Amazon Hair Review & Unboxing | Originea Hair | The Hair Extension Factory

My very first collaboration with Originea hair / The Hair Extension Factory

This hair can be purchased from and I've also seen it on for a similar price.


Origin - Brazil

Hair Type - Body Wave

Lengths- 12"-14"-16"+10" closure

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I really do love this hair. I like this, hey guys, welcome back to my channel Bella sweetie. So today is gon na be kind of like a more chill and relaxed type of video. If you guys haven't already go ahead and subscribe to my channel, I did just record another video of how to get these cool faux locs. I did these in like eight hours yesterday, so if you wanna get into how to do this yourself at home, go click. The link for the other video, I did a collaboration with the hair extension Factory, I'm so sorry, if you guys to kill all this rain in the background and it's been raining non-stop and I don't know why, but just bear with me, I'm gon na try to Talk kind of over the rain or whatever so and keep watching you guys want to get into this hair, not this hair, but my other hair just continue watching. So this is an unboxing video. Like I told you guys, I haven't touched the hair, yet I don't even know what it looks like. I just got it in the mail yesterday. So I'm like really excited to see what it's all about. The company is called a hair extension Factory. Let'S say so. The box says, originated origin, Mia origin, iya original Beauty, but they kind of liked it a play on the words it's kind of like weird and Young says soft and full can be styled, no tangle, no shed, no splitting, let's see with it okay. So this is like so interesting date. All things you this a little Mike lose muscle, wedding clashes. Anyways, let's see what the hair is talking about. I have, I think, 12, 14 and 16 inch Brazilian body weights. So these are the bundles here they seem pretty heavy for what they are. So this is a 12-inch. This is a 16-inch and this is a 14-inch bundles. Let'S go ahead and chop them open to see what this company is talking about super shiny. I love that my hands are just colliding through you guys to know. I love wigs. I'M doing dreads right now ice protective, not really protective style, because it's probably gon na be out in two weeks but um. I really do love this hair. I like this. I'M gon na get this meat into a bob wig. So do not be surprised if you see this on my timeline in a couple of weeks, so this is the 14 inch. So, oh my god, this hair off hope it is so soft like if I could put this hair through a freaking camera. Oh my god also had a 10 inch closure. So when I'm talking just straight bundles here that closes for us girls from like the wigs, I'm gon na preserve the netting and I'm also gon na preserve a filter bag that I just going with work. I'M gon na ship these to my sister. So she can make a wig out of it mmm. So that's the front, and I mean it's just a closure I feel like it doesn't stink. You know how a lot of hair stinks when you get it, because it's like on the black market or whatever this hair does not sink. It doesn't not smell like feet. I have seen a lot of, or not even seen like just smell it, impacting a lot of girls hear and smell, like straight toe jams. I'M gon na do an update it kind of like care review. Once I do the once, I'm making a full wig. I probably am gon na die this hair jet-black right now. It'S kind of like the natural brown that all weeks come in. Thank you for checking this video out, make sure you check them out. This hair came from Amazon people, Amazon, the bundles for the 14. 16. 12 and the 10 inch closure was what like $ 60, so you get three bundles enclosure or $ 60. It'S like hello. You cannot be that and it's good quality here now I'm gon na let fly iron. It I'm gon na curl it I'm gon na wash it like. I'M gon na walk you guys through this whole process and letting them know like for real, like how their hair is, but um. So far, so good. Like sixty one dollars, you have got to be kidding me like Amazon II, I'm gon na link it below, but guys check them out. Please, this hair is so amazing. It feels so good and I'm just going to give it a ten out of ten across the park. What'S going on guys. This is part two of the ham review tutorial video. Whatever you want to call it. This is MELAS beauty, so if you've been watching I'm since beginning, you know that I recently did a collaboration with or original Mia, whatever it called hair and I got it made into a wig. So this is the wig. It'S super cute. The hair did come in the longest of 16 inches, and this is a 12 inch bob. I ended up getting another frontal for it, not for until that closure. Just because, for this style a 10 inch, closure would have been about like right here, and I really wanted