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Hey y'all! In todays video we're reviewing a unit sent over from SamsBeauty. The unit is from the brand Outre and goes by the name of Kianda. I got it in the color DRSD Sunfire. Down below I'll link a direct link to the wig. Let me know if you enjoyed the video by LIKING and COMMENTING on the video. Also if you want to see more of me go ahead and hit the SUBSCRIBE button. It's free girl! Lol...Another way to keep up with me is by following me on Instagram @tandotson or Ill have a link you can click further down. Other than that...I'll talk to y'all in the next one!



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Welcome to my channel, my name is tan. If you're new in today's video, we have a unit that was sent over from samsbeauty.com. Today'S unit comes from the brand utre and it's from their color bomb collection. I got her in the style keanda and in the color drsd Sunfire night. The Cap Construction is your standard Cap Construction with three pumps in total one in the back. The other two are at the front and it also has adjustable straps when it comes to the lace, you get a five inch deep parting space. That'S about a half inch wide. This unit does come with baby hairs and according to the stock card, it also says that it comes pre-plugged. Now I will say that this unit is pre-clucked in comparison to Ayanna Ianna. Clearly, I still don't know how to say that unit's name, but in comparison this one is definitely pre-plug according to the stock card as well. This unit is set to be 26 inches long and can also take heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, if you watched my review over Ayana Iana, however you pronounce that unit's name, then you would know that I did not care for that unit too much, even though both units are from utre's color bomb series or collection. I slightly have higher hopes for this unit and it's only for one reason, but let's go ahead and install her and then we'll come back with my final thoughts about her and see if my thoughts are possibly correct. Are You Really Gon na Leave me outside got your phone 20 minutes these three questions? Okay, so let's go ahead and talk about this unit from utre. A lot of the things that I said regarding the other unit also stands for this unit, but I will say I like this one, a lot more when it comes to tangling and shading expected. This is a synthetic long, wavy colored unit. So, therefore, with that combination, it should always be expected that the unit is going to either tangle in or shave, regardless of, if you're someone who likes big, hair or more tamed hair, I would recommend carrying a brush and or a wide tooth comb with speaking of Big hair, brushes and combs. The reason why I took a brush and comb to this unit is because I needed to distribute that dry shampoo through this uni it evenly now I knew it was going to puff up the hair, but I was like I got ta. Do it the reason why I went in with dry shampoo is because to me, this unit was looking a little bit shiny like too shiny. So I wanted to dull it down a little bit now with the combination of wanting to distribute the dry shampoo evenly and then running both a brush, and I come through this unit, the unit, obviously puffed up and low-key. I was like, oh I'm, about to freak out I'm about to just trash this whole video, but I was like no I'm gon na figure it out. That'S what my handy dandy, a foaming lotion came into play and low-pee saved the day that foaming lotion really kind of helped retain the unit and bring back its natural crimps or waves. Speaking of crimps, I'm really feeling this whole situation right here, like it's the color. For me, this unit does come in multiple other colors and, of course, I'll pop it up here on the screen. I did go with the drsd Sunfire night and I'm really feeling it. It has like, of course, the dark roots on it, but it then Fades into like this. I don't want to call it a 1B, maybe a two. It looks like a really dark chocolate brown to me, and then it has this like well Sunfire type of situation. In the front, keep in mind that not every unit is colored like this, so with this particular unit, of course it has the dark roots. Like I stated a second ago and then it has like the start of the show like right here, but then the rest of the unit is a darker color. Some of the other units have the dark roots and then the start of the show part is throughout the entire unit. I hope I'm making sense when I say this. Something I didn't mention earlier is that this unit is said to have transparent, HD lace. Now, no matter the lace type I feel like you're always going to have to go in and tint the lace in some shape. Where your form I took my kiss lacing spray and sprayed that on the inside of the cap. But then, when it came to The Parting of this unit, I did go on top with my Foundation powder. Well, not my Foundation powder, my setting powder, I feel like by placing that in The Parting space it just helped The Parting a little bit. Another thing I felt that helped The Parting space is me plucking it to me. The original parting space was just like very, very, very thin, and it was screaming like wig a mile away. So I don't know, that's that's one thing that I would always say when it comes to the color bomb series or collection is to always make sure that you pluck your party. Now when it came to the lace on the side of the unit. I did go in with some black eyeshadow and put just a little bit down, because this unit is technically sitting behind my hairline. In my opinion, this unit isn't big kid friendly. So, in order for her to sit comfortably on my head, I put her behind my hairline and I feel like it's working out in my favorite. The texture of this unit is a very silky texture and, as far as the density is concerned, I would say she's very light, she's not too light to where you can feel or see tracks in the back. We never want that, but she's also not overly thick, either to where it'd be too hot to wear during the spring or summer. As I stated earlier, this unit is 26 inches long and just for reference. I am five seven. So when all of the hair is pushed to the front, it stops about right at my belly button, but when it's all pushed to the back, it stops right above my butt. Lastly, let's go ahead and talk about the price of this unit on samsbeauty.com. She does. Retail for 36.99, but if you plan on picking up one of the specialty colors expect to pay about a four dollar up charge. In my opinion, she's definitely worth the 37 to 41 dollars. If you are trying to decide between this one and Ayanna or Ianna again, however, you pronounce it, I would definitely go with this one, but yeah. Those are pretty much my thoughts and opinions regarding this unit and, if I think of any more I'll make sure to leave them in the comment section below you guys also feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions as well. If you enjoyed this video, please give me a big thumbs up, also make sure you subscribe to the channel before you leave and also make sure you click the Bell that way. You'Re notified anytime that I upload a video follow me on Instagram and Tick Tock they're. Both at tan Dotson I'll be sure to have a direct link to this unit in the description box below so make sure you check that out. I don't have anything else to say, though, except for I will see you guys in the next one bye foreign

NaturallyCorporate: Your reviews are always so good, Tan. I love how you give the good,the bad and the ugly and you’re just honest. The ‘star of the show’ gives the unit life . I’m glad you didn’t trash the video.

Andreya Matthew: Yessss this is soo pretty and that was cool move putting it behind your hairline it looked very natural.

Tina BlackberryRose: Love the color and waves. Very Pretty. Tyfs✨✨

Alisa Mitchell: Super Cute Unit I Love The Crimp Style

Louise Merlyn: This is beautiful on you!!!!

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