Wand Curls On The Best Glueless 4X4 Pre-Cut Lace Closure Unit!! Ft. Klaiyi Wig

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Tell me what you think, all right, beautiful people I had to braid my hair up. This is a pre-cut 4x4 and once I've seen that it said pre-cut lace, I was like okay. I have to try this out. This is just going to make the process 10 times easier and you're not gon na have to deal with much also closure. Wigs are known for it to be like glueless and you don't have to add any glue hairspray anything like that, so that just cuts down your install time even more one thing I do appreciate about this unit from clay IE, is that they added the Combs. It does have like this rubber piece back here and I feel like that's supposed to give like a snug fit. I'M gon na pop this on and see if I can feel a difference in snugness with this little piece right here, but it also comes with an elastic band in the back. I just end up taking mine off because I just wasn't in the mood to have it on. I do want to show you guys the inside of the unit. It'S super breathable and you know you can put your fingers straight through that 4x4 up here. As you can see, and there's no lace, so that's why it's considered pre-pluck again - and I really do like the construction of the wig y'all, already know how I feel about the Combs. So this is basically what you are getting if you are interested in this unit from clay guyi. I just wanted to show you guys, I'm going to keep it in the middle today and we're gon na do long curls. So I'm super excited, but before I pop it on, I do like to use a flesh tone, wig cap, and this is going to help the wig stay in place, as well as look realistic in The Parting area. But I'm also going to add some lace. Tint mousse because I feel like the transparent tint to it. The lace isn't transparent, but it does have like a transparent tint to the front part of the lace and yeah. This is going to be glueless today. Just so, you guys can see how nice and snug fitting this is now that I have these anchor braids on the side girl. This is literally like a glueless moment. This is the mousse that I use. It'S from Eva, New York and mine is in the shade medium dark brown apply this and it just melts it in and when I say girl, this is gon na, be like your go-to one of your favorites get into the latest, melts of it all, and it's Not even lay down like I love that it looks really really flat back there and that comb is just laying right where it's supposed to and what I'm gon na do is just flatten out the top part of the hair. Because you know this is a closure girl. We got to make this look like it's growing out of the scalp. Now that candle behind me smells so freaking fun, I got it from Bath and Body Works. It'S called Tiki beat, but I bought something called like something petals. Those are my top three right now and it just has my house smelling so good and it actually matches the candle matches in my living room. A package came from my birthday dress. I was about to start screaming, but that's DHL, I'm waiting for a UPS package today they said my dress should be here at seven, so I needed to chop chop. I need to get my duck Clips before I start this. I already added, like some nice heat protectant spray in the hair, and I like to use the pattern Beauty on my hair, but sometimes I I don't be stingy with my weave and I'll put it on my weave too so today I did that okay, so here's My clip, since it has 60 pieces, I probably already lost like five um. I bought this specifically for a get ready with me that I did that video was filmed first and that's when I have bought this top and if y'all are interested in the top. I actually had got it from Nordstrom's Rack, so we're gon na see what this curl looks like right here finish this up on this side and then I'll probably turn the camera off. So you guys can um. So you guys are not torture with the whole entire process until I get up towards the top. Thank you. I don't want the pieces to be too thick, so I'm taking good as good amounts of hair, but nothing too crazy and nothing too thin, because I don't want to be here all day and we only work with 60 Clips. But I think we have more than enough clips, but I'm taking the hair all the way down on the barrel, leaving it on the barrel for about 20 seconds girls. This Georgia weather, is a trip when I say a trip, it doesn't know if it wants to. Just be given tornado watch kind of Vibes or if it wants to be pretty outside, if it was the rain, it's just a mess. I feel like you know, of course that's what we're dealing with, because it's spring and that's what comes with spring. I don't know. I'M just I'm just over it, I just don't understand the coldness of it all like today, it's cold. I seen this post. That said, I think it was like 62 days until summer, and I was like I'm gon na start with up here now. Tell me what you're saying, oh, that was hot all right, so we're gon na move on to the rest. I will come back when I am complete, but this is what they look like so far for you to add your income ratings. That is like my that's. What I'm realizing is key right now, because trust me, if I didn't have this these anchor braids my would be slipping and sliding. Here we go your eyes all right, you guys, so this is basically the cut I'm going for with the hair is giving very peanut Vibes, and every time I do my hair and like paint curls, I feel like this is like the best style to go for When I do a look like this, I don't know why it just suits the moment. So I've cut a decent amount of hair. It may look like it's shorter than what it is just because I put lots of pin curls in the hair, the amount of body. That'S in the hair makes it look super nice, but still natural, picking the salon, Graphics, black hairspray and I'm just going to close this up a little bit, I'm just going to add a little Hairspray comb this out and then put the heat on it.

Klaiyi Hair Wigs: The curls are gorgeousThanks for your sharing. This "wear&go" wig is super quick and easy to wear(only 3 seconds), and also be worn by women who are allergic to glue

lola Monroe: Fire ❤ would love to see this style and unit with a side part

Pamela Gordon: Beautiful curls ❤❤

👑PRINCESSFRMALMIGHTY 👑: This how I wear my real hair when I wear it out. Looks like my hair

Jerica Leigh: Love this look also

Dee Luther: Great Video As Always Love That thumbNail Tho Drop Dead Gorgeous You Are Ur Makeup Always On Point Nice Ass Cheeks Bones Enjoy your night as well Have a Magnificent Week Too Stay Bless N Be Safe Always

Kimberly Kyles: Gm Tatyana it’s good seeing and this unit and best It’s gorgeous Sista Sista. Thx for vid ❤️ & light. Peace and blessings and happiness and prosperity Amen

Joseph Shyes: Hi I like what you're doing. Keep it up!❤❤

Lashawn Jones:

Asmaa vlog 아스마 브이로그: I've been waiting for a video since I woke up and it's finally here :) I love your videos, it gives me peace. I wish you continued success❤❤️✨

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