless wig is not flying away. Nowhere as you guys can see it does have combs on each ear, as well as on the bottom of the wig. Now this is the hair when I put it on and I went ahead and cut the lace off. When I say this hair is literally ready to go y'all. I put it on my head: tried it on and I adjusted the strap to my liking went ahead and cut that lace off and grow like it was really ready to go like y'all about to see in three two one. Let me pop this baby on. I'M gon na flip it back while I'm adjusting a little bit and then I'm gon na flip it back and y'all gon na be like what, like literally you guys, the hair came pre-curled like they have so many different styles that you can choose from. I didn't fix the curls. I didn't do anything to the curls on this unit. You guys this is the hair straight out of the box. So when I went ahead and flipped it over, I just was kind of playing with it. Seeing how I wanted the curls to lay, I won't say that on the left side, my ear tab was not laying completely flat. So I did go ahead and make a Sideburn on that side, which I'm going to show you guys, but, as you guys can see, all in all the hair looks Flawless. So on that side I did go ahead and make a Sideburn, which I was gon na. Do anyways because I have a really long sideburns that go down the side of my face, but um yeah for some reason that part just didn't want to lay down flat, maybe because I just had the wig really tight, because I wanted to wear it completely glueless. So I didn't want it to go nowhere, so I just took a little bit of my got to be sprayed and sprayed it just right there on that little Sideburn piece and for this unit we are doing no baby hairs. None of that girl. We want to keep this hair looking very Flawless classy, given you know, luxury Vibes, as it is so pretty much. Laying this Sideburn was the only thing that I had to do. I just sprayed my little got to be spray on there make sure it was completely blow drying, as you guys can see, the lace is giving wet lace like literally this is my hair. Can'T nobody tell me no different, so once I make sure my Sideburn is looking pretty flat, we're going to go ahead and cut it short to my liking and then just use a little bit of that got to be spraying and Slick it down. Now, when I say this, entire process took me probably about eight minutes to like unbox the hair from start to finish, all like literally unbox, the hair put it on and Slick. My little side like that was literally it and the next clip you guys are just gon na see me kind of playing with the curls that already came on the unit you guys and, like literally less than 10 minutes, you can get a gorgeous install with high Quality hair from hair, BB hair - you guys know this - is my favorite hair company. I promote them over any other. I would recommend them over any other company. I love their wigs. They are flawless literally. Look at that in just a couple seconds. I'M gon na show you guys me putting the comb up under the lace and it is literally Flawless pre-plugged pre-bleach ready to go and yeah like who can do it better make sure you guys check Below in the description box and check out here baby here, make Sure you guys get you guys a good little discount and I will see you guys in the next one. Peace refuse to be forgotten.

Stephanie Sharp: My girl is back slaying this bomb unit.

Mellonee Edgeston: This hair and color looks on you

K Dunlap: Oooh Miya! This is sooooo cute! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Tameka Davis: Super cute

U.U: See now THIS wig is the truth fr! That’s yo hair and if anybody say otherwise they a hater

Jeanette Ramos: Just wanted to let you know there’s a twin her name is Brittany Joann omg she just as beautiful check her out always love


Leslie Cartagena: It’s super cute. What’s the name wigs pls

k t: That mug fire 2!

Virginia: ❤❤❤❤❤❤

A’Sia D: Literally, scalp

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