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Is this hi? My loves welcome back to my channel if you're new, here I'm Lita standing up on Nicole, Mrs M and if you're not new, thank you so so so much butterfly for coming back to my video, no um long time, no hair video! For me right, but today I have this amazing one for you. It'S from Vienna's hair, I'm going to have all the links down below, because I'm so in love with this hair, because just oh look how nice I didn't have to plug. I didn't even install this hair with the lights. I use the hand fan to install this hair. So if you like what you're seeing and you like to see how I got it, please keep on watching. If you end up enjoying give me a thumbs up, we're going to be installing this hair together, it's from Brianna's hair and it is so beautiful. Let me show you everything that came in the week. It came with a big box which, of course, FedEx has made bad, but Brianna's hair. This is their Instagram. I will get that in your in your wig. You also get this high quality. Recap you get lashes. They also get this bun to adjust. Your read in case it's big, and this is what the wig looks like look at this beautiful color. This is what the wig looks like on the inside. It has four cones and the hair is very soft, so every tag as well Brianna's, hair, good stuff, very well packaged and from what I can tell you this cup size is big. Okay, it's big before everyone putting on any recap and just put it on okay. It is very big, very comfortable. I don't feel tight. The frontal comes down ear to ear, as you can see, so I think outside. Please, I'm not sure I think, since the hair is brown, it doesn't matter. I don't know if I'm not saying that I need to place the knots we're just going to go straight into how I would install it. I'M a very simple, install girl because I love to protect my hair. Okay, I love to protect my edges, so I don't do this glue and I don't even keep my wigs on for so long, but really cool, but try notice today. Remember if you do this, could you please go ahead and do what you have to do? Okay, but that's not for me, I think it's a high quality makeup boy. I feel like it's irregular cup. Oh it's comfortable! It'S very big! Oh wow! Oh no! It'S not! Three! I'M gon na take that back. It'S very like there's a lot of space. Even after my head. That'S nice, that's nice! Then I actually have this school here. Well, I'm just so scared for my edges, so we're going to be using God to be today. I always love to use this Huda, Beauty. Tanto in medium to tense, my loose so I'll, be using it since this place. First, I don't even know if I want a center cut or a side part yes pattern. Space is four interested, I'm just going to spray. This got to be. I found that it seals the missing in foreign, like I'm, just noticing it right now, if you're a beginner like me, I don't know how to cut my ear tab, so I just cut it off from the wig at this point, so I don't just follow my Wig, I'm going to flip the elastic bands at the back too. It was one of the hardest things for you fixing your own week because I feel like if you have this Talent of doing your own video, so foreign skill to have you know you can get yourself glam wherever you are like it's a really good morning. Saving skill to have this is so beautiful, my goodness wow thank you brush just so I can just like a hot cornbread. Oh this hair from Brianna that is so beautiful. I'M thinking to do either a middle part or a side part, but I feel, like the middle part, will look prettier with this hair. Thank you we're going to start making it flat. Okay! That'S why you're coming with your hook? Comb again, did you see how that flattened, look at how much more bumpy this side is, and this side is no longer bumpy wow, I'm just going to use my got to be glue to spray it down right now. This is like my favorite thing to do. For weeks, foreign there's currently no electricity, so we are going to be installing this hair with around front I'm going to spray out so many times here to start getting tacky, because we're gon na make this install work. It must work. It was look stolen when we were born. Okay, thank you, foreign foreign, into this. It has gotten drier and I'm just taking it, I'm dropping it. I'M pressing the lace forward into my skin and that's what's giving me the Melt here. You see this place is melted compared to this side that you can still see the lace inside this market. So just in case you don't have a blow dryer, you can still make it work. Okay use this to just take care of those places that look a little bit lighter than my skin. So just I don't know if you can see that you see what I did. Thank you for the center part, I'm going to use this early girl Pro conceal and I'm going to mix it with this, just so that the concealer does not wipe away after I apply it. So I'm mixing it really good so that your pattern is defined. Okay, foreign store, so far, you just saw me: do that get the Parts lighter. I don't want to make it too light. I feel like that's, okay, yeah! Oh that's, okay and that's it. Let me let me get my earrings and then cover my install complete. Let me know what you think, obviously I'd love to hear your feedback check out, Brianna's, hair and let me know what you'll be trying out installing your hair with just a fan like I showed you, you got ta be versatile in this country. Okay, this is so beautiful and so soft honestly check out all the details in the description like don't even sleep on this hair. Don'T even sleep on this color, oh so beautiful, so beautiful and so soft honestly check out all the details in the description like don't even sleep on this hair, don't even sleep on this color, oh so beautiful! Let me show you how long it gets to on my back love how long it gets to off my back. Like my brothers, that's it my loss. Thank you for hanging out with me and getting this install popping check out Brianna's hair, I'm going to have every single link down below and they shift it directly to my doorstep here in kaduna, so you can get it anywhere. You are in Nigeria anywhere. You are in the world and it's super affordable as well. This exact color, this exact length, will you be trying it out? Is this something that you feel like it's right up your Island, because this is the person of doing this color of hair, and it just looks so pretty. Let me know what you think: does it suit me? Does this suit my skin um talk to me in the comments, butterflies and I'm going to see you in my next hair video or my next Vlog. I love you so so much bye,

