Luvme Hair Reddish Purple Yaki Straight Bob Wig With Bangs | Install And Review

LuvMe Hair Reddish Purple Yaki Straight Bob Wig With Bangs | Install and Review

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Length: 10 inches

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Hey guys for all the details on this reddish purple Bob unit from buff me hair, keep watching big moves. Who said they looking for me, hey guys! Welcome back to my channel. My name is Stephanie. If you're new here welcome, I'm gon na be doing a wig review today from lovely hair. Here it is, but before we go any further, if you are new to my Channel, please do me a huge favor go ahead and hit that subscribe Button, as well as that notification Bell and send it to all. So you do not miss a thing on my channel on my channel. I do so many different things from wig reviews, hair tutorials, clothing, hauls, DIYs recipes and sometimes even an occasional Vlog. So this is the unit that I am going to be installing today and reviewing giving you all the specs all the details, all the pros and cons you need to know about this unit um, but before I go ahead and install this unit, I'm gon na go Ahead and jump to my unboxing, so you can see what this unit looks like just straight out of the box um all of the goodies that came along with it. Also, how I styled this unit so you'll see that in just a moment and then I'm going to come back to go ahead and install this unit and provide you with all of the pros and cons on this unit. So you know what to do. Keep watching. All right guys, so you already know with the purple and gold Box means so inside the box, of course, is the units we'll get to that in a moment also, this mesh bag to store the units. A thank you letter, a pack of wig caps. Also, this iridescent bag. That says, I love me, hair and inside this bag. Is this leopard print elastic band with the velcro to help melt the lace? But, of course, this unit does not have any lace, also a pair of silver hoops and an edge brush. Also in the box is a user guide to show how to care for the hair in the return policy. So now let's go ahead and take a look at this unit, so this is lovely hairs, put on and go reddish purple Yaki straight bob unit with bangs. It'S 10 inches long has two combs in the front, one in the back adjustable straps and elastic bands. I wanted to give you all a close-up of this Yaki straight texture, as you can really see it right here in the back, so this unit is pretty much a blunt cut, Bob with bangs and a face frame. So here is the unit just straight out of the box. As you can see, it needs a little bit of work and I prefer to style this unit on my mannequin head. So I'm just taking my shears and kind of cleaning up the bangs um so that they are basically where I need them to be. Of course, you could just wear this unit, how it looks just straight out of the box. This straight look, however: I need a little bump to my Bobs, so I am going to use my flat iron to will give this unit a little bit of a bump, so I am sectioning off the back portion of the hair and just taking sections of the Hair and using my flat iron to give it a slight bump, make sure not to give it that super duper Church bump we all used to have on Easter Sunday back in the day. You all know what I am talking about, so just make sure that you're working your way up with layers and taking small sections of hair and taking your flat iron and just bumping the hair, giving it a slight Bend. Should I say not a bump but a slight Bend? Let me just go ahead and correct myself right now, a slight band. I am going to do this all the way up, the back of the hair, and then I am going to move over to both sides of the unit. Doing the same thing working my way up and just giving a slight Bend to the hair, and then I am going to come back when it's time to bend the bangs foreign foreign. Have you subscribed to my channel? Yet if not, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and hit that subscribe Button, as well as that notification Bell and set it to all, so you do not miss a thing on my channel. I have some pretty spectacular things coming your way and I do not want you to miss them foreign assistant. So now it's time to work on these bangs - and I am just working in sections again, but I am noticing that there are some long pieces. So I'm just taking my shears again and just snipping those right off no big deal and then using my flat iron to gently bend the hair, not a bump. I had to correct myself last time just a Bend foreign comb through and if the bangs look a little lopsided, don't worry. I did not cut too much off on that side. Um. The unit is just not straight on a mannequin head, so I noticed that the face frame you can barely see it, so I'm just taking my shears angling downward and just cutting a face frame on both sides of the unit, but that is pretty much it. This unit is ready for install. I love prepping, my units ahead of time, so that I can just throw them on my head when it's time to install all right guys. So I am back. Usually I do a voiceover when I install units, but this one is going to be super quick and super easy. I already styled this unit on my mannequin head um after I took it out of the box, so I just gave it a slight bump and then cut the bank just a little bit and did a little bit of a face spring, but that was it. So I'm gon na go ahead and just throw this unit on my head right now, um. So while I'm installing, I'm also going to be providing you all of the specs of this unit. So again, this unit was sent to me from Love Me hair. It is their put on and go reddish purple. Layered cuts, Yaki straight minimalist lace, Bob wig with bangs, and I am just adjusting the adjustable straps right now. Uh this unit is 10 inches long elastic bands around