Silk Top Vs. Lace Top Wigs: Everything You Need To Know

Let's get into everything you need to know about Silk vs. Lace wigs- similarities, differences and what will work best for you!

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Let'S talk about the difference between lace, top wigs and silk top wigs, because it can all be a little bit confusing right. What does that all mean? How does it work how's it going to affect me. Here'S what you need to know a lace top wig is a wig that has one single layer of lace in the top part of the wig, which creates the hairline and part line of the wig, I'm wearing one. At the moment. This is what a lace type lace top wig looks like on me, and this is what it looks like inside and under the cap. Our Luxe lace top wigs are a closed wefted cap wig with a lace top area that allows for multi-directional parting, moving it to the side or wearing in the middle. Whatever works for you that looks super natural and realistic livestock. Wigs are really popular for this super realistic part line and also because they are lighter and lower density on the top than silk top wigs, because they have this one very, very thin, layer of lace as the entire construction of the cap. It is very, very light, and even a little bit Airy and Breezy on your head, and it does have less hair sewn into the top, which makes it overall a bit lower density on top, which might be your preference, a silk top wig. On the other hand, actually has a couple more layers in the cap. It'S got a bit more going on here, so it does have this super realistic, scalp type material which creates the part line. Again, it's multi-directional all our pieces are yes, you can move the part line, but that's not your scalp showing through, like it is mine, it's actually part of the cap, so there are a couple of layers in a silk top which makes it a little bit different To wear and look at so we've got that realistic, scalp there and it has a little bit more hair sewn into the top than a lace top, because it needs more hair to cover that cap and make it look that realistic. So they are a little bit more density on, silk tops than lace top, and another thing that makes the top of the cap feel a bit different. Is that the return hairs I'll explain what they are in? A second are actually concealed in a silk top where they are not concealed in a lace top. So what is that? Is that anything to worry about? Not at all, it's something to understand so that you can make your decision, but every single hair in this wig is obviously knotted into the wig it's sewn into the wig, and the other side of this knot has to be somewhere right in a silk top. The other side of these hairs is actually inside the layers of the cap, so they're completely concealed and you do not see any return hairs anywhere in a lace top the hairs are not concealed, because where would you conceal them? It'S only one layer of lace, there's. Nowhere to put them so they are exposed and you can see them these little short hairs here in the actual hair of the wig. So it's nothing to be concerned about one way or the other. It'S just something to know. I suppose, when you style a lace. Top wig properly, you really cannot see that, but it is something to know is there and it can look like little flyaways or something like that, which some people actually prefer, because that's really normal in BIO hair anyway. The other main difference between lace, top and silk top is probably comfort and how it feels on your head. This might not really be obvious if you're wearing a wig over bio hair. But if you're like me and wearing a wig directly on your bare scalp, you'll, probably notice a bit of a difference between how a lace top feels and how our game changer wig feels, for example, so a lace top is just lace on your scalp and the Rest of the cap is just on your scalp directly, whereas the layers of the silk top cap allow us to add a really really comfortable fabric inside the top of the cap, so that you're not feeling any lace or any other parts of the Cap. Construction. Basically, directly on your head, so our game changer wig is is for me very, very comfortable. It'S just really the ultimate and the lace top wig is fine. It'S fine! I can just feel it a little bit more and I really prefer to wear the wig grip with my lace top wig, so that I've got something between my scalp and the lace. Now: silk top wigs I've got two silk top wigs in my hand. Here they can either have no lace front, so you blend it with your own hairline like you do with our silk Toppers, or they can have a lace front like these two in my hands do this is the lace front Essentials and The Game Changer wig. Now one thing that is really exciting about a lace top wig is that it has no transition from lace front to Silk top which, if you don't know what I'm talking about, let me show you, because that might not make any sense. Otherwise, on our lace front: silk top wigs, like our lace front Essentials, we have the silk top section here and then the lace front section, just a small amount of lace that gives you a natural looking hairline at the front. So it's growing out of your you've got hairline, you don't have any hair to blend with or you don't want to blend your hair. You want a hairline in your wig. That'S what a lace front wig can do while giving you all the benefits of a silk top now. One thing about this is obviously they're, two different Fabrics, two different materials. So there is a trans transition line between the two, which is super easily, concealed with a little dab of makeup and not really a problem. But it's just something to know about silk, top lace fronts and something that is not on a lace top wig, which is exciting. Let me just show you what a silk top lace front. Wig looks like with that little bit of makeup to blur that transition line to me. I think that looks amazing, like it just makes that part line continuous, like you, want it to look and not having a little line there. So that's something that's super exciting about our lace. Top wigs is obviously it's all one Fabric and doesn't have any transition line. The final big difference between lace, tops and silk tops is that lace tops do not generally last as long because they are a much more delicate fabric. On top, it's just that one little layer of like silk tops are a very, very durable type of Cap Construction, because there are several layers to that cap and it is just more sturdy overall. So it's going to last you longer generally, I would say that a lace top wig would last you around a year and a silk top wig would last two to three years. So hopefully that helps. I know it can be a little bit overwhelming. There'S a lot going on, but basically that is the main list of different differences between lace, top and silk top and we're so excited to have all these different options to offer and tick all the boxes that you need: ticked,

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