Alipearl Deep Wave Wig | Initial Review & Update

24” Deep wave wig with 180 density. Small cap in the color medium brown with 5x5 closure

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What am i trying to say hi guys? My name is camilla and welcome to my channel. So today i am doing an unboxing of some aliexpress hair that i bought it's from ali pearl. Yes, aliexpress, um and yeah. I'M gon na get right into the video. So i bought the hair on july 26 and i received it today on august 6th um. I honestly don't think that that's that bad. I mean 10 11 days considering that it's covet season. It'S not that bad and it probably came sooner, but i didn't read them like i don't know. I don't know if i didn't read the email properly or i don't know, but i didn't respond to them. So i think they were waiting for me to respond to confirm my address in order to send it because on the website it does say three to five days. So maybe, if i would have actually you know, responded in time, i would have got it in the three to five days that it actually said um so yeah. So let's get right into it. Hi guys. My name is kamiah and welcome to my channel. So, as you can see today, i am doing an unboxing of some aliexpress hair that i got from ali pearl um. I purchased the hair on july 26 and i received the hair today on august 6.. I don't think it's that much time considering everything that's going on with covid um, the website does say three to five days, but they did send me email confirming my address and i didn't respond in the three to five day window span. So i feel like that is what took the hair longer for it to get here. So i'm not going to tell too much so let's get right into the video, so the hair came in this fedex box. You know you've seen it before. Okay, i'm so excited guys so excited. This is the first time that i ordered a wig online. I usually just order bundles and then make the wig but anyways. This is the packaging that it comes in on the back. It has the how to care and the maintenance for the hair, which is cool, um, yeah i'll leave it again. If you guys want to read, i'm not going to really read it. Okay, i ripped the box. Okay, sorry guys, here's the thing i got gifts. I got gifts, i've got gifts, okay, it has some extra stuff in here guys. I'M actually really excited excited excited about this um. It has this like um, aliexpress, hair wrap hold on i'm gon na show y'all. You can have a little pack, you got some sparkles. Do y'all see the sparkles okay, hey, wrap, um, to lay them edges down girl, yes, so cute, and what else did i get? I got a wig cap, it's not really my color, but thank you and i got an elastic band even though they asked me did. I need that us, i'm sure i think they asked me if i needed this and i'm sure i said no, but i'm thankful that i oh, i think they asked me if i wanted it on my wig and i said no and they put it in the Box, thank you, love it um. It also comes with this brochure that also tells you like how to wash your wigs see. Here'S the carfax okay and i got a little sack to put my wig in when it's done. I'Ve been eating things like these. You know. Thank you guys. I really like it all right. That makes me feel like they care about the customer. I like it all right. So, let's get into the wig. So i got oh, i never told you guys what i got. I got um a 5x5 wig where's. The okay, i think i got brazilian deep wave and if i'm wrong, i'm going to put it here, how do you not know what you ordered craziness but anyways? I got a 5x5 wig um in the color natural, yes, size, small and hair density. 180.. Oops, sorry guys, all right, so the hair comes in this like little netted um thing, it has a strong smell and it's not like a bass. No, it smells like um like packaged hair. You. I hear a lot online that you know this mom i'm talking about. If you don't, then just buy to find out it's not horrible. Honestly, okay have some stuff inside okay, so here is the inside of the wig from my little head. Let'S see you see the stitching and we got some clips clips on the right, the left and in the back we have like these little drawstring things and oh, there is a clip right here, his whale nice, the hair feels soft it does. It really does and the curl pattern is popping considering it's not even washed yet guys, i'm loving it already um the inches. I got. I never said that 24 24 inches wow, i'm really doing bad because i don't remember the stuff that i got um. The wig is imparted. I would have loved if it was, but that's fine, i'm gon na do a middle part. Let'S get into the closure, see it. It is um a medium brown. They did ask me that they did. I forgot it's a medium brown color d. Two okay and what i like to do is just make a little part and show you guys what it looks like against my hand. If i can get a little part going, i'm happy the color is actually like a 1b. I'M sorry i'm going all over the place, but this one b and this one b and you can tell that it's that natural color. I don't know why. I said one b when it's really like natural um. The knots definitely need to be bleached. Can you guys see that hold on hold on i'm gon na get a better part? Okay, see those little dot dots there. We go definitely needs to be bleached, and i'm just going to hold this against my hand. Since it is supposed to be a brown. It is brown because look at my hand, it's blending in, but the knot's got to be bleached. Sweetheart love it. So i think i really talked about everything so far right. I talked about the smell and the color the length the wefts. So i sold you all. The outside already so here is the inside. This is the spacing between the tracks and it's very neat um honestly, this feels pretty thin. Maybe i should have went up or did a different density and it seems kind of short does that seem short to yeah. Let me get a ruler hold on okay, so i got my measuring tape. I don't know if i'm actually going to be able to really measure this on camera. I might have to wait until it's actually on my head, but i'm going to take from the back. I'M just going to take a strand like so, and i'm going to put it here, do my best to show y'all and just carry it