$55 Human Hair Wig Sensationnel Straight 32 Inch Wig Realistic Human Hair Blend Thick Texture

$55 Human Hair Wig Sensationnel Straight 32 Inch Wig REALISTIC Human Hair Blend Thick Texture Check out Senstionnel straight 32 inch wig that looks like a real human hair wig. This butta lace realistic human hair blend synthetic wig has hd lace and is an affordable human hair dupe wig for the budget baddies. It is also easy to style.

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Sensationnel 32in - Big Head Friendly

Kie's 3 POINT WIG FITTING SYSTEM: (comfortably) 23 in head size

1. on front hairline

2. on sides to hairline and right above ears

3. down in back to nape of neck.

BIG HEAD FRIENDLY: 3 out of 3 points

BIG HEAD ASSOCIATE: 2 out of 3 points

TOO SMALL: 0 - 1 out of 3 points


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You clicked on the video you saw how hype i was, and you thought to yourself. I don't like it. It'S that bounce right here! Well, hey y'all! Welcome! Back to my channel, it's your girl, kyra rashawn! Today'S video is brought to you by wig types. They were kind of to send me another unit to review for you guys. Yes, i'm wearing all black. I forgot and i'm changing right now: okay, it is also sipping slay and your girl got a little bit left of her stella rosa peach to pour into her glass because listen this week has been rough. You hear me so i'm gon na go ahead and pour just the rest of it in the glass like don't stop playing, stop playing get in there me and ken came with sipping on this last week when he was here. So i'm gon na go ahead and finish it up for us. Okay, listen! Oh quench, me quench me! That'S good! Now, before we get into my install and the rest of that one y'all, we are featuring 32 inches. Today. Did i say: 32 32, so you want to see how i laid these inches down. Make sure you stay tuned for that. If you're new to the channel make sure you go ahead and subscribe and hit that notification bell, so you don't miss anything else coming up. Also give this video a thumbs up. If you want to see more videos like this in the future, let's go you and i had lots of love just to top it off. We came running down for maybe later we can dance. Never let go listen to our favorite songs on the radio loosen up and lose. I baby baby ain't. Nobody keep it coming. I can't get enough of my baby. Okay. So, like i said this unit comes to us from wig types. It is a sensational unit from the butter lace collection. This is the unit straight 32. I got her in the color 1b and this unit does retail around 60 dollars for these inches. Okay, now before you talk about that being super expensive, just know that i feel like this is worth it and i'm gon na tell you why i'm gon na tell you why okay hold it hold it. This unit does come in specialty color. So if you want to check it out, you can. I did order the balayage mocha color. It was supposed to be here today, but it's running late, so i can't show y'all what that looks like on me, but don't worry. I will still serve the looks in that unit and show you guys later now. This unit does come with hd lace from ear to ear two combs on the side, one comb in the back and adjustable straps. This unit is for the big hair girls. So if you are a big head gang gang, like me, 23 inches on a bad day, this joint is comfortable. Now this is a human hair blend unit, so it is heat safe up to about, i would say about 400 degrees, and when i tell you this hair is soft. Okay, when i say soft, i mean butter. You hear me. This hair is gorgeous okay. Now, at 32 inches you will get shedding and tangling. Let'S run that back again at 32 inches you will get shedding and tingling, because it is so long and there's still synthetic fibers in this unit. Okay, it's not human hair. It'S a human hair blend, meaning it has human hair and premium fibers in the unit, and the texture is also thick. I would say thick like a 200 percent density, human hair, wig thick. I was like okay, she got body and do y'all see the luster of the hair. Okay, the lust of the hair is very natural. Now this isn't a lace front unit, but it does have lace across the front as well as a deep center part. So basically, like a tea party unit, if you're talking, you know human hair, wigs, okay, so you can definitely go in and pluck up the unit a little bit to give it more of a natural look. You did see me go in and pluck up the hairline. Just a little bit with not pluck up, i pulled out some hair in the hairline and then i kind of swooped some little baby hairs here. To kind of give me the look that i wanted, the lace blended down perfectly, i did use my contour shade to do that, because i wanted to make sure it blended down to my skin tone when you have ashy lace, especially on a synthetic wig. If you wear makeup use your contour shade to blend it down, and i promise it will give you a perfect match every single time you hear me, i can't complain on this unit. Okay, i cannot complain and i won't like how can you be mad at this? I mean i know somebody will somebody will still find something wrong with this because of the shedding and tangling whatever else. It'S like. What more do you want from me? I mean like what are you mad at? What are you really mad at you, clicked on the video you saw how hype i was, and you thought to yourself. I don't like it. That'S what i think they sound like when it's trolls or whatever look at her having a good time. Ugh disgusting, some of y'all, don't know what you want. Okay, i'm trying to tell you what you want and what you want is this wig some of y'all want the human hair quality on a synthetic budget, and that's i'm telling you now. It'S not gon na happen. Stop changing that fantasy right now, right now, it's not gon na happen since and gary cause. I know i know you watching gary. It'S not gon na happen for you either. Okay, it's listen shop in your budget, for the looks that you want, and this is why i say that unit is worth every bit of that sixty dollars. Listen! A human hair blend unit at 32, inches, listen inches galore! It'S getting caught in my nail hold up! Hold up it's time for these nails to come off, they're starting to lift up okay, it's been about two weeks: okay, it's time to come off, but y'all the inches the inches just be mindful, though you know, keep that brush a little handy, you're gon na get A little frizzy okay, you can't just smooth that out just hit it with a brush real quick. But what are we thinking y'all? What are we thinking? I think this hair is gorgeous. Okay, it moves really nice rapunzel whoo. She could never you hear me. Oh, she looks good i'm here for this now look who just showed up doorbell just rang, and here she go look at her look at her okay. So that's a cute color! Oh, it goes all the way down. Y'All yeah i like that color i like that. Color, so we may need to go ahead and pop her on. I don't know. Do i want to do it? Okay, you know i was gon na. Do it? Okay, like i said this, one is the balayage mocha. So i do like this color on me y'all. This is gorgeous, i would definitely say the shedding and tangling is across the board. Okay, shedding and tangling was on this one as well, and all the tangling is around like the bottom of the units. I would definitely say the shedding and the tangling is probably the con that i have for this unit, but again a human hair blend in 32. Inches for 60 dollars. I let me just let me go ahead and drink, but i will say that the lace on this one seemed to blend down a lot easier than the natural color. The natural color had more like a ashy lace, and i also feel like the hairline on this. One was a lot better than the natural color, so uh yeah, i'm not complaining. Okay, i am not complaining about it, one bit, okay, so which color? Do we, like? The most on me, i'm here for this y'all and guess what you should be too shout out one more time and wake up for sending me this unit. I really appreciate it. I will put the direct link for this unit down below, so you guys want to check it out. You can don't forget to like comment subscribe and share this video also smash the notification bell to miss anything else. Coming up. I love you guys so much and i will see you next time. Bye,

