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Hair details: 13*6 HD LACE Straight 28inch 250% density wig (medium)

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Do so so so, what's up guys if you want to see how i achieve this gorgeous bum ass and so make sure you guys keep watching this hair is lovely. Look at it. It'S giving very much middle part just like long waist longer, black lace, wig and it's curly, i loved it. This is 28 inches right, but it's given, let me show 10 inches, but it's given like it's given 30 or like 32, like a lot of this is long like i don't know if y'all could see it, but it's definitely not giving 28 inches. It'S giving 32 inches, which i love that also i've been done with my hair. This is a three day old, install um. This is how my hair gon na be for more of your day, but i also wan na. Let you guys know this. Hair does shed like i keep a brush, it's always shedding. I love this hair, it's so soft. I get so many compliments on it. It'S thick as crap, it's thickest grits, but i guess you can't have your cakey too, because this hair definitely sheds like it's beautiful. So i guess that would be the only like, and it's like black already. I didn't have to dye it. It'S like fire like there's some pretty hair. Like i love this hair, it's just shed. It'S like i'm gon na be rude with y'all. I don't like it, but it's pretty, though, so if you want to get longer hair, it's supposed to be 28, but it's getting very much 32 and it's shared. It says a lot like it's, not uncontrollable, but it's still everything because i'd be feeling like bugs on me like every time i look around like peeling would be it's like hair all over flowing stuff, like you just be here, but anyways make sure you check out This hair company, sugarless love, you guys so much. You

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