What I Ordered Vs. What I Got!? | Wig Install + First Impression Ft Arabella Hair

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Caught me again, hey guys, welcome back to my channel, so we're getting straight into things today. Okay, we're just gon na get straight into it, forget the introduction we got ta get ourselves together because for one I look crazy. Okay, I'm coming out here with my bunny and if you guys see my hair under here, I'm not gon na. Take it off yet but anyways. Today'S hair is from or wig it's from Arabella hair shout out to them for sponsoring today's video they sent over this wig right and when I got it out the the bag. I'M like. I don't remember, I don't remember this, so I'm looking back to the email. This is the wig that I ordered. This is what I received. This is what I received. This is the way straight out the box. I haven't done anything so I see the vision, but I don't know if I'm seeing it on me. So this is what we're gon na do. We'Re gon na do a little what I ordered versus what I got situation and see if we can do that on me. Okay, so I'm really excited because it's like a burgundy. It reminds me of Ginger Spice, that's literally literally what this is like ginger sweat. This is, I don't know what color this is like orange Peach with this, like burgundy color, but she gives the girl on the thumbnail the girl in the picture here she gives baby. So we're gon na see if I get all right and also I really thought this was a perfect opportunity to do a wagon style straight out the box, because a lot of times you guys comment on my videos and are like Tasha. My wig doesn't look like yours, because I can't do the plucking. I can't do the bleaching or whatever I'm here to tell you. You have to have patience with yourself. You have to have a vision, because the average person will look at this and be like. This is not what I got. This is not. This is not what I ordered should I say the average person would literally look at this and be like no, but I'm here to show you we're gon na make it do what it do. So I'm gon na take off this Bonnet because I literally look like um, not Rick, James Brown. That'S what they look like right now, all right! So I'm back in slit, okay and I'm cleaning off my hairline, I'm using my meltdown grip, um primer, protect I'm actually running out, so I need to buy one next time. I go to the beauty supply store, which I actually should do like today today, because I need some teens honey, but I'm just cleaning do her line all right so time to put this on, it does have an adjustable strap, which I love, and, of course you Have the adjustable thingies in the back with the comb, so that means your wig is going to be nice and snug. Oh, this actually does not look terrible on me. I'D be so surprised. Every time like I'd be thinking, things are going to look crazy and then they don't so two things before I continue with this install, I decided not to bleach to knots because, as you can see, the hair is colored and it's not really always needed with colored Hair, it will over bleach a knot, so I just avoided that number two. I did not pluck it because it actually does not look bad. I feel like it just needs. A hot comb like the hairline does not look bad at all. It just needs. Maybe a little bit of plucking around the perimeter. So it's not so like perfect. You guys see that after I lay it so yeah the wigs be coming ready for y'all they'll be coming ready, but I just wanted to show you guys how it looks like hair on my eyes. Oh my gosh. I just want to show you guys how it looks straight out the box, so I'm gon na cut these ear tabs all right, so the air Tabs are cut. I may have cut them a little too much, but it's okay. Okay! So before I actually lay this, I'm gon na just push the hair back, because it's literally just getting all in the way - and it's stressing me out so I'm just gon na like push this back, so that it's not in the way. Because for the install I'm going to be using Erica J's liquid melt, it is not glue. It'S like a temporary kind of glue, a gel. Why don't you but better than a gel? It does not flake, it says it too. It doesn't flake, and it has extreme holds so love this stuff right. This is so, while I'm letting this lace melt, I'm gon na go ahead and start hot combing, the frontal area, just so that it's nice and flat um, because we don't want it to give wig okay. So this is a, I believe, 13 by four frontal. I will leave all the information down below, but I'm just going to use my bio silk. I think the other day I said this is camera. I lied my Biosilk spray and hot comb, the frontal area, so I hot combed this side of my hair and, as you can see, it's a lot flatter. It looks a lot. Sleeker get a hot comb. If you don't have one okay, it is. It makes such a difference. I don't know what I would do without a hot comb. It will be giving wig for real, so I've hot combed, the hair and I'm going to add some of my Garnier Fructis serum one pump. You guys it's so much. It'S more than enough for your whole head just start from the root I like to start from the root, at least and then just like finger comb it through, and it smells so good too, and it just made the hair like so silky, and it gets rid Of any frizz all right, I zoomed you guys out just a bit because I'm gon na be adding long layers, so I don't want it as layered as I normally do, because I wanted to like flow and fall into each other. Just like the picture, it looked more like a blowout style, not necessarily like super curled. So that's what I'm gon na do so, I'm gon na start my first layer under my chin. You always want to start it under your chin, but the goal is typically for the layer to like hit your chin so that it frames your face Pro tip, unprofessional, Pro tip um, so yeah, I'm just gon na start, and this work is tricky because these money Pieces is what they call them if you layer them uneven, it's kind of like a dead giveaway, so you're just going to try to get it as close as possible. So I'm just going to start right here and I'm literally only touching this section of my hair because