Kie RaShon: Happy SipnSlay Wigbaes! These synthetic wigs got me in a chokehold! *Is the shedding and tangling a deal breaker for you?* Lets chat below!

patrice moore: This unit is so pretty !!! The shedding and tangling definitely would not be a deal breaker for me. The luster is beautiful !! I love this unit !

Monique Rice: I am dying ! You're seriously serving with this entire look! I love synthetic wigs and shedding and tangling come with the territory‍♀️

Miss Khrissy: BOOM!! SHE said it not me! it’s like you want to pay for synthetic or do you want to pay for human hair?! I think it’s worth it too know what you’re paying for and people forget that and That’s it! I must say these human hair blends shampoo and condition well too and really soften up! The Tyrese reference PERFECT! Mocha fav on u❤️

Juju Henry: Kie . I love you and your videos. You always be slaying the hair. I wish I could wear synthetic wigs. I always broke out on the face and the synthetic make me itch very bad, but I still follow you no matter what you are slaying for the day❤️. I will be trying to find those glasses to purchase

Dewana Johnson: That Tyrese clip gets me every time. Lmaooo I like both of them. So sleek, straight, smooth and long. Both colors are a total look on you. Drop

Jessie FAIRLEY: As I said before Kie you can rock a trash bag wig and make it look GOOOOOD, Sis

Spring Copeland: Hey Kie..I love this unit especially the the mocha color, she is worth the price point and both colors looked beautiful on you. I gotta go get mine! bye girl❤

Coach Keita Fierce: Hey Kie!!! I absolutely love the 1b on you. Back in 2018 I had sewin‍♀️ with a closure done with 3- 32in bundles and a 30in closure i asked for a center part too (looked just like this wig) and no one, I mean NO ONE, could tell me nothing lol BUT... that cost me, hair+install, about $500 plus a generous tip. So if I can buy a few of these baddies AND if different colors, I'll take it! I'd rather keep my brush on me for touch ups and have the option to switch it up than shell out $500 and be tied down to a style to get my monies worth, lol

Wendeline B Adolph: Its beautiful...honestly..but its too long for me but YOU always bring it! I love'ya and your music and you never get it twisted!

