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Texture: Mongolian Kinky Straight

Density: High Density

Length: 30inch

Lace Type: HD Lace

Cap Construction: 13 *4 Lace Front Wig

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Favor, what's up YouTube, It's Your Girl, JD jonay, and I am back with another video and, as you already saw the title today, I'm gon na be showing you guys this different week. I'Ve never worn a wig like this like ever, but this video is sponsored by IC Hair Company, one of my faves they're. Definitely in my top three but y'all knew that though, but yes is this kinky straight wig, let's get into it! So can we first apply them for their packaging? I see never fails to amaze me anytime. I receive a package from them. I just have to show you guys the packaging just because it's always a win like nobody else. Does it like them, they send robes bonnets bags. Everything like it just gives every single time. So this wig is a part of the icy princess series. It is a kinky straight wig. They got Brandon down to the tag in the wig. Let'S talk about it, I ain't seen nobody coming like them, so immediately right out of the box. This is how the hair looked no plucking. I did bleach the knots, but I literally did not have to plug a single hair out of this wig, which was crazy. So I already had my ball cap with it going already, because I had kept it on from the previous install that I had so. I didn't feel like doing another one. It was one of those nights, I'm sorry, but look at that freaking! Look at it. It'S perfectly pre-plucked. The lace is amazing y'all. This wig was everything. I was a little skeptical about the kinky straight because it was like different. You know what I'm saying, I'm so used to different other textures, like you know the silky textures or whatever, that this literally mimics, like natural hair, like blown out so like. If you are a natural girl, I'm trying to touch on natural wigs for my girls, who don't like you, know the Suki Suki texture or like to wear their real hair, but still want that. Look so like yeah. This wig was super beautiful. I think it was like 28 or 30 inches. All the specs will be in the description box below, but it literally looks like blow-dried natural hair, like it literally looks like it's my hair, and it was almost a little bit too plucked. That will be my critique. They almost put me just a tad bit too much, but I was able to fix that with a little black spray, but um yeah. This wig was gorgeous, like it literally just looks like hair like a real deal, hair everything about it so yeah, I see they're doing their thing with the wigs and the textures. I'M not going to talk too much, I'm just gon na. Let y'all see the process but yeah. This wig is very beautiful and it will be in my 12 days of wigs giveaway in December. So if you guys are interested in this wig definitely look forward to this being in the little you know, giveaway there we go foreign hurry up foreign area. Y'All cannot tell me that this week doesn't just look like hair like it's so crazy literally looks like relaxed, hair or like blown out here like it's literally everything, but here I'm just tying on my ball cap, not my elastic band, to melt it to finish it Off and excuse that nasty breakout, it was around that time of the month. So you know my face was going cray-cray, but still I made it look cute or whatever people even make bitching. So when silent is weak, I did decide to go with a wine. Curl. Look, I just love the look of fluffy wine curls, so I knew that that's exactly the route that I wanted to go. So that is just what y'all are going to see me. Do I just opted for this super fluffy super voluminous curled look foreign. I might put me in English, okay, everybody, you guys all right, so this is how the hair came out. This is actually the hair that I wore for. My presentation, like I said this hair looks super duper natural if you are into the more natural look. This is the wig for you, like, I said it was everything and more. I could not complain. The lace was amazing. The pre-pluck was top tier. Like I said, the pre-plug was just maybe just a tad bit over plucked, but I was able to finesse. It either way it went so yeah y'all. This is how it's looking I was just going in and finishing up, flattening out just a little bit more because it was thick like I said I am not used to this type of wig, but this is like my own hairstyle. I need to be used to it so yeah. This is how it came out. I did a little half up, half down style. Super duper. Cute super duper lovely. I love everything about it. Just super fluffy and big. All the links will be in the description box below shop, their Black Friday, sale and yeah. I will see you guys in the next one. Thank you.

Coleisha Thomas: ❤️ THIS LOOKS SO GOOD AND NATURAL! I'm Loving This Look On You.

Original Stunt: Never disappoint, I love your installs and the look books! I’m in need of a winter Shein haul review. Also, Jayda you get all of these wigs, could I have a old used one as a Christmas gift ✨

Crissy Angel: I loveeeee this look on you I wish I knew how to do my own hair

Tam Backup: Man jayda this wig flawlessssssss Asf

The Oreoz: girl you are on the rolllllll

Nya: I just got a kinky curly wig from them now I need the straight

Allatrice 002: Jayda we need vlog on your first tattoo I’m still deciding if I’m going to get me one

Knowing Nia: Looks great but I'd wear mine in it's true form without pressing it down.

ISEE HAIR: pretty girlBLACK FRIDAY SALE slay our ISEE HAIR Mongolian Kinky Straight HD Lace 13 *4 Lace Front Density 30inch Wig

Chris Tolbert: Jayda jonèt love your content its awesome

Nikki Nonames: Thank you for the review and video. New subscriber here.. did the hair have a bad chemical smell ?

Allatrice 002: Jayda got her first tattoo how was it ? I have 0 I’m so scared. Was it hurtful ? I’m a Gemini too

PrettyB Dior: ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Sammy Da Goat:

Chris and MK: Oh i neeedd it

Simone H: this must be sponsored cause my hair never comes like this. this hair is trash it will only last one install

Jay Cool: Get the wig it’s not a scam I have it and it’s perfect ☺️

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