Wear N' Go Body Wave Closure Glueless Install Ft. Beauty Forever Hair

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Foreign, you guys this unit from beauty forever hair. They sent me over one of their pre-cut wear and go units that I have reviewed a unit similar to this from them, and I love their wear and go units just because you can literally just pop it on and go. You don't have the bleach. The knots plug the lace or anything like that, if you don't want to obviously if you want to you, have the option to do so, but you can go ahead and just take it out the package and get it to your liking in just a few minutes. So I'm going to do that today, so this is their body wave unit. You guys, I did receive some goodies inside of my package as far as the wig. This is my first time seeing the hair straight out of the package Beauty forever. Hair, we already know is very high quality hair. They really don't miss you guys. This hair is super full, especially for to be a body wave. This is a ready to wear pre-cut closure unit. So this is what the lace looks like straight out of the package. They do provide some baby hairs, which you can cut down and adjust to your liking, which is what I'm going to do. This is what the lace looks like straight out of the package. The knots are not bleached, but you will be surprised how well it actually looks once you put it on, because at first I was a little worried, but girl we're gon na make it work. This unit does also come with a adjustable elastic band, which always is nice on a glueless unit. Did I mention you can wear this with glueless yeah? You can definitely wear this with Lewis. I am going to go in with a little bit of my bronzer and just put that on the lace, because the knots are not bleached. This is just going to help the lace look closer to my skin tone, which their lace is already pretty thin and natural. Looking, but this just you know, makes it we're gon na go ahead and pop this bad boy in this is the closure and the baby hairs are definitely way too close for me, so we are going to work on them really quick. What I'm gon na do is put some of these baby hairs back that's up at the front, just because I just don't like my baby hair to start that close to the part we're going to pull out some closer to the end of closure, because I, like My baby hairs to be kind of, like you know, a little bit closer to the edge. You know a little risky okay, so now that we got that figured out, I'm about to go ahead and hot comb, the top of the lace flat. Just so you can make sure everything is on flashlight. I mean right now it don't look too bad, but I feel like it can still be flattered and then we're going to work on the baby. I ended up having to go off camera to do my baby hairs because I'm not gon na lie. That was a lot of baby hair to try to work with. It didn't look like it, but I had to like thin them out a little bit and I just kind of brushed some of your back and then took out what I needed. I'M actually going to spray a little bit of Gatsby spray just on the baby hairs to kind of make sure they don't move, because maybe yeah I'm gon na put a little bit up here. So we can do a double hot comb. Just to make sure everything is flat, but this is a glueless unit, so I'm not going to put any like spray or glue on the actual um hairline. But while we're waiting for a hot comb to warm up it's about to brush through the hair, you can keep the hair like this. If you just like body wave as um a texture on its own, but I am going to throw a couple just loose curls in here with my flat iron, I really could have. Did my wine curl it go ahead with that second pass with the hot comb, because it always you know, just secures flatness of the lace. I really do like these um waves that come ready to go. The only thing I would say is maybe thinner baby hairs or just leave the hair out for you to do the baby hairs yourself, so don't pre-cut it, but other than that. I love how easy it is to install, especially with closure, because it's just so much easier for extra spray, everything all right. So now, it's all slight flat! So now we're about to just go in with my flat iron and throw in some little loose curl. Nothing too spectacular just a little quick and easy. You know cool situation. I haven't been flat iron curls in a little minute, so it feels like I've been doing a lot of like wine curling. I actually think I want to do one curls, because this is just not giving what I wanted it to all right, so we are about to do wine curls, because you can still get an effortless curl wine curlers are just a lot easier and faster. So look at it and then throughout the day, if I do actually make it too tight, they will fall once I wear my fingers through them, it should get pretty loose. I just haven't done my uh curls with my flattering. In so long I used to be able to get them just like that, but I don't know what was going on today. Maybe it's the length of the hair, so we are about to one curl our whole head and then I'm gon na come back. This literally only takes about probably five minutes. Five, ten minutes. As you can see, I only have to keep the wine color on here for about 10 seconds and then it's already curled, so I'm gon na come back when I'm finished with my entire hair. My hair is all curled I'm about to take a little bit of concealer. I don't know why this piece does not want to lay down like at all, but I'm gon na take a little bit of concealer and put it in the part just to open it up a little bit more. That looks so good. So now we're just about to fluff the hair. This is the finished. Look on this hair from beauty forever hair super cute, effortless curl, I would say the hair took really well to the heat. I love the thickness of the hair. I just I'm starting to love me a good body wave. I don't know what it is. I did not used to be a fan of body wave, but I do love the like effortless curls and how full and stuff they look compared to if you did them on a straight unit, but, like I said this is the final look make sure you guys Check out Beauty forever here in the description box down below and I'll, see you in the next one in case to know

Nyoka Tamiek: Yes! I love a good body wave. I suck at doing my own baby hairs so even just a guide would be helpful.

Beauty Forever Hair: Thanks to your feedback, we've improved this wear go wig and welcome you to learn more!

Beverly Alexander: U are really getting your bag with these wigs honey ok, but u rock any wig that's out there period !! ❤ u see u in the next one


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