Ms E: I loved that 1B on you sis-- that natural luster and thickness? Then, that balayage... and I almost fell out my seat! How that tone warms up your complexion is stunning

Cynthia Cummings: Happy Friday Kie! I love the natural color on you the most. The density and the texture on point. ❤❤

T Atk: Hey girl, yes that is beautiful especially in the mocha. I give props to those who can do the long hair . I cannot I would be a mess by 10amLove your content

Shawn Brown: y'all never gonna let tyrese forget . timing was everything my grl

Pyt G: Wow Sis! I'm ing the entire look in both colors!! The marble look on your nails is so beautiful as well! Tfs

Carmen: I love this!!❤️ This was definitely a slay.

Brown Skin Beauty: So... all this time I've been watching you I never knew you were a teacher lol but it makes sense because you have a lot of good energy. As far as the wig I love it Again I wish these companies would make the same units in 22-30 inches for us shorter girls but oh well. If I get it, I'd just have to let my alter ego come through for the day

Jazmine S. 🌹: Damn my girl got me buying YET ANOTHER wig lmaoo you look gorgeous sis PER USUAL

Mona-Mae Juwillie: Kie, I have been LOOKING for a unit like this! I’m about to go grab right FREAKING now!

Stilllookingood58: Nothing wrong with this but the length. Here for it!

Pamela Val: I love that jam you were playing, love the hair and the price. Of course your on point as usual ✌

Earth Angel Nicki: Gurl! I love these Especially the mocha one

A H: Great vid as always and fire I'm here for tha cheer and the slayage and everything Ms. Kie! Your energy is breathtaking

Nantasha Wheeler: Sensational makes quality wigs! I am on a hunt for a unit more budget friendly and stopped to watch this video. I think my search is OVER❤❤❤

M Thompson: So listen....I am a moderator in a FB group you're in. Whenever your posts would pop up for approval I was always so impressed by your content, so I subscribed. This was like 2yrs ago. Your channel has grown substantially since then. I just wanted to tell you I absolutely love you, and I love your content. I have never commented but I'm watching! I see you! I pray your channel and brand continues to grow, and you'll be rivaling the "big names" before you know it. Keep it up sis! You're amazing!

OlenaRosanne: Mocha isbeautiful on you! Love the highlights of it. The natural color one is pretty too. It gives me Cher vibes.

amoryll36: ‍♀️ Loved the colour on the second unit Kie

Lex La Diva: You better SLAY!!!! Wow both units are gorgeous on you!!!! lovingggggggg the black!!! But that mocha color tho….imma definitely need her when I’m ready to pop out!!!!!!

Cindy Sammy: Sis you slayed the hell out of that wig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lovely

Sybil Davis: Kie, that a beautiful unit, well both of them are. You look extremely gorgeous!!!!

Melinda Hall: Both are beautiful wow..thanks for ur honesty as always

Jena Johnson: Beautiful! Lookin like a dang on spy with the all black and these wigs! Pretty bone straight!

Queen Leo: That used to be my jam! Love the hair too!

lneal2800: Happy Friday! Sip n slay! Kie love this beautiful straight look! This look good giving me option's here! inches got me!

TennisBlossom: Wow Weeeeeee! that 2nd unit looks real good on you! Thanks for posting

Sammy Da Goat: Loving This Unit Very Much You Always Came Through

Paula Thompson: That Tyrese clip took me out!!! Lmaooooo I loveeeee this unit on you and I loveeeeee this unit on me… every time I wear her someone ask what type of hair it is etc… she lays flat and serves bodyyyyy… so yeah she’s a winner… I love the darker color on you tho, it’s just giving …great video boo

Shaneka H: the balayage one! Who in they right mind out here looking for $500 wig quality for $60? Smdh. What the foolery?!

Ladi Sway: Not even finished with the video and to give a standing ovation, Ma'am happy Friday everyone!!!!

Tina BlackberryRose: Happy Sip&Slay. You look Absolutely Gorgeous in this. She is so Sleek♥️ it. Tyfs.

Adrian?!?!!: This hair looks so good on you! I love your glasses too! Where did you get them?

DeeDee Hair: Yesssss that length looks

sincerely, jamayla: clicked on this bc i need a plain black simple wig

patrice moore: I love that mocha color unit also !!!!!!

Shanika Macon: This wig is smexy!!!!!!!!

Tola Izard: Sensationnel wigs are good for the first week at best. They tend to get frizzy and stiff at the ends especially the longer wigs…

Tika Harper: I love that you wear glasses!!! It so hard to find people who do wig reviews and wear glasses.

Royyana Preston: BABEEE!!! Now see here.... I am loving this on you... I am suppose to be working but you got me looking and ordering wigs! LOL!!! I love your life! Haters gone hate but only cuz you speaking straight FACTS SIS!

Tami John: So pretty!

favfan06: With all those specs, she's definitely worth $60.

TheHeartsandCake90: Love a middle part straight wig that luster and density is pretty

B Swangin Webster: But is that from the holiday "gift pack" hey, Alex chose right... get every drop! Every drop! You can't go wrong with 32 inches.

