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Foreign, I am back again with another video in this video. I'M going to be showing you this gorgeous unit from Love Me, hair, y'all, the summertime is right around the corner, so the curly units are about to come out. Okay, I like to just show y'all the unboxing of the hair, so y'all can see exactly how it came to me. This unit is going to be a hundred percent glueless and with it being 100 glueless, this wig is beginner friendly. I'M going to show you exactly how I put the unit on how I style the unit which is going to be really quick like this is a throw on and go unit because you don't have to do anything to it. Everything is already done, but you know what I'm not going to talk too much, because I'm going to give you a full review of this unit and all of that good stuff, so just enjoy the music and watch me. Transform this wig and I'll be right. Back foreign smell of your head here in my bed, I Wan na, Be With You Always cause. That is what my heart says I Wan na Be With You Always you are my world in every place, foreign without you, I am just a chance cause. That is what my heart says: all right, you guys and, as you can see, this is going to be the finished look of this unit. Y'All one thing I love so much about love me, hair units and, as y'all know, I've been rocking them since last year. I think this month makes an entire year that I've been rocking their units and I love their HD lace on all of their units. It Blends in so well with your skin complexion. It literally like melts into your skin. Not only that I didn't have to put anything on the actual lace like I didn't have to bleach or not. I didn't have to pluck anything, did not have to glue this down y'all. This is completely glueless and I'm gon na show you that this unit is glueless. You'Ll, see me pick it up off my head y'all, I mean it gets no better than that. We all know that when it comes to these wigs, whether it's a um, frontal, wig or a closure, the lace it needs to be as seamless as possible and I haven't met a vendor or a hair company. Yet that gets it like love me, hair. Okay, on all of their units, literally on every single unit, is the same. So you can see that this is the hair, the luster, the texture. I love um, the lighted body foaming mousse is always a go-to on all of my units, I'm starting to use it on the straight units as well, but you can see this one isn't as curly as I would normally get. I would say it's like a light. Water wave so to speak, very soft. It is long it kind of stem to stand on my tippy toes, so you can see it a little bit. It'S coming like below like right below my boob area. I might have to zoom the camera out, so y'all can really see it I'll put that clip in, but I love it. I am 5 feet tall and when I turn to the back, it is coming like right above my butt area. So this length is literally perfect, especially for my short girls. I, like myself, I didn't have to put any products on this hair. The only product you saw me use was the Lottie body foaming mousse and I did go in. Oh also. I forgot. I did use the wax stick to make sure that the wig was as flat as possible, because that's one thing we want to make sure is that our wigs are laying flat. Okay, the flatness is the key to the wigs and the key is me so yeah yeah. The only other thing I had to put on this hair is, of course, Down The Parting space. I did go ahead and add some of my Foundation powder. That is just to give it that natural seamless look without having to pluck the hair. We want to make sure that our wigs last as long as possible - and this is definitely going to be one - that I want to be able to pull out and wear elsewhere. I can definitely say that with the Combs and the elastic bands that's installed inside of this unit. It is amazing because it gives me that tight feel like this. Wig is literally not going anywhere and I am pulling ain't going nowhere - sis it's definitely secure. The wig is secure, okay, um, so that definitely helps me wear it glueless, because for me I like to take my wigs on and off, especially once they start getting hot and it's coming up towards Springtime, just to have all that glue and Gunk and gel and Stuff, lingering on your lace, I just would rather not so if I can go glueless I would love to and how flat this unit is, laying without me having to do anything to it is literally like it's amazing. I literally only have one con with this unit and the con may just be a personal preference just because it's I think it's personal um, but there may be other people they that are just like me, so I just wish that the wig had more volume to It this is kind of reminds me of just like a straight uh a bone straight unit, and you just put like some crimps in it just to make it a little curly. I just feel like if it gave me a little bit more volume like if I put it up to here and it fall down, I would love it 10 times more than what I do right now, but I mean it is a gorgeous unit. Didn'T have any Tangles no shedding? No, nothing didn't have to wash it didn't have to bleach. Any knots didn't have to pluck anything. 1010 would definitely recommend when they can come straight out of the pack, and all you have to do is throw it on Jazz. It up just a little bit and go. Those are my typical units, and now, if I were to take this off and throw this on tomorrow, it's already good and in place. I got the part straight. I have it laying flat up here. I got the curls in formation, so it is literally a throw it on and go in five minutes or less. It gets no better than that. So y'all already know how I do. I'M gon na put all the information down in the description box below for you. If they gave me a coupon code, I'll definitely list that down, so that you can get some money off as well. Thank you so much for tuning to this video. If you could, please like comment, subscribe and share, and I look forward to seeing my next video thank you -

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