Klaiyi Hair Prestyled Wig & Glueless Wig Install | Loose Wave Wig Chestnut Brown Highlight Color Wig

Hello beautiful people todays wig was sent to me from klaiyi Hair to review and show & tell.


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Hair Info:13*4 lace front wig, loose wave, 26inch,180%density, brown highlight color

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Time Stamps:

0:00 | Intro|

0:37 | Who the wig is from

0:59 | Cap construction

1:14 | Wig straight out of the box

1:40 | Styling the wig on mannequin head

2:46 | Cutting off the extra lace

3:11 | Here I am

3:23 | Installing the wig on me


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Born and raised in New York

I was born in America My mother was born in Jamaica & my father Born in South Carolina

B Day 4/20/95

Head circumference size: 22 inches

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Bye hello, thank you for clicking my video. Today'S wig show-and-tell is brought to you by kawaii hair. In this video. I will be doing a quick, wig install and showing you guys what the wig look like for anyone. That'S interested on this wig from the kawaii hair website, or just looking for a new style wig or if you just want to click my video and watch and support. That'S okay, too. Thank you here is a close-up of what inside of the wig looks like. It comes with a 13x4 parting space behind the parting space, you get two combs another comb in a nape area with adjustable straps and the cap material is a stretch fit material. This is what the wig looks like straight out of the package. The wig comes pre-colored and it comes pre-curled. I love the color combination with the highlights and the low lights of the ginger color and they did a really nice job. Curling, the hair as well. The hairline comes a lightly pre-plucked and the knot isn't super bleached. But i like the tone of the knots because it's still light and it's not that noticeable. So i'm gon na try to keep this wig install very beginner friendly and i'm just gon na comb out the curls that come in the wig. So it can add more volume and look less wiggy after i comb the wig. The parting space can use a little bit more plucking, so i'm just taking a t, pin and i'm plucking a knot at a time and that's my end result on how i plucked. I didn't really plug too much. Now i'm going to go in with my hot comb and i would like to have like the front framing my face, so i'm just taking the anis hot comb and pressing the roots of the hair. Now i'm going to use this product and spray on the spots of the hair, that's frizzy! This helps the curls look a little more refreshed, so you don't have to go in with a heating tool. Now i'm cutting off the extra lace because we don't need it. I like to use eyebrow scissors to cut off the extra lace, i'm also pulling the baby hairs back and taking the scissors cutting right along the hairline underneath the lace. I only applied the makeup to the spots i'll be showing so that's the parting space and hairline. So now i'm going to spray one layer of this bed head hard head spray on the air tabs up to my air temples, then, after that i'm going to go in and blow dry until it's completely dry. If you would like a longer install, then i recommend spraying at least two to three layers of spray. Now i'm going to use this got to be glue, styling gel to style the baby hairs. I kept the styling on the baby hairs, pretty simple. I just mostly styled what i felt like would be showing so nothing too extra, but you could definitely go in and style all of the baby hairs. If you want and install all of the hairline of the wig, if you want, you can also go in and insert a elastic band now, i'm just going to style the hair. I'M running my fingers through it, i'm just going to try to style the curls. To my liking and just a reminder, i did not go in and curl this wig at all. This is the curls that came with the wig so with this wig show and tell from kawaii here. This was the first virgin hair wig that i ever received, and i didn't have to wash the wig blow dry it or air dry it. I didn't have to curl it. These are the curls that came with the wig just style to my liking. The color blend is creative, in my opinion, them mixing a few different copper tones with golden to brown. Hair is a very lovely mixture. I should have sprayed just a little more of my silicone spray, but i didn't notice to do that until i watched the video over and saw that some parts are still frizzy, but i'm guessing. This wig is one size only and my head, circumference is 22 inches. This wig fits snug with a little extra cap room still available when i split the hair in the back, there's no track showing, and you can't see my wig cap. The hair density is thick. I feel like it's a good amount for the wig style. The length of the wig is 26 inches and not stretched out. It falls about 24 inches on me, my height is five. Six, the lace isn't looking bad on me. I only spray down the lace by the air tabs. The lace on my forehead is just sitting on my skin and also keep in mind. This is how the hairline comes. I believe it's beginner friendly. You can go in and pluck the hairline some more. If you want, though, i also wanted to try a flip over on this wig and it's still a yes for me, i love the middle part and the side part is cute too. I got some shedding hair when i was styling the wig, but it wasn't too much hair that was coming out and as for tangling, i got a few snags when i was combing out the curls, but me and the tangles wasn't fighting the tangles easily came out. I love it. I recommend, but i must say it's really the color for me, if you guys have any questions, feel free to comment below in the comment section and i'll get back to them as soon as possible. Hit that subscribe button. If you like to see more wig, show and tells and i'll see you guys in my next video later, you guys you

Lakye Thomas: Absolutely love this unit on you! It’s a very dope color and I love how it was just a simple 123 install. Very

Mr.Nightingale: Wow!!! Beautiful as always. The curls, the body, the color.

Tina BlackberryRose: Absolutely Gorgeous. Color is . ♥️ how they pre-styled the unit. Tyfs.

lneal2800: Thumbnail is servin everything! Lord i love this color and curls and texture! You definitely slayed this boo!❤❤flip over action! Bomb!

Stilllookingood58: That unit is so gorgeous on you!

ANGEL CHARMS: This wig looks GREAT on you. Ur in my top 3 wig reviewers that i watch. If not atleast one of yall aint slayin it...i aint payin it!

Magikalblackness: This color is absolutely gorgeous on you


Mikayla Carroll: I would soo try this color but my skin tone said no You DID THATTT sis okayyyy

chefmommiee: It's giving Beyonce Vibe, so pretty love the color

NiaGrace Caisley: Looks amazing on you

Ms Jacquise: Ladies how long does the wig last if you wear everyday? I’m curious on how to keep the curls pretty.

Megan Daniels: That color fits you ❤️

Corenna Khieu: You look amazing!

~Daphne Amy's World~!: Beautiful


IsThatYourHairrr: This color is gorgggeeoussss on you! I see you, baybeeee!

Wiiniih vlog: new subscriber! I'm excited to see more content from you!!

Eloise Woods: Love it

Tinker2993: Gave what had needed to be gaveth ❤️

ywoodsmall: The color‼️‼️

TheReal1_p3: We need a makeup tutorial

Ronae Lewis: gorgeous

Tinisha Robinson: Love love ❤️ the color on you ke I been hitting you up you forgotten about me lol not trying bug lol

BLAYDE ALABAMA: Yasssss queen

Brandy Robinson: Nice

deborah anderson: hi sweetheart just beautiful

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