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Give it to you it's on you're on it yeah. It'S time I put a cookie, you put it on 50 inches 50 inches of platinum, 613 blonde. So what I just did I just popped this link on my head. I do not do any customization at all till we get. I had this wig on my wig head, Alice honey. This is not the type of way to be thrown away. You know just throw it over there when you done put your wig head on a wig. Stand and let that way to lay there honey, because if you just throw it anywhere, this hair will team up okay guys. So this is how she's, looking now my personal preference, I'm not a fan of 6:13 baby hairs. You know a lot of people do them, but I'm not a fan of it. I'M very 613. Here I like to just wear you know denote. I just kind of look. Am I gon na put any type of powders to the pardon or any type of concealer, because you know I have 613 blonde hair and once you put like concealer or something in it like, I do to stand up in your car and Daddy and keep the Less the better to do a long six days, I'm gone here because the more you put extra Nestor's, just one of all, think the color is just so extra itself. This hair has, you, know synthetic fiber and it has you know, like probably 2 percent of human hair fiber. However, you can train it, but, however, this hair does not straighten feel kind of wave. You know: doesn't it bond straight to the line with a long life but yeah? You would definitely have to cut this here. So as far as shedding for us shedding you're gon na get some shedding. Okay, it's not a whole bunch, but you're gon na get. You know a little food strands. Let me get some strands of shedding you're gon na get as far as tingling. As I said, once you cut those ends, you won't have to worry about England anymore. That'S love any lawn synthetic units um. The longevity of this hair would, I would probably not be that long. I would say you know if you really take care of this hair and if you cut the anchor and have this hair for about a good month or so. This is not the type of hair you got. You can wear every single day unless you want to cut this hair into a nice bob. You can wear every day, but you know long stint that is unit you're gon na have to you know, take a break from it. Sometimes you know once a year skin all things oh ma, belle époque. My girls do not be scared to do this. Color. Okay, let's forget doing the dark roots for a minute. Let'S just try this. Let'S just see how this platinum blonde will look on its girl. I will be having more videos of me. We found this hair, you know cutting this hair and maybe attempting to curl this here - we're gon na see, but thank you doll, baby, so much for watching. I just want to introduce you guys with some nice Barbie blow on it yeah some night bubbly blonde hair um my birthday coming up. I might try this color. I might. I might love my birthday. I might I just made out your swing. I wanna see y'all we're in this way. I want y'all to send me pictures and you like yes in a doll, make me do it if you're new makes me subscribe, you know get that Bell notification by dancing near all the notifications when I post - and I love you guys so much. Thank you again for 9, hey, I'm so blessed, I'm so happy! I'M really! I love all you guys for all the support and I will catch you guys in my next video stay. Beautiful

Simplythetruthfulone: Let me make it clear that it looks so stylish on her I came cause I wanted to see what 50' would look like on me. Wayyyyyyy too much hair for me! I will look like Cousin IT because I'm only 5'2 At least somebody can look real good in it! She looks like a pretty Barbie

Karlisa: It looks so cute on you Congrats on 9k❤️❤️

Princess Leah: I am crying she said doo doo stain in your part but that is very true Great Review

70’s Fashion &Hair Channel: I will def show you a picture of me wearing this unit because I just won it in a giveaway, and you and I may be the only ones reviewing it!! if I can show you a picture of me wearing this I will, but I don’t know how to yet here on YT!

F: Soo pretty

Beautiful Enchantress!!!!!: I had to just PAUSE this video and say this YOU TOO CUTE❤️❤️❤️ Okay, Imma go back and finish watching!!!!

Jaclynn Stacy: How long was your shipping ?

Haley Maegeet: Yess boo slay !!!

chinwe uzukwu: Is the hair density thin or thick

70’s Fashion &Hair Channel: Did u have to cut any lace ? Or does it not come with that?

Vera Badu: Is a lace front and can it be dyed?? Love your channel btw

Daya Rose: Black Barbie

Ronii i: Did it come with lace?

Passport Only: I love this channel!

Ana Dantas:

Monica Mutale: COME THROUGH SIS!

WetPetz Net: yeah.....fainted....woke back up...she defs my wife!

yukki: wow you are really pretty



prissy ponytailss: Stop bc girl I’ve ordered almost every wig you reviewed ughhh

LifeWith CeCe: The link isn’t working

sympathy: can u curl it ?

Marisela Saenz: What’s the song

Timia B .: Mad extra

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