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So you guys today, I will be installing this 12 inch. 13X4 burgundy, transparent lace, frontal Bob, and it is straight and it does have a 200 density. So first, I'm gon na go ahead and get into the unboxing. So, for me, packaging is everything I love how everything comes in the box, but also in a bag, and everything is in the bag nicely organized in its own packaging. A couple of facts. I want you guys to know about what's going on over on their website. They have other high quality, recommended hot sale items on their website. They have affordable, no glue, no lace and headband wigs and also they have cheap 100 raw human hair bundles. They also have wholesale big promotions head over to their website and check out everything. So this is everything that came in my packaging. Like I said everything was nicely packaged and, of course you know it comes with instructions how to maintenance, the hair and how to keep it nice and silky. Now, let's get into the unit, you guys know that I have never been a bob type girl, but I must say this Bob was giving okay, I love the color. I love the texture. There was no shedding and honestly like it was thick. The hair was thick. The unit was already layered, it had a nice little bump at the end. This made it so easy for me to style it to my likings and it also came with the elastic band built into it. So you do not have to pull this unit down. This is a glueless unit, but if you do prefer to glue it down, you can I actually did not glue it down. I put a little bit of makeup on it and I went on if this unit or any other units on their website is something that you're interested in go ahead and use my code Jazzy to save ten dollars on your order. Now, let's get into installing this unit, so let's just be real. I am not the best Prater, so save it for the ones in the back. Okay, I'm just going to braid my hair down, so that you know I don't like wearing ponytails. Rather it being a little Flats, so I'm gon na go ahead and braid it down to my best ability. I have really silky hair, so work with me and then I'm gon na go ahead and style. It so I'ma stop talking and just let the music play. Yeah yeah yeah. Thank you early in the morning. I need you ready here on. You speak, please themselves, allegedly peace. Thank you. Please, all right, Jazzy fam! You have reached the end of today's hair tutorial. If you guys are loving this unit, I will have all the information for you guys down below in the description, make sure you guys click on it and don't forget to check out my link, don't forget to use my discount code to get a little bit of A discount - and I love you guys and I'll - see y'all the next one.

Elfin Hair Tips: OMG so pretty with our color hair! Love your video Wig info:12Inch 13x4 99J Burgundy Transparent Lace Frontal Bob Wig Straight 200% Density Her coupon code: JAZZY

Guyanese # 2: This hair looks sooo beautiful on you. Love it.

Corine Chipps: Love this! Thank you for sharing❤ keep these coming Jazzy

Only1Sosa: I love this wig, the cut, the colour Everything and its full but still looks light weight

Tonia Loki: I love the care placed into the packaging of this unit..

AC Drake: you look so pretty you should look like this on camera all the time !!!

Alyssia Gabrielle: Beautiful color on you !

J&J Ackerman: Definitely looks amazing! It matches ur skin tone! Beautiful!! ❤️

Erin Barrow: Love it jazzy


TramellKnosItAll: Beautiful Hair I love this

Broke Gambler Slots: Looking good

😘Kira💋: I love this look on you Jazzy. PSA Red is my favorite color❣️❤️‍. You look so Gorgeous ❤️..

Brenda Belcher: That color looks great with your skin tone ❤❤❤❤

Jo Salisbury: Looks good Jass ,with the side part.❤

Canie Derrick: Beautiful

JoAnn Hill: I like the bob wig on you.

Nessa's Life: Love it! So beautiful

Kisha James: Beautiful..

Wake slay and eat words of encouragement: Good morning jazz, I love that lace. That color and style is you girl. Be bless

Georgetta Wells: Jazz, that color looks so beautiful on you.

Janair Chester: ❤❤❤

Marya Stark: Stunning, the color is perfection. Your makeup is impeccable. Just love it. You should be a model. This style is sophisticated. For a real woman ❤❤❤.

nictub44: That's nice

Lipsticked Pimp: You did your thang it's so cute I have to learn how to do wigs im going to check out the link

Marya Stark: Just started watching, your natural hair is in such beautiful condition and long❤❤❤

Taqueela Hubbard: Jazz dat color is pretty u look pretty

Grammie Grammie: Pretty nice color

Angela Pointer: Trifling

Mary Lovett: Beautiful

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