She Is Serving Texture | Outre Synthetic Hd Lace Front Wig - Annie Bob 12

Welcome to my channel, I'm doing a tutorial on this wig i bought which is Outre Synthetic HD Lace Front Wig - ANNIE BOB 12. So if you like this video then do not forget to click the subscribe button down below, leave any comments and ill see you kaybirds next time.

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Outre Synthetic HD Lace Front Wig - ANNIE BOB 12

Color: 1b

Price: 25.99

Direct Link:


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intro:Music by Animus Volt - Young Girl -

background: Music by Terry Saige - Memories -

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Oh so i am giving you the looks with this unit, so i will be doing a hair tutorial today on this little bomb unit that i did order. So if you would like to see how i did this very simple, quick and easy, then go ahead. Stay tuned and continue watching and if i did not say so myself, my name is kimmy k make sure you do subscribe down below hit the like button. So we're going to be reviewing today is going to be by outrage. It is going to be this lace front wig, which is the um any bob 12 inch wig, and i do have it in the color 1b. So this right here is your packaging that is going to be the stock card. Up close, it does say that it is a pre-plugged lace, part and it does have hd transparent lace, and then this is the back. They do have different colors and then it is showing you the side and back of how it is so. It looks like it's going to be like a angled bob, so this is what the wig looks like. As you can see, it does have some texture. It is a natural yucky um, like a wig, so it is very, very pretty, and then this color it is not like shiny whatsoever. So you do have your two combs that are going to be on the front and then you do have a comb in the back and then you do have your adjustable straps and then this is going to be the lace part. And then the lace is like on the light brown kind of side. So this is what it is. Looking like on and starting out girl give you too much lace to be cutting off um the hair. It is shedding just a little bit, but it's not too much, and then i like the hair is so freaking silky, like i love the texture of this hair. It is so freaking freaking silky. So that is what it is. Looking like, like this looks so freaking bold, you just still press your hair. It looks so freaking bomb like a fresh silk and cut like hair. Oh, this is so pretty i'm in love with this okay and then that is going to be the parting space. So the parting space does look good um. They do give you baby hairs on this unit, but i'm just going to use my own, so the lace has been cut off. So i'm going to go in with this maybelline fit me powder in 362 truffle and i'm just going to put that powder just like in the parking space on the bottom of the wig. So i don't use any foundation because it's like just a part so and then two i got on this light stocking cap, and so i won't have to change it. Hopefully, then, i'm gon na go ahead and put it on on top as well so look. I can see it, so that's what it looks like and then i of course i got my stocking cap on so i'm gon na go in with my um concealer just to see if i can just conceal it up and i'll. Take my stocking cap off and i'm using the maybelline fit me. This is in the color cafe, okay, so that is looking good. I just need to clean it up because girl at this point, i'm just getting it all over the lace but yeah. I like that. So now i'm gon na go back over it with that powder, and now i'm gon na go in with some mousse just to kind of tame this part down to the flat. Then i'm going to be using this bb foam wrapping mousse, and this is also going to help me clean up that concealer okay. So i'm just going to pull that back a little bit and then go ahead and work on my baby hairs. Um, i'm going to go in with my style factor, edge booster and i'm going to actually do my actual baby hairs, not the wigs baby hairs. So now i'm going to go in with a wax stick, because i do want different density, damn oil. So this is what this wig is looking like. So let's go ahead and talk about this wig, so this week is going to be miss outre annie, starting out the texture. Like i said, it's going to be your natural yaki texture and it is so freaking silky and pretty so it looks so freaking good in person like it looks like a human hair kind of um pricey kind of wig. But this right here was on the low because it ain't nothing but a little lace, part unit. So i really really do like that. Like the texture, it just looks like so freaking, expensive and quality like it looks very, very, very, very, very, very good um. You do get like some strands here and there as far as um shedding, but it's like nothing major. As you can see. I have pink shirt on. You, don't see any hair on me, so i do like that about this um. I didn't like glue this wig down, so it does look a little funny because my hair did blend in with my foundation, but i didn't want to use the baby hairs on this wig. So yeah i still like it though um but yeah you can choose to use baby hairs if you do or do not want to um. I did this applied my um concealer and powder just to blend that out as y'all did see, so you don't have to go overboard with trying to get this to look nice. I do think um it did. It was easy to you know, get it to look like my skin tone, which i do like. I did not apply any heat on this wig whatsoever. I just used some um mousse and then i used like a waxing just to keep the hair down in place. If you don't have a wax that you can use like some freezing spray or something just to spray and then comb through the hair, so that it doesn't keep moving and stuff, especially if you're going out and in the wind, then it is a little cold outside. So it is a little bit windy so and if you are going outside it's windy, i was go ahead and say spray this bad boy down. So it is not going everywhere because this wig right here it is a big uh, big, head friendly unit. So be careful with that, like i said um i did not use the combs, so it is sliding back just a little bit um. I did only put my freeze spray right here and that's really not enough so um yeah, but other than that. I think this is a gorgeous gorgeous unit. My only con is going to be like right here in the middle. It feels like it's bunching up. I can't really see if it's bunching up like until i play this clip back, but it is right here. It'S like right here, you can feel it bunch it up and then it feels like tracks are showing which i'm not sure. If there are traction, it just feels like it and it feels a little thin right there. So um. I will leave the link down below or where you can purchase this unit at. So, if you like this video, please do give me a thumbs up any questions or comments. I did not answer leave those down below and i will see you guys in my next video

Brittany N.: Yes baby! She is serving fall vibes! Love it

Shalanda Smith: I just got this one for my bday. I love it. It is lovely on you.❤️

Vicky Landing: Thanks for sharing very natural looking and thanks very much for all the wig listings

Fee-Bee Romero: This one of my favorite units. Beautiful on you.

Carrie M: I'm excited from ya intro like it me wearing it! You talk so calm, it's soothing over here on ya channel Your makeup is BEAT! BUT Baybeeeee!!!! U look so Good in Annie!

Ashley Fitz: Your so pretty and thank u for this review

I AM SO KIYRA: Hey I love your talent on making the wigs look like 1,000 wigs. Can you tell me the product you’re using that’s in a clear short bottle, you used it to roll it on your hair before you use the hot comb?

Kie RaShon: Yeeessssss she looks bomb on you!

Power of Knowledge: Do you think a wig grip will work well with this wig?

The Dark Skin Marylin Monroe: Call the dam police , Kimmie K round here putting her hands on this wig and completely dragged it! Yeahzzzz hon tea ..

Caribbeandiva25: Cute

Power of Knowledge: That's crazy you are in Temple I'm in Killeen. Sorry just surprised someone in my area is on youtube.

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