Chichi Ogba : “VIBE WITH CHICHI”: The hair is beautiful and fits you perfectly ❤❤❤ I love how real your videos are and love the fact that you don’t fake perfection ❤. Will refer to this video when I want to install my frontal wig

bee cherry: I love this chocolate colour on your skintone and you did this wig due justice. It's pretty

Ije Awele: You really made the install work great work Lydia

Natasha Eze: The color of the wig and your skin tone matches perfectly Your makeup always flawless

E: The wig is beautiful and looks so good on you.

Stephy’s Space: The hair color suits you so well So beautiful

OGOM’S SERIES: The colour is perfect and you did great with the laying. Frontal is perfect too❤❤❤❤❤

uka precious: I'll definitely try installing my hair with just a fan, meanwhile the hair looks so good on you❤❤❤

Susan Michael: Love how u show us some of the struggles, so we know struggling is normal

Hafsat Momoh: The wig is so beautiful on you

matilda loveth: Lydia, I just came to tell you this hair suits you perfectly.

Nkechi Okeleke: This is your hair colour,it suits you perfectly the finished look and you are so beautiful Mrs M

chioma shalom: Exactly what I needed♥️

Eniola Ojo: Even before I finish watching I make sure to like the video already you look beautiful and the hair too looks lush

Blessing Barbie: The hair is beautiful, and it's suits you

Onyi: This hair, your skintone! It's giving ‍ love you Mrs M ❤️

PrayAlways: Looking Blessed! Beautiful couple and Beautiful style!

chammy: Always looking like a scrumptious beauty

victory activities TV: beautiful wig,nice makeup, thanks for sharing

Joy Aigbe: this colour looks fire on you girllllll

Welma coco: who else is binge watching lydia’s vlogs again??

AE's BEAUTY GLAMS: Beautiful hair❤

Rita Kobani: Can't believe I missed d premiere buh nothing spoil You don't disappoint moma, Co'mon!!! In Lydia's voice lolz you look so pretty. thank you for sharing ❤

Susan Michael: So now I can slay even when there’s no light God bless u❤️Because we in the Nigeria need this hack

Guchies Kitchen: Always beautiful ❤❤❤❤

Susan Michael: Know I’ll enjoy it so I’ve already given it a before even watching

Miracle Okoro: Your hair, skin, makeup on point U look so so beautiful

Precious Lefika🇿🇦: Sending you love and light mama, I love you You are soo authentic, and the fact that we love butterflies

Zee Madaki: The hair color on your skin

Naomi Abraham: Came in very late but just wanted to say it's so cute how our uncle will come n give our butterfly a kiss

Bolarin Oluwayemisi: See that installation abeg

Gimbiya: Beautiful hair

Susan Michael: So with this method one doesn’t even need to use that band to lay the front even more

SANDEE THOMAS: A Beaut❤ That wig is wigging ejoor❤

Kemi Odeniran: Did u get a new lense? because this video is giving ❤❤

Uduak Otu:

Blessing Asemota: Notification gang…. Hey cutie❤❤❤ … perfect installation

Kiki Onyesoh: I like the hair colour

Adaobi chukwuma: Your videos are so nice

Adeyemi Oyindamola: The colour of the wig on your skin tone is perfect but what doesn’t look good on Lydia Stanley sef

shiyayet bakut: Weldone lhidia, when are we having a wig sale na?

Chichi Ciana Tv: Our video is finally out

Silver godwin: My cutie butterfly ❤

kareemah's TV: This beauty wan injure me

Discovering_YOU with EXCEEDING Joy: U looking lush, sweet, soft, chocolaty, all yummyness....

Hasia Mahadi: My regards to your husband

Hasia Mahadi: ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️huraaaay

Hasia Mahadi: Love you dearly

Nonso Mokwuah: First❤

Thelma Daniel: First comment yayyy

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