the back of my head 10 inches long. It only comes in 10, inches and price, for this unit is a 179.90 um. This unit also comes in a natural black color as well um, so it has a face frame, breathable, thin bangs, and it has this tiny bit of lace right here in the middle to make it look more natural. This unit is definitely beginner friendly um. It'S 100 Virgin Hair, 150 density and a medium cap size. So as quickly as I went over the specs of that unit, I just installed it as well, so here it is. Let me give it a little quick comb through and, as you can see, it has that little bit of layering face frame right there and I'm going to just pull it back just a little bit, because my forehead is like super tiny um. So there all right - and it's this little piece of hair right here - put on my scissors. So is this one piece of hair right here: okay, come over here as well, all right, so that is it! So let me go ahead and turn around, so I can show you all angles of this unit so of course front and side and back I love the length of this stops right here at the bottom of my neck side again and front. So let me just go ahead and jump right into the pros and cons of this unit. Pro number one for me color, this color is absolutely gorgeous. It'S not super bright um. I love a subtle red unit and this is like a mixture of red and purple, which is really really pretty. Let me give you all a close-up also another Pro for me is the texture and, while I'm up close, let me go ahead and show you the texture of this unit. So it's a Yaki straight texture, which is becoming one of my absolute favorite textures. It'S very natural: it's not silky straight body and movement to it. Look how fluffy and bouncy this unit is, and that's all because of this texture is so beautiful and this unit I did not co-wash it. I did not wash it or anything um. This is pretty much just straight out of the box. Now I did bump the unit just a little bit, but that's pretty much it so definitely a beginner friendly units. We love a beginner friendly unit where you could just throw it on and go um the length of this unit. So it's 10 inches long stops right here, perfect for spring and summer, absolutely love a bob and who I mean who doesn't love a Bob? I think that's just second nature: all girls love a bob, and this one is absolutely gorgeous love how the bangs are kind of thin um they're, not super bulky, so love that and if they are just a little too long for you just push the unit back. Just a little bit and you're good to go love how flat this unit is at the top. So again it does have that little bit of lace right there to just make it um more natural. Looking and I love the face frame to this unit as well. So I do have to go in with my own shears to just Define it just a little bit more but easy peasy. It was super easy to do. Um price super, affordable 179.90, especially since this is a 100 Virgin Hair unit. So, yes, it can be dyed, but why would you want to alter the beautiful color of this unit um? It does come in that natural black color. So if you wanted to get that one instead, you have that section but um. This one is just bald and very very pretty, but again the color is not super super loud. I can't hit with colors like that and this one. Oh, it's just very, very pretty. Let me again lots of movement, lots of it's just fluffy and bouncy beautiful beautiful, and this one is what was it 150 density? It'S definitely enough. Hair on this unit, medium cap size fits my head very, very nicely. Ear tabs fall exactly where I need them to fall um. I have not noticed any kind of shedding with this unit at all, so that's always a positive as well um, of course, no tangling. So I'm not really seeing any negatives on this unit at all, because it's a look um already comes in a style. Um color is absolutely amazing, so that's pretty much it for this unit. Um, all the positives. Here, no negatives, I'm gon na go grab a hat. Really quickly because this is just reminding me of like a trip to the winery, so let me show you with a fedora really quickly, so I am back and got my Fedora here. So yes, it is giving Winery Vibes for me again perfect for spring and summer. So I just wanted to show you with some options here. Super duper cute, especially with my little tap here. Yes, and I'm also going to show you what this unit looks like um in natural light outside as well. So you can see exactly what I'm talking about. Um with this color, it is not super duper bright. It'S the perfect, perfect color and I kind of ruined it with the hat, but just a quick comb through with my fingers, and we are back in business, so yeah, I'm gon na insert. Maybe a clip of me outside, so you can see the exact color and natural light um, but I think that's it. For this video also make sure you use my promo code for 25 off snh25. I'M gon na put everything down in the description box. For you, a link to love me, here's the website a link to this beautiful, beautiful unit um, as well as my promo code as well, so the 25 off SMH 25. Again. Thank you so much for watching this video. Thank you for all of the support. I definitely appreciate it like comment subscribe and, as always I'll see you all next time,

Lynetterene: I like how this shows you can really make your unit your own....looks real! (OK back to the video )

Nette’s World 🌎: I love this color and bob unit!

Gem M: Very pretty, loving the color and length! What temperature do you recommend for Yaki straight hair on a flat iron? I recently purchased a yaki straight bob from LuveMe.

KiKi D: That's gorgeous on you!

Ruth Wells: Very pretty and NATURAL looking

Lynetterene: That's a very pretty color on you

Brandon Henley: ❤❤

Sammy Da Goat: Third Comment Bomb Hair Color Thumbnail Always On Fleek

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