Sleek Bun On 3C/4A Natural Hair | Ft. Dola Hair

#3chair #4ahair #sleekbun #naturalhair Unfortunately I couldn't find the direct link to the drawstring ponytail from dola hair:( BUT this style can be accomplished using pretty much any clip on/drawstring ponytail!

Products Used:

•Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Leave-In Conditioner

•Olive Oil & JBCO

• Eco-Styler Olive Oil Gel



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So, jumping right into this hairstyle, I'm starting off on clean hair. I did a shampoo condition and keep conditioning my hair. I don't know what products I used off the top of my head. I can't really remember, but my hair was clean and this is what it looks like fresh out of the towel. I use a microfiber towel because it's better for your curls in case you didn't know now you know so that they use a microfiber towel and right here you just see me sectioning off my hair need a section, your hair off into two parts, one part in A bit and one part in the front it doesn't have to be neat, you don't need a comb. You see me using my fingers because it's just as easier nobody's gon na see the part when I say you're done the bun, so I'm just sectioning my hair off and put it up in a scrunchie and if they sectioning heroes, weren't going to moisturize it because Having an insect the way, they need to be moisturized, I'm using a imagine making black castor or you leave-in, conditioner I'll - be using this for like three years now, and it never does me wrong notice the one one and I recommend everybody to try it. I hope cuz, my hair stays moisturize and girl from you know the castor oil. So I used a your pubes on moisturizer of your choice, but this is my favorite one. I used a and I'm very, like heavy handy with my product, so I recommend you to be very heavy handy and so your hair is, you know, hydrated, as can be don't use too much product, though, because it can take. Your hair won't get a job, but I use a lot or enough to know that my hair you're gon na show us for the time that I leave in his bunny, and you see me using my wife to comb just to make sure everything is distributed evenly Throughout my hair, because we don't want no dry section or dry patches, so you can use a different brush or Tangle. Teezer is up to you, but this what I like to use in the whole purpose of moisturizing your hair is there. You don't want your hair to be dry donors, protective style, because your ends and everything is going to be tucked away so to get the most benefit from your protective style. You wan na make sure your hair is moisturized and you'll see me spraying my hair with the water bottle. All that's in a water bottle is just water. I don't like to work on. Dry, hair is easier to me to work on my hair when it's wet teaches own. But if that's what I like to do so you're going to see me using it periodically and because I'm very heavy uni with this product and then after I use this product alone there with my choice of oil. So my oil mixture consists of olive oil jamaican black, castor oil, peppermint oil. I usually make different mixtures, but I really do like this one, so you can use it because the peppermint will does stimulate your hair and your scalp for hair growth. I don't like coconut oil on my hair. Doesn'T do anything for me so if you know a coconut oil, I recommend you to try olive oil because it's a good joint, so yeah, that's what I'm doing and you would just see me repeating them. Steps throughout my hair so that my hair is completing which draws before a split gate break now. My hair is nice and moisturize and it's time to see lick it big. So we're gon na go back into those two sections that we started off to begin with, and I'm gon na put the top of my hair away because we're gon na start on a big. So I'm just combing through my hair gon na make sure it's the tangle before I go. To put it up, and this is my eco styler olive oil. If you know, then you know, eco styler always gets the job done. It does. What needs to be done and that's what it's going to do today, so I'm just taking some a day and I'm putting it in my hair. You can be generous but be careful because for the dick part, you don't need that much gel cuz. I said you're not gon na see that part and it's gon na be concealed by the top, so don't use a whole whole lot, but use enough so that it is slicked away. So that's what I'm burying and you'll see me using my tangle, teezer heart brush in my soft brush to get off slick the tangle teezer. I found works really good because it distributes to Joanne a year, so they it like, lays flater but, like I said, the back aid here, you don't have to worry about that part as much because nobody's gon na see it. You try to get it. You need enough, so they it's in the blend, but I looking too too crazy, so you're, just gon na slick, the bottom pretty hair away and then, after eight we're gon na work on it up, I'm just going to a little turn. So I can see the bun in a big, you see it's late and it's pulled back without a meal. You know too slick, but it's tight enough and you don't make sure you don't pull this bun too tight, because you're gon na be doing another bun. On top of it, and if you don't like a lot of tension on your hair, then don't make your bun too tight all right, but around like three times. Sometimes four, because I'd like to use large scrunchies on my hair. And I don't want to be too loose but hit a night, so everyone puts in a French number one affectionate run off into two sections, so we're going through it again because we need it to be smooth so that we can get a smoothie bun and I'm Going to section my hair off and in the sections, this is where you get the sleekness in each section: you're going through slick a back with equal static. That'S how you get a slick bun, and this is what works for me. So hopefully it works for you. You'Re going to slick it and then run through with your tinkle teas. Here you see, how is laying my hair do one that's a wee blank, so you're gon na lay it down with it and then go on with your heart, brush or smooth brush, whatever one is