What Lace ? Realistic Wig Install #Shorts #

$30 OFF DISCOUNT: ROSH (NO Time Limit)

!! All customers will have both fake scalp inside of the wig and one box of true-scalp tape in the package!


Wig in video: https://bit.ly/3l9Vov2

Hair Length: 20 inch

Hair Density: 160%

HD Lace & True-scalp Color: cappuccino

Cap Size: Small


-True-scalp Tape & Fake scalp Method

-Multi-color & Invisible HD Lace

-Anti-slip Elastic Band

-Clean bleached knots

-Pre-plucked Hairline


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▶ Hairvivi Official Website: https://bit.ly/3tq495d

Hey guys, I'm back with a quick, wig install video now the way I'm rocking in today's video is from hair BB and they are one of my favorite wig companies. I don't have to do much to their wig to make it look good, and this wig is beginner friendly. So if you want to pop it on your head and go about your business, you can do that now, I'm going to show you guys how I use the hair BB true scalp tape to make the wig look more realistic. So this is what it looks like without the tape, and this is what it looks like with the tape. If you guys see the difference it is given, the hair is coming out of the roots. Also hair Vivi wigs come with a fake scalp. This is how it looks, but it's optional, you can either do the scalp tape or the face scalp and before I apply the scalp tape to my wig, I'm gon na cut it and use the rest of it later. If I decide to do a side part on the wig, I can use this tape I'll apply the lace glue, let it dry clear, pull the lace down once it's dry, clear, melt that lace down, tie it down and voila sheet is completed.

Adele: When you recommend products, I’m listenin!! I’m still new to wearing a wig and I learn a LOT from watching your videos! Thanks!!

Julie Akhase: Thank you very much darling.❤

Dee TheEmpress: Yasssss What Lace‍♀️☺️

Towonda Grant: Flawless

Latoya Andrews:

Crystal Lu: How to do a collaboration with you? Dear

Briana Nicole: Where to buy?

orlando Espiritu: I have alopecia I whant this lace wig but I have no budget btwy I'm from Manila Philippines

Freddie Freeman: Hi mam

Breonna McCree: This wig looks amazing I just might purchase

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