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So, hey guys, it's your girl, silla moon and i am back with another video for you, guys, um. You guys look at this hair. If you wan na see me install it and do what i do you guys better keep watching before i bring out to the installation, clip installation, yeah, installation and stuff whatever um, i'm gon na tell y'all quickly about this hair and what company sent it to me And all of that you know info stuff um. This is a 24 inch hair, but to be honest, y'all i think it's longer. I honestly think it's wrong because there's no way there's no way. This is 24. I don't know this is looking like a 26 to me, but it's a 24 inch and it's four by four. I didn't get to pluck the middle part just because i cannot find my tweezers but um yeah, it's a four by four. So it stops right here. That'S where the part stops and yeah y'all. I really like this hair. It came with the elastic band in the back um. You guys are gon na see that in the uh installation part but yeah guys, i'm really feeling this hair and of course there will be a discount coupon code. Um in the description below the link of this hair is going to be in the description box. That'S the type of hair, i'm wearing the back um. I don't know if i can see the length, but you guys it's pretty lit y'all, it's like very, very lippy and yeah. I'M really really like feeling this hair y'all like um, i'm feeling it hey y'all. The hair is so full like y'all. The hair is so so full i hate thin hair. I like it full. I want to feel like a freaking lion all right. So enough of me talking, let's get to the installation video. This is the lace here. If you can see this is the lace ropery, i'm gon na start. While this is drying, i'm gon na put some makeup on this. Oh and it comes with the elastic band too. Yes, thank you. It comes with an elastic band and yeah. You know. Let me just show y'all how it looks um inside so um yeah oops. Okay, i do not want it to touch the glue. I cannot wait. Y'All, look at that look at this look at how long this is y'all, i'm ready to hit the club my legs. Oh, it hurts all right. I cannot wait. Okay, okay, all right! Let'S see, hope i don't mess this up. I don't know what i'm doing. Okay - oh i'm supposed to cut that. I was supposed to cut this okay y'all i'll, be forgetting steps, but okay, i'm gon na lay i'm gon na. Lay it down hold on push it a little back more. You know, i'm just starting it. Okay, oh gosh! I think i was supposed to wait for it to dry, because that's when that white stuff be popping up okay, you know it's okay, we'll fix it, we'll fix it! Oh, my gosh, this hair is so pretty it's time to cut and it's either you do it right or you do it wrong. So i think i'm supposed to cut right here, i think, behind the ears. Why am i acting like it's my first time like, though i'm tripping? Okay, so behind the ears behind the ears? Y'All, now remember this ain't, no tutorial, okay! I know what y'all think this is, but this is not no tutorial. This is me just installing. Okay, i think i did this right. This is just me installing this lace, okay, because i am no expert, as you guys can see - no expert. Okay, i think right here i did this off camera. I cut these um thingies and um. I added some like glue under here for this one, and now i'm about to uh spray with guts to be so got to be clueless. Like that's your best friend, okay, i cannot install no wait late without this is the main freaking ingredient like you need this. I don't know how people do it without this. No, i look completely different but like i had to do a whole bunch of other steps, i finished everything and i sprayed everything so yeah. Normally i pluck the middle, but right now i cannot find my tweezers y'all. Like i don't know, i don't know where they went so uh, i'm just gon na have to work with whatever right now so y'all. I am not a baby hair expert or whatever. Okay. So y'all, i don't know what the hell i'm doing, but i'm gon na do something: okay, all right! So i'm just gon na use a tiny, teensy weensy of the gel the glue all right. So i'm just going to place some here and let's see oh gosh, this needs a lot of work. What the heck! What do y'all think? Is this too much? This look a lot y'all, i don't know, i don't know y'all just look a lot. I remember. Okay guys so i finished all the baby hairs. I did my best, you guys i am no like expert or whatever i did my best um. I think i'm gon na cut this part. I don't know, i don't know but y'all. This is my baby hairs. Okay, so now um yeah, i'm almost done so now, i'm going to like get a section and just comb out, i'm gon na come out this, i'm just comb it out and put some water in it just so we can, like you, know, slim down, so i'm Starting from the bottom, oh my gosh y'all, this hair is so good like it doesn't shed because, i'm sure, like you know it's normal for hair to shed. You know, but if it's like bad and that's bad, but i'm not getting no from this whatsoever like wow like that's how i know like this is good hair. I'M going to use this. I think i was supposed to do this first before i wet it, but i'm using this um this flat iron comb. This thing is hot, all right guys, so i put some more water on here we're on the hair to make it more um to make it more curly and and whatnot, but yo. I'M really feeling this hair now now that i really like laid it all together, you know made some more curls on it, like i'm, really really feeling it y'all, i'm feeling a little spanish curls, but yeah like this is like the finished look and the lashes i'm Wearing is for me they're called poison and they're on my website, page um. You can buy them there and yeah, like i'm really from the lashes. Okay, it'll be down in the description box below all right. So, thank you guys so much for watching and i will see you guys on the next video so make sure you guys stay tuned. Bye,

XoXo Your Closet: I ordered from them before and absolutely love them. Great video btw! ❤️

Ms Shan Noel: Looks great hun

Isis Mack: Very pretty!!!

Tanesha Crystal: very pretty

Rose Charles: I love thissss❤️❤️❤️

Magpie hair Kevin: So so beautiful

Kandy Butler: Love your energy! Going to hit club , Covid ☹️

ღEmi editsღ: Omg beautiful ♥️♥️

DJ Davis Beatz: Luxurious

Mane Authority: So how’s the hair now sis ?

Vanessa Adegoroye: Hey how’s the hair now

CUTTA TT GAMING: Hey Jennifer it's your cousin Alisha

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