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This is my very first video on youtube. I hope you guys enjoyed it! If you have any questions or advice for future videos please do not hesitate to comment below ♡

Hair Details: Nadula Indian Deep Wave 18,18,18,18 with 18" closure

4 bundle deal :

Curly 4x4 lace closure:

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And having hair it got me some me like anyway. The reason I made this video right so, as you can see, I asked them some herring I have. Finally, so there are some other ordered hair offline. I was so scared and actually the first few times it went really bad but I'll get to that. But first I want to get to the hair. Oh my god. I love this hair. I love it so much so it's hair from my doula care company founded within virgin hair, flew there. I believe it for the most part. It'S super soft and white and gold and know that it has like care instructions and what you should do. The hair was predicated watching it he's angling in and conditioning it bla bla any idea so yeah came and then I actually ordered it. During this promotion at Holland. They said he spent over $ 179. You get free cap like a happy, no tend to hat. I mean it's like free. I got what I paid for, but you know I was really looking forward to that. Hey, oh yeah, I didn't get a hat. I saw I'm saying that you know him when I was like you know it is serious. It was great. It actually came in a natural flap. I think it was like one fee, but it looks like I had to the brown to it so entirely sure, but it was a natural color and his virgin hair and I actually didn't believe I didn't add any color to it. I just bleached it. I use the Clairol little developer and stuff and offers all that links below exactly which volume I use and how much it took. And yes, I have the indian beach waves have four bundles in 1880's. I squeeze all for about this in here and I have a closure. Closure is actually not deployed because they didn't have that pattern. Only like three different batters with a straight or the body wave or curly. So I got curly, don't say: cuenta Bridget to fall a little bit and actually blended really nicely. So this is actually how the hair looked at. I was washed and conditioned and dry it and I've been running my fingers through it harder like I am now. I love it. I love it. I only have them in for a couple days but like so far, I love it. Many it's curly hair, I'm not gon na lie. It takes a little bit of maintenance, but I've had curly hair, curlier hair in this, and it's this is just how much easier to maintain than any could have ever had before, and I was so skeptical about ordering online because it's long like not get interesting and The fact that I found out this is an ally first company that was like it scared me even more because I actually tried to order from Aliexpress twice and they pretty much cancel my orders and just said yeah can't. I can't do that and one time. The second time they cancel my order. They said it was because they had it coupons violation, but it was actually a coupon that they added on their. Like, I didn't add, coupon. It was automatically added on to my order because I spent some twenty yeah and then started up being the reason I come to pair. I gave up on Aliexpress totally, I'm not knocking it for anybody, nothing. You know what I value. First foot six miles. I'Ve had with it nothing it's missing your whole, like nice, builders and Aliexpress company hit it, but they have their own website now. So you don't have to go through Alex, you go straight to the company and they should appear and hair, I believe, is from China. But it was processed and manufactured in California say what three days I ordered it on Sunday and I got another one thing so yeah. I was really excited like when I first processed it. I said it would take four days come along. I really want my hair from starting class. Oh yes, it came through USPS United States Postal Service and I just stuck it in on roblox. My goes when I was back and it actually came with a weaving cap. Apply didn't exist because I was I never. I never do I just like I scratch my head too much when I'm sleeping and I was just driving me crazy. If I could install my Scout, Oh see, I came with that and all of the other reviews that I sent about um, madula, hair, Pacific and eyelashes - I didn't get a mean, but I mean it wasn't on my order that were getting me just a hat and I'Ll change before that hat, so I wasn't getting my lashes but other than that. This company is great because my service is great babe. I got an email for every step of the way and they email me the tracking. So I could see exactly where it was and how long it was going to take and one was being processed and when it was shipped off, and I actually even got an email when it was in my