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Something different difficult back to my channel. It'S Lou if you're new, welcome to my channel. If you guys like what you see you here, if you like what you see, which I know you will please make sure you press the Subscribe button, that's down below as well as the bell notifications, so you guys are notified every single time that I post a New video for today's video we're going to be doing this wig install and y'all like I was still debating. If this hairstyle make me look childish or whatever, but I really love the way that it still like turned out and everything, but we will be doing an install on this. You know I'll show you guys exactly how I got this from start to finish. If you are interested in me installing this unit or how to get this exact, look then keep on watching this video. Why you love me: babe, hey finding peace, but honestly I've been losing friends and finding peace outside peace. Honestly, I sound like a fair trade to me. These friends, I've been losing friends and finding nice honestly that sound like a fair trade to me. Look don't invite me over here. I'Ve been losing friends and finding peace to me, I'm going on hey, hey! It'S just annoying me: 29., 95, South Side, I've been losing friends and finding peace, everybody. I got feelings. I'M outside I've been losing friends and finding peace. Honestly that sound like a fair trade to me, you got ta get my release. Thank you, hey on me. I sweaty nosy said he put some money on my head. I guess we gon na see, I won't put no money, they can't hold me and I show my face. 29.. 95. South Side. I'Ve been losing friends and finding peace, everybody. They said I wouldn't anymore. Honestly. I sound like a fair trade to me. Got ta get my release. Thank you. Yeah, hey, hey, sweet imitation, isn't flattery! It'S just annoying me finding peace, all right, you guys. So this is the final look of how it turned out like y'all the lace it Blended. Really, well I mean at first it was a little. You know a little wonky, but once I you know, did my little, you know one two one two with it. It looked really good um. I love the way that the baby hairs turned out. It was easy for me to pluck the hair and everything so that was really good and easy to go now doing these um pigtails was a little bit harder than I um. Then I thought I don't know why I thought they were going to be pretty simple, but they were a little bit hard for me to do, but I got them done and even though they look a little bit childish, I still really like them. It'S kind of different because you know I always do the same. You know style me. I I probably was going to do like a side part with this set a wig, but I actually really love this style. Now after I went out yeah, this is after I went out and everything so um, and this is how I still look like it does hold a curl really good, because these are the same curls I had like. It is currently 2 A.M on Sunday, and I did these crows on Friday, so these curls are actually turned like they. They are holding pretty good and um. Of course, not they look a little bit more loose but um. It still looks really cute, which I like, and I didn't have to go back in and actually you know um tying up the curls and stuff like that, and I actually do prefer the curl set looking a little bit more loose how it is. But let me know what you guys think about this style in the comments down below um. Let me know if you would try this style. All the information about this unit will be linked in the description bar down below so go ahead and check that out. If you are interested um, I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Please make sure you like comment, subscribe and I'll see you guys in my next one bye,

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