best for you, but that's what I'm doing and you'll see it. Nice and slick and smooth no lumps no bumps no humps and you're gon na repeat that throughout your hair. So I did the whole side of my hair and I'm gon na figure out what part, by which side, I'm with my part to be on. So you see it's smooth its slick and smooth and don't worry about that product residue cuz eyes want to go away once your hair is done drying, but I'm just showing you all how slick this is because I wouldn't lie to you I wouldn't play so. I decided that I wanted a side part, which is what I usually do anyway, you're to be completely honest, I'm not good at parting, my own here, all right I'll, be struggling a little bit, but that's all I'm doing here so just watch me struggle for a Few seconds, while I get my part together all right, so the part is as much together now it's just gon na be so I just take some eco styler and I flicked my hair so that I can get out of my way. I am gon na go back and fix my part and I'll show you how I do it, but I'm just repeating the same steps where I'm going inside my hair and slicking down each part with the tangle teezer in my heart brush and my soft brush. So that's all you're gon na see me doing right here. You see everything is pulled back and slicked down you're, just gon na take your hair day. You just lick and pour it into a bun, that's on top of the bun that was on the bottom. So in shorter term, you're gon na make one big bun pop on all year together, including up, and that was on the bottom yeah. So that's what I meant when I said you're gon na have two buns. You don't want to put so much tension. So you see everything too slick put together and me right. I really do this for real, like stop playing with me, but no yeah jesse is all put together. So I'm just gon na put my scarf for him and I'm gon na go to sleep I'll. Do mine at night because my hair is like 95 % dry by the morning time. If you hit a draw faster, then go ahead, says do you, but I'm gon na go to sleep. So this is the next day and I did do my edges off camera. So, that's why you see si next trip like that, but you see the back of my hair is still in place, so we're gon na do my button it's time for the bun bun. This is a old clip on a bun, a clip-on point so that I got from Dola hair, I believe, is their kinky curly and 18 inches I'll find the information, because I heard this point is hell for over a year. So if you're gon na get it you see, it's a good is a good investment. It lasted me for a year and some change, so I'm just clipping it on. You know, put the two combs around your bun and pulling the strings the drawstring. You can do this with any old clip-on ponytail look little ponytail, but this is just own that I use it was like $ 60. I think so yeah you can just use a drawstring ponytail and I'm just pulling a string around. So that is secure. You don't have to make sure the clips are too tight in your head, because when you pull, the drawstring is gon na make it tight, and I just this is all right. So this is hard with my bun around I just twist it like. I pull it out and twist it and then wrap it and it kind of like as you're wrapping it just gon na form on its own. I don't like small buns because I have a big head, so you just want to play with it and make sure there is to get to your liking. So I did tuck the hair away, and you just see me here using a bobby pins to make sure secure only use like three or four. You don't need a whole lot and you went to many anyway, because the cone was already gon na hurt your head. If they're like along, have them being in there so yeah and ignore my string at the top, because I did noticed a later on when I was in the mirror - and I fixed it, so don't try to grind me up. You'Ll cuz, I'm aware it's gon na be fixed. Okay, you see me pulling up some loose tendrils because I don't like my buttons to be too neat. It'S not me! So that's what I'm doing, I'm just putting on some loose hairs. If they're taking out my little tendrils, I'm going to take this and I can coconut curling cream, you could say any crazy hair product and running through the ginger. So it's not all dry and you're, just gon na run it through them and scrunch it up. Because I guess it's just a little something extra and it's just a real cute. I mean I like them. I do not like meat buns on me, so you can skip this step. If you don't want it to be that way, but yeah and then I'm gon na do my whiskers. If you don't know about whiskers are go watch my edges tutorial. I will link it somewhere on the screen, but this is just my finishing touches of the final look. I don't really like it. I took my scarf deal normally my edges and i'ma just turn around, so I can see the bun in the back, so I hope they didn't registers. Who are you from my natural curls because y'all know trying to get this? Don'T sleep it's a struggle sometimes. So I'm here to help y'all, let me help you shout out to Dola hair for this Pony cuz. I, like I said I have had this for over a year and I think only pay like $ 60 for it. Maybe I'm not sure I'll find it and I'll put everything in the description box, but I hope you guys did enjoy this video and don't forget to Like comment subscribe and press that button, so you're notified every time I post a video come dry, my subscribers, because They'Re, live I'm like really and it's late, so come get a little bit eyes. Then I will see you guys anything next.

C's Tutorialz: Yesss girl I love a good bun. Stay slicking my hair back in my lil bun bun it’s soo cute on you ❤️

Tierney Nicole: Yesssss I’m going to re do my hair on freshly washing hair & I need to get a satin scarf as well! I loved this style plus the lashes. You slayed this.

KeepingUpWithErica: I love sleek buns it’s definitely a go to style

Rafael: The bun came out really nice !! Great job gorg

Miranda Sierra: I literally did this style on my hair yesterday lol

Kaiya Kaoir: I hate doing my hair it take so long because it’s so thick but you just made me want to do mines

Lami TV: Great!

TATER & TOOTIE: New sub ❤️

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