city. And then there was shipped out from my local post office and then alerts in my house. That'S it that's awesome. I haven't really done things to hair. I really want to straighten it because I've never had Indian hair before, and I just heard and read that the easiest hair to straight me, because it's like more of a thinner texture, it's not, as course, so I will be trying, not probably with the next. We want I plan on living in for a while, since I'm starting class and exactly a week from so yeah, Oh for the hair, I haven't really done much to it, but I just when I go to sleep, I tie it down for my closure. I actually didn't use any like hair glue or glue that was glue that was made for closures because I was like I like my edges, so pretty cool and want to keep them that way. So I did a lot of research a lot of videos in YouTube. I can't even like give one person credit for it, because, like almost any videos, you need done the same thing, making the same stuff but pretty much. I just use this got to be ultra gel and I actually have the regular glue that they call it. When I got a photo one, so you wanted to stick but pretty much. I just put it under the closure. Just one part, so I slowed down so to sit down in the front part, and then I know press it onto my head and then just hold it there and then I'll. Be there just blow dryer for a couple of minutes. So the hard open, tryouts hired down Argyl additive - oh yeah, this cost about $ 7 at Walgreens, and I got a mom where it's probably dollars cheaper. But it's a nice highs bottle for what you're paying Oh. So I would usually just wake up and say it or like I'm watching this. I saw something I'll just take water and run my fingers. Do it so like pretty much I just three and then just run within this village and the interaction like totally full for curly hair, just really happy and it I said a little bit. I mean it's curly, hair, curly, hair essential. So if you're looking for hair just doesn't show at all, I would recommend getting like a body wave or straight we're just not immune hair doll side. I do not very much, but I would try to do is to meet your pattern of it. This traditional wave pattern of the closure and huge bundles okay. So this is the closure right here leave mine off. I know that was like crap and that isn't the closure. You can see it's like clearly quite right and then right here this bundle. It turned the big of a difference is more like the anchor career on the closure, but when you hold it all together, okay, then you know I'm going to edit it but see ya. Then this is me open. I'M learning to do this like that power, I'm shedding another. Does this down on the floor? Nothing plain about it later when it is soon this, oh yeah. So this is how it looks it's what it's not considered way inside so yeah, that's like pretty much it! I'M in love with this hair, like honest to god, when I took a shower last night, like I usually comb out my hair, like the timbrel it when I take a shower, I took a shower, didn't even need to use a brush because usually the brush, my Hair, it's curly, so when I'm tangled in a shower, I would just brush it or you pick a white tooth comb. You have to do anything. I recommend you do and we granted the hair is new. That'S probably why, but my finger is like literally just a tired tangled it. I thought it took she's running my fingers through it and yeah. I love it. I love it was hair like so much along, but I'm going to give me some along. There were typically hair, I feel, of straight hair. Oh yeah, okay, you know uh-huh. If you guys would like me to do a video on like a curly hair routine or how be my closure or anything just comment below and make sure you subscribe and get me a thumbs up in this video, you know yeah. Thank you guys for watching

Brittani Mani.J: Hi, what conditioner/shampoo do you use in the hair ??

Boo James: What products do u put in the hair?

Mae Chronicles: The cap their referring to is the “bald” wig cap.

PopularLoner: new subbie . :) I had to come back to your vid ! the hair is gorgeous . How did the hair end up holding up for you ?

A.: Can u post how it straightens

Hey Im Jinx: how long did it last and how often did you wear it?


Ashley Davis: hi, I loved your review! Can you tell me more about your closure?  Was it Indian, Brazilian, Malaysian. Did you buy a kinky curly closure? I just need a bit more info on the closure. I'd really appreciate it. I wan to purchase this hair. Thank you.

Damawah Ndorleh: Did you use the whole container of lightener

lakaay2: Is it a sew in or did you make a wig?

Amber Shaneria: Do you recommend this hair?

Dareeldeel Staytru: Does the hair mat up at the nape of the neck?

Mae Chronicles: Awe

M Anderson: Hi its me logan im on my moms phone

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