Kinky Straight Wig With Kinky Edges N Crystal Lace, Super Natural@Geniuswigs #Shorts #Wiginstall

Same hair:

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Okay y'all, so I got another kinky straight install for y'all today, and today's company is genius hair. They sent me a 13x6 kinky straight Crystal lace, um 20 inch unit, and this wig also comes with the kinky hairline as well. I don't know y'all, I'm with the kinky straight hair. It just looks so natural, like my actual hair, and I love that, but I can't wear this for no everyday. Look like this would be a day where I don't want to do nothing to my actual hair and just want to throw on a wig and y'all was crying in the comments about me. Cutting the baby heads off the last time. Last time it didn't go with the hairstyle, but I left them on for this one. I feel like me personally. I don't like them on me, but I see what the concept and what the point of it was because I feel like with a different style like it would look good, and this is a glueless wig y'all. It took me like 35 minutes to install it, and this is the finishing look y'all. Let me know what y'all think y'all leave some feedback to the company, because I'm with it I may be without the baby hair. I don't know, but I'm with it Lincoln bio

TA’NYAKIDD101🪐🦋: that’s so pretty

Eva Capri: Phones are getting scary. I literally thought five minutes ago about how she does this with her ear tabs as I tied mine down. Now this the first video I see when I open the app

Aisha Pough: The end result was really cute and her lil button nose is adorable to me!. I really want one of these wigs!!!

Tracy Barno: GORGEOUS

Carolyn Mathison: Absolutely amazing love it

Tempest87: Beautiful. It looks natural and pretty.

LotusLakshmiTV: This is what I love I want this hair ! Just very natural and kinky I can pull of wavy cause my hair texture hit this is my hair when I blow it out

skyehtlimit: I loveeeeee it. ❤

lord__editzzzz: Yassssss I just ordered one I can’t wait

Press On L.C: You did a great job that’s something that I will not be able to do lol but such a good job

Stefanie Young: Gorgeous

Selena Williams: Gorgeous on you

akabigtwen: Amazing

Tanya Evans: I love it

Harper333: Super cute!!!!

Kerrianna Lotts: I love it

Itsme4me: So cute❤

Essie Layton: You’re beautiful

Ruth Reddick: I’ve seen girls straighten the baby hairs, it looked good!!

Alisha Shelton: I love it mama

Notjustaprettyface: Beautiful

Emma Hagman: Absolute queen she so spayed that # queen

Dream Grant: Nah the baby hairs gaveee

MastrPeace: Very nice

free your MIND: Super cute

akairi yahiko: Beautiful

Alicai Harley: Real cute

The Toni Show: This is cuteeeee !

Kay Butterfly:

Danger: Yes I’m fn with it tho❤

DENISE’S WIG CLOSET - Beauty Tips & Alopecia: Cute

Liiightgold on ig: Cute as helll

keysha: U cute ma... Thanks for sharing your tutorial video

Cass Cass: Does she have a YouTube?

Account user 938: It look good but she didn’t even do nun to the baby hairs just left them raw

Qetuwrah SoBeautyful: I need info

janjr165: The end result looks unfinished. The hairline looks rough and is not very neatly styled. There’s so much potential here, but the end result just looks unfinished to me.

Rita Vicente: Como comprar


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