How To Apply My Wig In 30Mins Ft Alipearl Hair

Hair details: 180% density body wave lace frontal wig 22inch

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What that means is you're gon na get our back with another video. I know it has been a while, but, as you guys read about it's hot, I'm gon na be showing you guys how to do this. Quick, very easy, install on this Ally, pro hair ally, pearl, very good, very affordable human hair is about to be super duper late. This is the unit you guys. It kind of looks a little crazy right now, because it's been washed plucked and bleached. The nights have been bleached, so if you guys don't know how to do that and y'all want some learn how to do that or if I didn't show you guys how to do that in the video. I believe I did in a previous video make sure you guys go check that out, so you guys this is what I'm working with a very, very, very thick. I believe this is either a 22 inch or 24 inch. It would be in the description below, but yes, you guys, I'm gon na be showing you guys how to put this on how to style it. Let'S do it. Let'S lay this stuff. Y'All know I don't do much talking to my hair videos, cuz I'll be focused on it here. I have a photo shoot today. So that's what my makeup is: do my makeup: artist just left and yeah, so we're gon na get this we're trying to get this wig and stahl going very quick, something something everybody feeling me sing, something I'll take a lot a lot of time. I'M a hot comb. I am just kind of pushing the hairs towards the back. I'M super excited shots to Alec hurdle for sponsoring this video. Are you guys? So this is the finished product of my le purr wig. It'S looking really cute. Really. Nice makes you guys check through them alone, find out all information on this hair and how you can get you some of this amazing soft, beautiful, lovely hair. Thank you guys. So much for telling ya: Hey!

Hannah Lea: You made the wig look so natural! Very nice

Sutasia Thaxter: Always watch these vids knowing damn well i ain’t bout to put on no wig

Keshia Danea: Pure Talent , Girl U Slayed Them Curls

Mariah DaQueen: Nique u are my #1 main inspiration on hair I have lots of faith and belief in u I can’t wait to install my 1st 360 wig tmro lots of live Niquee @LifeAsNique ❤️❤️❤️ you’re the main YouTuber I run you for tips on wigs because u make them so simple to do

Claudia Aaliyah: I ordered the same wig a week ago, the packaging was not the same, I received my wig in a white bag and not in a pink box. The pink satin bag was black and it was not saying «Alipearl Hair » but «Virgin Human Hair », no satin scarf, no wig cap... and on the paper that was on the packaging it was saying « SyNtHeTiC HaIr » ! In the video we can see the hair has bold spot. I think they’re sending « good » wigs to Youtubers only they don’t care about customers. Little advice : don’t buy it ‍♀️

Kamille Ali: ❤️❤️❤️ love it and definitely helped me ! Keep dropping the videos on here

I Comment: This was a great vid nique you look so beautiful

Simply Ceyy: Loved it makes me want to start doing something to myself more

kenzie_k: Damn I never knew how to do them but now I do thanks nique ❤️

Jeri Lemons: Nique's Hair is Always on Point #UrHairIsBeautifulNIque

Silo Orphia leo Lee: You slayed it!

Shontriae Burton: Yassss, Nique Makeup Always On Point & She Did That Wig Good Too . That’s Cute .

BiancaMaree: I love your hair videos

Nacole Lane: Girl you slayed this wig‼️‼️

Martha Clark: Oh wow nique never knew you can put a lace front on that way it is nice

Keea B: Love it

key 💛: nique get you some miracle drops for your edges and start using wig caps girlll!!! ‍♀️

jane cole: You got yourself a new subscriber. She is beautiful

ItsLay: Very helpful thanks nique luv u

Keiya Jones: I wish this would’ve been a talk through or even a voiceover video so I could’ve fully understood what you were doing and what products you were using.

Deedee G: Enjoyed the video nique


brown gyal: I missed you girl , Your makeup is so cute

LuxuryRose: Love ya nique ❤️

Liz: so beautiful

Veola Rolle: Don’t know if you will ever see this but i just started my channel because i always watch your videos ❤️you are like one of my role models . Pray one day I gain the love and support

Terri Allen: Beautiful

Mariah Rocha: That's how my natural hair looks took me awhile to grow out. Shoulda thought of just buying it, fakin it.

