Watch Me Install 22 Inch Body Wave Wig Ft.Julia Hair

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Hey y'all, it's me and i'm back with another another wig video. This wig is a body weight wig by julia hair, and just this is how it looked after i washed it um y'all. I stopped um gluing, my caps down just for the fact that i just switched my wigs so often and i don't feel like it's necessary when i'm only keeping the wig on for three four days at a time but yeah. I don't know if this was the hd lace or what i think it was, but it was like a swiss brown. It was a swiss brown color, so i don't think it was, but it was giving me hd type vibes, especially after i sprayed the tin on it, but y'all. Now, i'm just adding the glue and y'all see how i'm doing it right in front of my hairline. Sometimes i do begin a little bit in my hair, but if you know how to take it out without it damaging your hair like me, then it's okay to get a little bit on there. If that makes sense, but if you know ripping your edges out or just yanking this off do not do it, do not do it, but um yeah, i'm just using the end of a comb. It'S better. It comes out. It'S better to use. Um popsicle sticks, but anyways i'm blow drying it until it's clear - and i did two layers so y'all see me: do the other layer again we're not all the way killer, clear but semi clear for the most part and then again i'm just finding something to spread It in and i'm gon na repeat that step the first step, but not blow dry until it's all the way clear this time like 75 and then i'm gon na put the lace into the glue, and i think this wig was already pre-plucked. I don't know and for some reason i feel like the ear tabs were kind of already cut unless it just fit my head perfectly, but i don't really have to cut any ear tabs for the most part, and i struggle with that um. So now i'm just placing the wig onto the glue or the lace or whatever - and i take my comb and i press it in and come back. Y'All can still see the white but trust me. It'S going to dry, clear and you're just going to keep on doing that until you feel like it's all the way in there and when it is you're going to want to take a scarf or elastic band. No, no. I keep on yawning a scarf for elastic band and tie it down. I was making a middle part, and now i'm just hot combing it, but i end up doing the side part, and i will see that later on. Um i'm gon na take a break from talking because it's needed and i'll be back with a further explanation. Once i take the scarf off as y'all can now see, it is clear: now you see no more white and now i'm just cutting the lace and i'm doing a zigzag motion as close to the hairline as possible. If any other spots lift up after i cut the lace, i just go in with a little bit more glue and then press it in there, and i should be straight y'all, it's so hard for me to record on the camera. So normally i tend to. Like start facing the mirror - and i know that makes it hard for y'all to see, but i think y'all still get the gist. I don't know how people like just do their hair solely in the camera and plus i be looking ugly. I don't know how they do it. I don't know, that's a talent in itself, but y'all see how i really had to cut the air to your ear tabs yeah. I could see that's why i went in with a little bit more glue and i'm pressing it in um i'll turn the light off. I don't know why i did that but turn the light off and then the ear tab was still lifted on the side. On the side i just fixed and i ended up - fixing it again off camera, but i didn't notice it dude, so no need to put it out. I already know - and i already fixed it but yeah just doing the same thing to the other side. Just taking my time taking my time taking my time and then now, i'm hot combing it again just to make sure it's extra flat. Um get a better hong kong like this one, do not get hot enough for my liking, so i'll be using my friends, but you can see it's definitely making a difference for sure, but i end up turning. I think i'm turning the light off again. For some reason, remember, i'm tripping, maybe not, but i end up. I pluck it a little bit more just a little bit, not too much not too much, not too much, not too much, but um yeah. Do that and then i think, i'm about to cut or pull out the edges. Yeah, i'm gon na pull out the edges and cut it with my razor comb. If y'all don't have a razor comb, go get it 10 out of 10 recommend just be real. Careful with it, because if you don't be gentle and you go in the wrong way, it's going to cut it off for sure without hesitation. So just make sure it it's at a length where you actually want it before you even glide that through there, because it is going to come off, you don't want to make that mistake, because once you make something too short, you can't go back so just started. A longer length i always need to make it shorter cut it shorter, um yeah. I did not do a side part, so i mean what i did not do a middle part, so that doesn't even matter that i showed that but yeah i did the side part and the side part is cute as but y'all see what i'm talking about. What i'm saying is giving hd like where's the lace after i cut it, i'm just doing my edges with foam. You want to use foam foam. You want to use foam not as controlled because edge control may work well for the moment. But if you do that, after days and days of having the wig on it's either gon na make the wig slide off because of like the grease that edge control has in it or the oils, not the grease, but the oils or it's gon na make the Lace, cakey and or both so just don't do it just you can lay your um weight down, which is most trust me. It works um. Why do i have this white on my own, my eyebrow, i don't know i'm just taking more pieces and just cutting it to my liking and i'm just gon na mess with it a while until i get it perfect and then you'll eventually see me do like The side part and i'm just gon na, be messing my hair for the next five minutes, just doing little things to make. It look like how i want it to foreign. This video comes up, and i just want to say the link to his hair is in the description. His hair is real soft, real nice real pretty. I do recommend, especially for my dark skin curls, because the lace was lacing. The lace was lacing, but if y'all want this hair, the link will be in the description below bye, love, ya.

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