The 90s Girl: I love it❤ I couldn't wear it, but it looks good on you. I see you Repunzel Not a deal breaker for Shedding and tangling....

Ms. Michelle Agalte: ‍♀️Mouth watering b4 10am to taste that Stella Rosa. These inches look good-t girl. The chocolate colored one is my favorite. We can always count on you for a good laugh and slay during the week.

k. Baldwin: I love your energy! You keep me laughing!

JilliLayne: You didn't have to do Tyrese like that both units are gorgeous on you sis!

STEPHANIE SHELLING: I just knew you had to flat iron this thang! Wow! Great unit!

Chanel Hudson: I love both colors on you and those glasses too!!! Where are they from? I think I want to try it in the Mocha I never do color but knowing me ima go safe with natural color lol

Leticia C: TGIF Let's Go. It has been a rough week but we made it anyway. Whew,TGBTG ❤️

Gill Perry: ‍♀️The coloured unit Yes! ❤️❤️

arprelle: Love this on you... And the Tyrese clip took me out

Kissed_byAnAngel: Hey sis luuuuuv this unit!!! Does it tangle with the bounce and swing? Really like the 1B on you but after this 2nd glass of cupcake wine... I'm going to try adding colors... ijs ✌

Christine Zapata: You freaked that hairline sis looks so good!!!!!!!! Please tell ken ken hey glad you’ll got to spend some time now I have the shaday 32 inch which I love because she is 13x6 this one is just a part so not sure for that price how I feel

Love Yourself: Good Morning Tyrese This is really pretty and love the length and density. Love the mocha color. #SipNSlay Have a Blessed Weekend and Take Care But as for me, I watch in hope for the LORD, I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me.

Daniele: I like both!!!

Thea Woody: she loooks grate but toooooo long for me, I hope sensationnel do another version of her in a shorter length. She looks good though

PreciousOne777: Look at Kie draggin' inches! Hey now!

Chrissy Chatz: 5 seconds into video and yassssssssssss Kie❤️❤️

Segonia Cameron: Beautiful!!!! What color is your contour shade?

Naima: I’m not about to plaaaaay with you and that tyrese clip!! stop, lmaooo! but girl, people will get mad at something that *you* paid for, talking about “yOU PaID fOr THaT!?” uhh, yes clearly lol! this is the one though, i love the way these look ✨

Daniele: Yassss!!!

Mona Chinn: Looks good. Great price

Clarellen: Pretty!!!

Gbe Fa: Do you think it will still look good if I cut it shorter to shoulder length?

SAWLIFE: Yes pleaseeee tell me why the $60 price point but this is beautifulllll on you

Jo Termunde: I so look forward to your videos..good morning..

Jami: "I know you're watching, Garry"

Valerie Watkins: ❤ nice wig the second wig is U!!!!

Angela Thornton: Baby when Tyrese has to make an appearance they have gone too far , Sis just carry your paddle brush through Target and shut up !!!! Great Review Sis ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Sheri Blake: What more do you want lol!!!!! I'm at work hollin. Great job sis lol

Doris B.: Both are niceee

Fun Art Creations: Lol the intro

Almalita Robertson: Kia you look fabulous

_Suga_N_Spice_: As tasty as Stella Rosa is, I refuse to buy it because it's only 5%. If they can double that for me, I'd be all in.

Kimberly Kyles: Gm Kie I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ it an Thx for sharing vid. Peace and blessings

Meshia Minter: Let me go order her!!

It's Tanya!: Gm! Oh! Oh! Oh! She !!! Im a sucker for some color, butvthat natural is pretty dope. Omg..if they have this in a 99j... I would get it in a #1 and a 99j.. Twitch it up in em. **sip sip**

Vanessa Pierre: sis did you try the new butta 19???? Honey . It’s like the 3 but shorter and better . Gurl I ordered 5 lol

Toya M: I like the black on you

Ingrid Marrero: Lol !!! Love ❤️ it!!!

Jasmine Brown-Kyles: so Gorgeous thank you for sharing .

edwina crenshaw: Its worth the coins and its very cute

Magikalblackness: Kie I'm not gonna tell u again Stop making me buy hair‍♀️ Now help me find my card real quick Happy Friday

LaTonya Clark: Morning sis. This is cute cute.

Queen Jay:

Lana Lathan: Well alright ponzi ( short for rapunzel ) looks good on you doll not for me but for someone else liked them both but the mocha pretty


edwina crenshaw: Ok thats cuteeee i love thst color yesss

ANTONIA SMITH: 1st comment love you Kie

LaRhonda Mickles: It just looks stiff. And Greasy, but it’s cute tho. I just can’t pay $60 for something that’s probably good for a day. But I do order a Neesha a week

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