La'Joia Creary: Yassss nique slayyyyy girlllll❤️❤️❤️❤️

Marketa Tenay: Can we get the curling irons info as well?

myshaylon: Beautiful GOD BLESS YOU

joeahhnnaful: Ayer First video in the new beauty room !! ❤️❤️

Shanell: We love u nique ❤️❤️❤️

Dk4lspammm: She is so beautiful ❤️

China: you should've cleaned the previous glue you had build up on your hair, but other wise great video

DOLLY: Cute af!

Kenia D: It’s crazy that I wear the same bonnet and use the same blow dryer

Rheshonda Adams: The make up tho

kimoya black: I love you so much nique

SlimsCoco: What's the direct link to this hair and also, how long can these wigs be worn?? (Sorry...never worn one)

shenik hall:

Adrian Pooh: How long does it take for them too ship

Peta Brooks: Damnnnn Nique u should be a stylist!!!!

black queen: Nique your natural hair is very beautiful can u do a natural hair video

Jaeda Victoria: What curler did she use?

Christina: pls do more hair tutorials

Mya W: This instrumental tho


Elleece London: You look pretty nique

Janice Sanders: Hey, Niique that is a pretty hair due and I am going to try to do my hair like your hair and again you know you can do so hair

Amiliana Burnett: Can you teach us how to curl too?

Ambitious Missy: Beautiful... you look like a doll

Kayla Cheatham: Make it look so easy

Pickyeaters R'US: I loved this video Nique

Shay Jay: What glue did you use?

Bernice World: Makeup tutorial next please☺️

Dorothy Logan: TeamNique you have a lot of talent hair and Acton did you go to school make up artess/Hair Cosmetologist because your awesome your doing a great job.peace and blessing beautifullady.❤

Keanna Woodard: Not trying to be rude or nun but she has strong features she cute dont get me wrong overall very talented and keep at yo hustle boo


Asia williams: That hair

fnjdbdshs mdkdnddj: Good job

Camay L: Not sure if you have already but you should go to school for hair. Invest some of your money in your own salon

Charm Nisha: Cuute❤️❤️

Martina Simon: What kind of glue are you using ?

Julia Robinson: Love ......Did you get transparent or medium brown?


Shaniquaw Warren: What kind of glue are you using ? Or does anyone knows what type of glue she using to help wig stick ??

Melly Marquez: I love it ! This is real hair right ?

kimoya black: Hey nique I love you so much ❤❤❤

Peaches Jones: Gal you did that that's pretty

Quelqu'un dans ce monde -.: Your makeup❤

Anisha Porter: Get u a salon and and start installing wigs . Slayed by Nique

Queen T: Pretty Nique would you do a wig giveaway any time soon ?

Lifestyle Of Tia: Love you nique

Alayzah Wooten: yesss ma’am nique

monique goddishaw: hay beautiful back again with the positive energy

Maria Price: I'm dead she took the part out when she took the cap off

Scorpio Mommy: I see that when you was cutting the lace by your ear you cut some of the hair off to , I tend to have that problem with my wigs around the ears part the lace is to long

kyri slays: Can you do a wig collection video

Mena Monroe: Thank you

Jayla Capers: ❤️❤️

Jaylaa Chy: Yes Queen

Tatayona Reuben: Where did You get that necklace from?

Tia Tina 🦋: ❣️

Bxrbie: Hey nique love you so much

Spirit Kreations: Nique gang PeriodT


aridev khanhai: 12:05 -damn she's really beautiful!

JVIBES *: I went on the website and ordered one just now

Svetlana Littlejohn: U made it look to easy n it’s honestly not

diamond9ice: Very beautiful. Idky people be coming for you.

Johnnika Gilmore: Do you do other people hair or just yours

Phanou Dieurilus: Waowww

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