I'm framing my face and I'm going to go down. Oh this is cutting so good. Oh, this is this: is gon na be good and you guys see that boom, so we're gon na do the same thing on this side start right here go down. I love how the hair is just gliding. This is some good quality hair baby. So the next thing that I do is I brush the hair all together and then I cut the ends, because when you cut the ends, when you curl it, it just gives that like voluminous look, so the ants are actually very very full. I don't know if you guys can see that because my shirt's black, it's very full, but I'm just gon na make sure that they're, blunt or not even blood, just like cut even like when you get a trim, your hair just looks so good after a trim. That'S what we're doing so, you guys see it is a lot like Fuller and bouncier. That'S what happens when you cut the ends, I didn't know you guys could see my mirror. Sorry, I see what I'm doing it's real intricate. So already the hair looks different. So now, I'm just gon na like cut some more layers in the hair, so that everything just flows you don't have to. If you are scared of layering do what I just did and then curl your hair and when the hair is curled, you'll be able to see where you want to cut instead of possibly cutting too much but y'all know I'm not new to this. I'M True to this, so I'm gon na just do my thing and so just like that, I'm done and you guys may not be able to see it, but I already see a major transformation in the hair, so I'm debating. If I want to cut the lace now and then curl or curl then cut the lace, Okay, so yeah we're gon na. Oh my gosh, I just threw away. I just threw in my um my band, so we're gon na cut cut and I just go and like Jagged motions, so we cut the lace. It looks crazy right now, but don't worry about that. This looks like transparently. So what I'm going to do is take my Foundation and just cover that, and you guys see it's already making a difference and I literally use a drop of foundation. You guys a drop and I'm just putting that on the lace, and you want to put it on before you spray it because it will like lock it in then I'm going to take my spray. Why isn't she spraying so now we're gon na spray that just to melt it all right so now that the lace is cut and it is now melting, I'm gon na make sure this middle part is in the middle because it's giving a little off-centered, but we All know I cannot part the hair, looks so good already like so full. I love it so rolling my sleeves up and it's time to curl, I'm going to be using my T3 curler, because it is my favorite and I'm actually studying on this side today. I always start on the side of my hair, but I don't know why I'm sorry, I'm gon na set it whatever it doesn't matter. Um and the only product that I'm going to be using is the Biosilk Silk Therapy spray, because I, like the finish that it gives the hair and it gives like a medium hold. It'S not too tight, but it's not too light so and we're just about to do some curls, I'm going to do my curls a little bit bigger because I don't really want like curls. You know this is all right, so the hair is curled and I'm gon na start with my wide tooth comb and just comb the curls out just to get a feel of what's Happening, and this time I'm combing back um depends on the kind of curls. I want is how I curl like comb out. My hair is very important. The comb out is very, very important. I need to re-curl this front piece, so the hair is super bouncy. Oh, so now that my hair is curled, I can see where I want to cut more and I actually want these front pieces to be more like sheared. I don't want it to be so perfect, so I'm just gon na like chop it up. That'S all up to you, though, so when the hair is looking like too curled I like to take a big round brush and just kind of like shape, the hair it gives it this smooth blown out. Look if you want it to like really be the volume is voluminous. You can take the round brush and your blow dryer after curling it. I don't curl with the round brush and my blow dryer, because I don't know how to do both at the same time. But you can do that and you guys see the difference. It'S just a lot more like you know like sleek and grown and sexy. This just gives like two done to me: that's not really My Vibe, especially with the colors, I'm very strategic, on how I um style, my hair, so like for me personally, I'm very picky or strategic about how I style my hair with certain colors, because you can Still wear colors and have it look, you know Sleek Timeless classy. You can still wear colors, it's just the style. The Styles is what would be killing it honestly, but yeah. It just looks so much like smoother and just like super cute. What I'm gon na do now is my makeup and then we're gon na come back because I got ta get. I got ta get the full effect, okay, all right guys, so my makeup is done, the curls have dropped and absolutely the hair looks so good. All. I did was take my um elastic band off. I did not do anything extra to the lace after you guys saw me, lay it I just this looks so good. This looks so good. This does look like the picture. What I got versus what I ordered was a success: okay, because it had me a little nervous, but it literally looks so good the color. I was a little iffy about, because again, this is like a burgundy kind of color, and then this is like that orange. Like it's really giving like Ginger Spice meets Keyshia Cole, okay, but it looks so good. I love how the curls dropped like this is exactly what I wanted exactly exactly what I wanted. So let me know what you guys think: how do you guys feel about the hairstyle? I think it looks so good. I guess I'm looking at myself make sure you guys check out Arabella hair. I will leave all the information down in the description box thanks. So much for watching - and I will see you guys in my next one mwah bye

honeyxaj: me thinking i can do this without EVER touching a wig

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honeyxaj: me thinking i can do this without EVER touching a wig

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