along, and this is telling me that this piece here is 20.. Let'S take another piece: take one kinda in the middle did i order 24. I swear to y'all. I think i ordered 24.. Okay, take another piece, a little like two tracks back putting it on the back, not cheating the system, and this one is what is it hold on? I'M trying to make sure i get in the camera. I know it's upside down, but, like almost 21., i know it's curly, okay, so guys i'm going to bleach my knots wash her style her and let you guys know if she's shedding how she holds up if there's any like bleeding of the hair, color um yeah. So i'll be right right back in three two one guys look, i'm all done. This hair is so gorgy, but i have to bring something to you guys. It'S really! Three weeks later, i know i said i was gon na come right back, but i wanted to like really get some wear and tear into the wig. So i could let you guys really know how it's going um. The hair right now is in its natural state. You heard me girl, just some water um and i just combed it through with my um detangling brush um. Typically, i usually put mousse in it, and i've been using this l'oreal uh curve. It mousse, which works really good actually and if i'm feeling like real fancy - and i want to have that wet look all day - i'll use the mousse and i'll also use this curla la by aunt, jackie um, and this is really great. It smells great um. So the hair, so when i first washed it guys, the shedding was ridiculous. Like there was so much shedding coming out. I don't even talk about it. Let'S not even go just know. It was a lot number two when washing it um there were strands of red hair. Inside of this. I don't know what that is. I don't know if it was dyed or what i don't know what to think about it. Um, but after washing it, i haven't seen any more red strands in it. Um and the shedding has decreased since washing it um. This is my deming brush, which i just used to comb it out, and you can tell there's not that much hair in it. So um shedding not that bad smell is gone, that little warehouse smell is completely gone and the cap. Let'S talk about that, the cap, i told you guys i ordered a small um it. Actually, i was scared. You know i was scared that the small wasn't going to be big enough because it felt like it was way too small when i put it on my head, but watching it definitely stretched it out a bit, and now i actually have to use um like little. I don't know i'm doing that motion like the little clamps in the back. It'S like a hook and like fabric, and you have to hook the fabric. You know in the back of the cap. I had to uh use those actually to make it tighter. So the curls um, like i said this - is it in its natural state um when i do add mousse the curls do last all day like resisting humidity, going out being at the beach everything they stay exactly the way they are no matter when rain, whatever um, Which is absolutely perfect because you want your hair to know stay, how it is. You don't want like big, poofy, curly hair, when this is the look that you you know desired um, so that's a perk and lastly, i just wanted to talk about tingling. There is none, there's no tingling in the nape um. When i do brush my hair, i don't get any tangles. It goes straight through um. I do not run my fingers through my hair all day, just to avoid um it getting poofier uh. If i run it through right now, it can easily go through. That'S not a problem. Um plucking, the closure wasn't horrible, i'm not a baby here, type of girl. I just like a part and that's it. It was very easy. I didn't really have to do. Much of anything at all after i bleached the knots um and that's really it. This is my first time purchasing a wig. I think i said that before and i am actually very happy. I lied. There'S one one one one one thing that i forgot to add that i did not like this hair is not this hair. This wig is kind of thin like i know it looks full from here, but this is all the hair pulled forward like this. Is it okay, when i pull it to the back like it looks fine, you know it looks good flowing right, but i like to have my hair like this, some in the front and some in the back like okay, just trying to give you guys a visual. I like to wear my hair like this when i have any hairstyle, but i feel like this looks weird because it's thin and you can see the gaps you see mamas. I don't like that. So if i have made this by myself, i definitely would have added a few more tracks just to give it that volume it needs um, because the hair, like i said the hair doesn't get any more poofier anymore, doesn't get more, doesn't get any more. I don't know doesn't get more poofier. This is the poofiest that the hair gets. Does that make sense, i don't know which way to say it, but this is the biggest there we go. This is the biggest the hair gets. So i like my hair to be a little thicker to fill in the gap. So all i'm trying to say is that, since the hair does not become bigger than this, it definitely could have allowed for two or three or four or five more tracks. Just to fill in those gaps, but besides that this hair is absolutely phenomenal, i will definitely be ordering from ali pearl again. I highly recommend it and i'm giving it a four out of five um, not the five stars, because i said the track thing. Okay, that's really it guys, i'm going to add some pictures and videos of me wearing the hair um, so you guys can just get a visual of it. Okay, guys that is it! I really hope that you enjoyed this video and thanks for clicking in bye.

Courtney Nix: I think red strands means it’s mixed with synthetic! good video very detailed!


Sew Blue: To be honest I don’t think Ali express sells the real Ali pearl hair. I order mine straight from the Ali pearl site and it’s much fuller. Nonetheless great review

Mocha B: How's the hair holding up? Do you still wear it? I'm thinking about buying this hair!

Lauren M. Lewis: If it's Indian hair they use henna which causes the red on the hair

JoJo 💙: they cheated you. there’s no way that’s 24” or even 180 density

Brean Shand: Its 20inches sis. You got 20inches

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