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Can you guys see the lace, lace? Wear, hey everyone! Welcome back to another video in today's video i am going to be trying out and reviewing love me hair. The box looks really luxurious and beautiful. I love the purple vibe. This video is sponsored by love me, hair, love, me, hair is an affordable luxury. Company they've got beautiful, wigs and extensions on their website. Like the one i'm going to be trying out in this video, you need to go check them out. The wig i'm going to be trying is a hd on detectable coily wig, the hair comes with deep items. These are the items we have in the gift pack. These are a lot of things in one box. I'M going to go ahead and install this week all right. So this is what it looks like on me. As you can see here, i haven't caught the lace. I still have the lace in case. You can't see clearly see how natural looking the lace is. It'S an undetectable lace. The hair is so soft and bouncy. You can actually wear this wig as a glue last week. If you do not want to melt it down, i'm going to show you guys how that works, so we're going to cut the lace. So normally i would glue down my hair before cutting, but because i want to show you guys how invincible this lace is. That'S why i had to cut it do so. This is what my lace looks like. Can you guys see the lace? Lace wear the wig, the lace is given, it looks so beautiful and natural. The hair is super soft and bouncy. Let'S do a test. Let me show you how bouncy it is alright, so this is how bouncy these yeah this week is super beautiful. What i like most about this week is the fact that the lace is undetectable. You can actually wear this wig without gluing it down. Now that it's glued down it looks even more natural and beautiful, like really beautiful, as you can see, i did brush out the hair and the clothes bounced back. I'M loving everything about this week from the undetectable list to the beautiful curls. I'M going to put a link in the description box below in case you want to go check out this hair thanks for watching guys. I'M going to see you on my next video. Take it easy foreign

lil derry: Girl good to have you back love the new content just what i needed you slayed the wig

Gloria Helen: Great detailed video but I still can't lay a wig on myself

Diamond Dream Playz: You are beautiful love the wig It look just natural on you LACE WHERE new subscriber

мίά: Did you bleach it ?

Ima Colbert: Fast shipping???

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