Sensationnel Cloud 9 Synthetic 100% Full Hand-Tied Hd Swiss Lace Wig - Box Braid 36 --/Wigtypes.Com

Sensationnel Cloud 9 Synthetic Hair 100% Full Hand-Tied HD Swiss Lace Wig - BOX BRAID 36 --/WIGTYPES.COM



BONTWIST Edge Control Braid Gel - Extreme Hold

Ebin New York 10X Quick Dry Tinted Lace Spray 3.38oz


Esha Slick Slay 2 in 1 Braid & Edge Gel Ultra-Extreme Hold 5.7oz

Ebin New York 24 Hour Ebin Sleek Extreme Firm Hold Hair Wax Stick 0.53oz


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Ruby Kisses Matte Finish Fini Mat Powder Foundation #RMPFXX


Magic Collection #12322 Dual End Hair Cutter With Comb Razor Comb

Cantu Wave Whip Curling Mousse 8.4oz

*HD 360 LACE

*100% full hand-tied

*Large cap size

*Elastic band

*Can hot water set


1, 1B, 2


0:00 Intro + Wig Install + 360

1:00 Wig Features

4:55 Final Thoughts







Um, let's go! This is all this guys, I'm back with another one of The Sensational braided Lace, Wigs. So this one is another one of their 100 fully hand-tied Lace, Wigs well box braid, or, should I say, pre-braided wigs, this one is called box word 36 and, like I said, the other one was Senegal twist 36, so they're both 36 inches. I have this one in the color number two. They only come in one one via number two, and let me just say this: I wanted to like them so bad, but I don't know it's just something about it. I think they need a little bit more work when it comes to the fully hand-tied braided, wigs, okay. So, first of all, um, the Cap Construction is beautiful, so you get three cones up front three combs at the top one at the back and you have the adjustable straps, which is like tucked into the wig in a sense it's sold into there. And then you have an elastic band, the elastic band doesn't really do much, but it's still there. So the elastic band is there and then you have a 360 lace wig. So it's 360 wig HD lace going all the way around, so you can glue it down at the back as well. You can glue it down at the front. You can pull it up into a ponytail and the entire cap is a lease okay. So it's a different material underneath than on top on top. You have like the regular HD lace that you will get at the front like the regular lace front and then um inside the cap itself. There is a different type of layers underneath, I think, making up the cap. You know area but anyway, um, like I mentioned in the last review, this is big head friendly. It'S really big someone with a smaller head size that would definitely not fit so you know buy at your own risk because it would not fit a smaller head size. Okay, I had to glue it down. I would say my head as a medium size. I had to glue it down again, it wasn't to me it wasn't as um Loose as the Senegal twist that I um previously reviewed, but it's still a little bit loose up top, so I had to glue it down. There was no way I could wear it, as is even if I lay the baby hair song, there was no way I can wear it as is, and of course it comes with baby hairs along the entire hairline. I'M not a fan of the baby hairs when it comes to braided Lace, Wigs to be honest, but if you want you can cut it out or leave it in it's totally up to you um. My main thing is the way the cap is like really big and it doesn't fit down properly. I cannot just leave it as is and wear it like that. I love a glueless um wig, but this one definitely not glueless. You would have to glue it down. Another thing is that the knots on the braids - I really thought that this would have been like a knotless braid this. This is like a regular braid, so you can see the little knots on the bottom of it and I think for you to have so many. It'S like so much progress with the um, the entire wig being a lace. I think you should make this into a knotless wig. To be honest, like I don't know, I think it'd be not less, it would have been so much better um but yeah. I'M not really feeling it. This one is a lot heavier than a cynical twist. This one um, the hair itself, like it, has a little bit of weight to it. It is thinner on the ends really pretty um. To be honest, if I have to get this, I would probably wear a band with this. I decided to wear it down just because I wore the other one up to show you guys, but on the spot card you can see here where it's worn up like this. You can style it in so many different ways. Just because you know it's a fully hand-tied lace like the entire thing is lace. Once you look underneath you can see like parting spaces, you don't see those big chunky, braided, um, cornrows or anything like that, and it's not stitched on at all. Like I said it's 100 hand tied, so the entire wig is hand tighter, but anyway, let me know your thoughts and opinions on this in the comment section down below there's just so much, I can say about it, but let me know your thoughts on opinions based On everything that you've seen that I showed you um leave it in the comment section down below I'll, be sure to answer. You I'll be sure to chat it up there um with you. If you have any questions, but if you want to purchase the link would be in the description box down there, click on the link, it will take you directly to the unit on the website. You can choose a color purchase from there like. I said it only comes in one 1B number two, but thanks again for watching like subscribe, follow us on all our social media accounts. Everything is at my tips and I'll see you guys soon. Bye,

Marjorie b: Thank you for voicing your concerns. Hopefully the company will take this feedback and tweek the wig some more. It's still nicer than previous wefts with the plaits or twists. TFS

Denetria Kenyatta: I’m stuck between this one and the one with the twist they’re both so cute and versatile!

Linda: Looks beautiful on you, but with all the other options available in knotless braided wigs I definitely would look to see what else is available. Thank you always love watching your honest up front no nonsense review s

Alexis Dykes: TFS! I like both braided wigs this week, but I like this one the most! ❤

msjuicycouture22: I'm happy it's BHF! These I'd probably take apart and do em how I'd like. Its nice to have some of the work already done. I'd probably thread hair into certain places to fill in some areas. And add beads or something to jazz it up

E Heard: Really interesting cap construction! I'd wear this in a minute. Nice in #2 too!

Deva19xx Dee Jones: I like this one a lot too. Very pretty and natural looking to me.

Gille87: Omg finally this is what we’ve been asking for ever since they first dropped back in 2015!

Lakeisha Russaw: Now this what I really want ❤ you can put it in any style like a up and down style

Chande: I love a cute braided wig. I love it

Teena Taylor: This is beautiful but I agree with you that it would be better knotless. I think the added knots is what's making the hair heavier. We definitely love the improvements though.

Stilllookingood58: Well the full lace is a big improvement from the ones last year. Will sit this one out until they finish improving it

Melanin Queen: Super cute unit!!❤❤

Beautiful_Ayanna: Those are my kinda braids, this one is so cute!!!

Jasmyne Jeter: Very pretty!

Shawndra Mason: I have this one cutting the double lace out definitely helped

PeekabooGirl: I like this too, but love the twist more.

June Thomas AKA jett0206: Love this one as well

Shaday Beauty: I love how they put 360 lace on this unit

lneal2800: Super cute ❤

Dee C: I think I like this one better!!❤❤

Marguerita: Gorgeous

Unapologetically _dope78 Blk: Very nice

christina gutierrez: I want to try box braid unit so bad.

ThatHoodGurl2 The Hood: This is lovely..

Leslie H: Very nice!

DonnDiva: This is cute! But it should be smaller and not so big in construction. I have a small head so it would look a little odd on me

Prettieface Productions: Ok thanks for this , they getting better but they still have work to don❤❤

Malibu Jackson: Cute, but I will wait for them to get a little better with the construction especially with the size

T Henderson: It's progress glad you mentioned the cap size I can not wear this my head small

Iesha Allah: Pretty but think I like the twist better

GuessWHOsGoing2Jail2Nite: This is a Shein wig with a higher price point, but thanks anyway Sensationnel.

Sheree Murphy: It's very pretty but they could have done a little more work on it.

DEBRA DICKERSON: Can it be unbraided and rebraided knotless?

Tamasha Perryman: I have this wig it is heavy

Alisa Mitchell: Not A Fan Of These Type Of Braids Too Long

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