it to be all 12 inches so um. This is the end result. So so far I really have been enjoying this hair. I'Ve been wearing it for the past week, or so I got the wig back last week. I think um. So the day after I took my dreads out is the day that I got this and it could not have come at a better time. I love this wig. It was made for me by Lux, looks custom wigs um. The owner of this company is my sister, so I conveniently just asked her to make me a wig out of his hair. They sent me in. It is amazing, so I've had curls in it for the past, let's see about four or five days in the hair is just amazing, like the quality of the hair. Is super super good, like I told you guys in the earlier part of this video, it does not smell like feet. The hair doesn't stink at all. I'Ve really been like really enjoying it, so I'm gon na show you guys kind of how it curls and stuff like that. I have been using it's, not a heat protectant or anything like that. It'S just the living proof, wrist or smooth blowout concentrate, and this is what it looks like so cute, it's supposed to be used for blow-drying, but I just used to kind of smooth out my hair. Now I do notice that this hair gets frizzy, like my real hair would um when it's like humid outside and that's super annoying, but I just kind of spray, some a little bit of D phrase or instant D phrase from living proof on that to help control. My flyaways and stuff like that, so this is the way, and this is how it looks in the back. So it's a Carla. I take it off of my head and I put it on my mannequin head so comes with. This is the closure right here, and this is how it's constructed on the inside, so it has a lace, I'm at not lease but elastic band. On the back um. My head is so big, like I have to get a larger cap, because when I hit the small cap like it like slides back in all this, and my hair is just braid it back in nine foreign rows, and I made sure I had a part in The middle these rates are so old, they're about a week old now so maybe tomorrow or the day after I wash it, and then I just kind of braided all my core rows into each other in two braids and then I crisscross them, and then I put My stocking cap on on top attacks like this just a little bit and that's that's it. That'S why I wear my hair, so I heated my flat iron up to 410 degrees, so I'm just gon na go ahead in flat iron, one little part of it. I really like wigs too, because I used to flat iron my hair all the time, like literally all the time, and now that I have wigs like I could just flat under my wigs and wear. You know my hair straight without having to deal with humidity and all of that other stuff like this is just so convenient, so the hair is very movable like every. It looks like human, and I just did that across my whole head. I kind of parted it in sections of about like this, why I went through the whole thing and I just curled it like that for the front parts I just curled it towards my face and the back parts I caught it away from my face. So since we straightened it, we have to go back and curl it. Oh yeah, I really have been enjoying this hair and it's it's so bouncy. It'S not stiff like whatsoever, but yeah. I really happen to join this hair like it is amazing, go ahead and just comb these curls out with just this is a brush for permits when you want, but you can use a Denman or whatever um just use a thin tip brush but yeah. I kind of like my crust kind of be tossed with a little bit. I don't like really defined curls whatsoever. I kind of like the wavy. Look: that's pretty much it you guys thanks for tuning into this video and make sure you subscribe to my channel as well. There'Ll be many more wave, tutorials and hair tutorials coming up in the future. But if you're new to my channel, thank you for tuning in and we'll see you guys next time.

JASMINE VONAE: Hair is poppppin. I’ve always been skeptical of hair on amazon but the hair bomb

Style Lives Within Me: Currently on the hunt for some good bundles from amazon. I’ve never ordered hair from there lol def checking out your link

Hanna Smallwood: Out of all the hair reviews I have searched for yours was by far the most detailed! Thank you! However if you stumble across some deep wave hair link us lol. Faithfully subscribed <3

Cyrious: LMAO your picture on Amazon convinced me to buy this it looks so good on you!!!

K-Kay: I'm convinced... Your wig is natural looking and you are gorgeous! I'm glad it doesn't smell like "toe jam" LMAO

Sierra Martin: Order the hair in a 10 closer, 10,12,14 it was nice hair but it keep napping up and would not keep the body waves at all and very fizzy

Richard Mert: I ordered in originea but there’s no box

‎لاErin The Playgirl‎لا: Straight toe jams

Beautii Tv: Yesss best friend

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