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8A Transparent 13X6 Lace Front Human Hair Wig Water Curly Lace Wig With Baby Hair

Wig Info: :

Length: 26

Cap Size: S 21.5 INCH

Wig Density (180Density+1Days): 150%

Lace Color: Transparent Lace

Web Link:

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12% off under $200 CODE: HW12

15% off over $200 CODE: HW15



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What'S up is Connolly and what's up just car bowling and I'm back with another ordered from Dola hair, I heard good things about them and they're. Not so is it the wig? This is the box too loose come in and get a thumbnail okay. So this is the box. So weird I ordered is a 13-month six legs French on human hair wig in the pattern world cup water - crow - I don't know waterfall - is Harley's water wave. I don't know, and it says it comes a baby, and so I got a 26-inch and I ordered it in a small cap, size 21.5 inches, because my head actually little all the ways that ordered is the average head size of just twenty two point: five and It never fits properly. I always have to use the clips and I put it to like the tightest it can go cut my head so little and I just make it work. That'S why I also never reviewed no 360 wigs, so it comes in an eddy. Comes in a regular plastic packaging, so it's 26 inches and I got it in 150 density. This is what the crop and looks like it kind of looks like water waves like honestly right or maybe not, it's actually a little bit looser than water wave. I think I don't know I have to slap water in and force it to see with it. You know I got in one strand so far. You know two more, but you know hair sheds, like that's the best laugh and ugly hair does this. Is he also came with a free gift so which is a a wig grip? It also came with extra light. Like clips cook, they said this way comes like a band. I never got a wig like this before I came with this or came with this type of a band or clip for anything. Well, that's nice to know you can unclip it like. If you don't want the ban on see - and you can wear like that or if you want your support - that's good, so I can't come to talk a little bite. Bluelist type of cap. That'S cool! Okay! That'S right! I also came with this 10 % cash back thing if I make a 30-second video but like installing or whatever, and also tagging them in the picture. So I put in the order for this one on the 13th of October and today is 18th of October. That'S not bad 13. It didn't ship laughing, show the next day to 14th our daily and lately, I'm just thinking so the 14th a ship died. We started the process for shipping so 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 5. This is the baby came out with 13 by 6 assistants back and it's transparent lace, which means like I guess it's a more like seamless, look, yeah and also with transparent laces. I guess the way they tied the nodding of the way they don't tie it as tightly they don't put as much hair into one knot. So it's more like seamless, I guess, but you know knots or not, so I'm still only show regardless, but I understand where they were going with this. They were saying that you don't need to. You can just put makeup butter and go, but this is the first time I ever got transparently and that's what I wanted to try out and it's pretty cute and it comes with two clips on each other like ear parts, there's a clip in the back. There'S also like a little another tightening grip and it give you a band like this is not quite oh, where they make sure wasn't going nowhere, and I, like that price of this wig for 26-inch it's transparent baby. He came with his child, the density of 150, the total was do4 and some change what she said, but once you pay over like, I think he only like 200 or something like that. They had discount clothes. So I got 15 % off some of those take away took away almost well. It was like 45, it was $ 45. It took that $ 45 if they think so so my granddaughter was 258 and which isn't bad, especially for the length about it was pretty thick like. I don't think I would want anything thicker than lose that so I got one thing along this with me. So let's say this on my head right: Danica's, pretty long. It hits me like my my low impact about. It was fully stretched. So when I'm sitting down hit me on my hip also with this company, I seen like, if you buy like bundles or like a frontal like bundles, tell what they like a frontal or closure with like three bundles four burners or whatever. I found out that the dim bundles go up to 40 inches and they give me the option if you would want the way to be customized in to oh, you want the bundles to be customized into actual wig. It'S an extra five dollars like that's pretty good, like the big links go from 8 inches to 40 inches, like you can't beat that it's personal for the price is like and there's always a discount like. What are you doing? Medical try. This here definitely be back with another video update, like I will do of course, but this I'm probably gon na, show y'all how install I live coming very time-consuming, but I'm gon na probably come back, but it's already like plucked and bleached and stuff. Okay, like comment share, I already know what to do. I'M gon na been here before check out my other videos. I got and yeah go getting in this video like share with your friends comment: do we do you know Carmel e OD time,

Timaren Evans: How long did it take for you to get your hair .

Bloomy Cookie: Give us a one month review later please

Timaren Evans: Cuz my hair is taking for ever to get here

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