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But this unit is specifically for the summer. I am stuck in the middle yeah, I'm stuck in between hey Beauties. Welcome to my channel. It'S your girl, Claire Moy. I am your favorite wig influenza, wig slayage, and I'm here today with another unit from love me here. Y'All, but this unit is specifically for the summer. Okay, I mean you can wear it year round, but I'm definitely gon na rock this during the summer, because it's ventilated a ventilated, wig yeah. I could feel I'm literally touching my scalp right now, like I am touching. My it's a sculptor scalp sculpt, I'm touching my hair right now. I'M touching my hair right now. Yeah look at that hold on hold on it is ventilated y'all. So that means that it's not gon na be hot during the summer time, because listen, wigs and me with heat, it doesn't work. So, as you can see, I already have the even lace spray around my hairline and I have like three or four layers on this time, because I was getting distracted a lot and every time I came to put the wig on the lace. Uh spray was dry. So I had to spray another layer, but what I'm going to do now is I'm going to go right in and put the wig on, and you want to make sure that that lace, Bond or the got to be glue whatever adhesive you use. I only use hairspray like lace, spray um. Even you know stuff like that. I don't use lace glue. You want to make sure that it is nice and tacky and definitely do like two layers. Two or three layers should be sufficient enough. I have way more today. So it's going to be a little bit difficult for me to take it off, and I did not sleep in my wigs on I'm always going to blow dry my lace to make sure that it is dry before applying my elastic band. While the elastic band is on, I always like to go in with my hot comb and just flatten out that hair, and then I do my eyebrows. While I allow my lace to melt and my elastic band to do its job and it is melted, honey. Look at that so it's time to finally cut off that lace, so we can also do the rest of our makeup and I like to use a razor to cut up the lace, because this allows it to have a more Jagged look now. This is my favorite part y'all. This is what makes or breaks your lace. You want to apply a little bit of the spray and then blow dry it and then apply your elastic band again. Now I've done my Foundation, I've done my eyes and my concealer and that gave that elastic band the time to do what it needs to do. I'M brushing out the curls that this wig came with and then I'm going to use my flat iron to really get the top of my hair super flat. Even though I'm going to keep the curls on the bottom, I want the top to be really flat and straight and to bring those curls back. I took my curling iron and I just curled my hair yeah. This wig is extremely easy to do what I got ta do all right Beauty. So this is the end of the video I still have to curls in and the curls are holding really well y'all. But let's comb it out to see what that look is giving you know the wig came curly, so I already knew that it was going to hold a curl and this is it yeah. Let me show you all the back foreign. So, as always, love me here does provide some goodies for you. That'Ll make your wig application easier. This time they send me some um earrings, that's cute wait! I can actually wear it right now hold on okay, so I put the earrings on. They go really well with my necklace. So with the earrings came a wig cap, not a wig cap. Well, they do provide a wig cap as well with the wig cap. Also came this um elastic band that you can wrap around your hairline and make sure that your edges are staying laid. While you are running errands, it's really cute, it's cheetah print and it's it's cute. You can wear to the gym too. If you wear wigs to the gym, then you can use a cute little headband to have it around your hairline, so your edges stay late and they also provided a wet brush, not a wig brush. What is this called a edgy brush y'all? This lace is a five inch by 13 lace, frontal. I did make The Parting longer, because The Parting actually stopped right here. I made it longer because I love a long middle part and I really like the five inches because it goes really far back. I don't like when the lace like when it stops right here. I want my part to go all the way back, so I really appreciate that as well. I didn't do much styling with this unit at all. All I did was cut a few layers in the front to frame my face and I cut um the bottom, just like I just feathered the bottom to just make it uh more. Even on the bottom. Most of Love Me hair, all the wigs I've received and that I see the girls talking about they're, always pre-plugged pre-bleach, and this one is no different. The only thing I did do was, of course put some makeup on and I also removed the Combs that were on the side as well as the comb. That'S right here on the Dome, I always remove those pieces. So if you enjoyed this video as much as I enjoyed making it, then please give your girl a big fat thumbs up. Leave me some comments down below. Let me know how you how you like this look like, I know you will rock it, and I really feel like a ventilated. Wig is the new wave, especially with the summer weather, coming up and then subscribe, and, as always, I will see you all next time. Bye I've got a

Beryl Braaf: Love love lovvvveee the wig! You look stunning!!❤️

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